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Anyone drink distilled water?

So my mom and I started drinking distilled water when I was young and I've done ever since.

DH thought it was ridiculous that I thought distilled water was somehow better for me. I've based my choice on the theory that regular water has lots of hard minerals that your body can't use in the form that they are in. So your body has to constantly try and flush them out and if unsuccessful can cause buildups in the form of kidney stones, etc. Instead you should try and get your minerals from veggies and fruits.

That being said, I have yet to find any research or scientific study that backs these theories, which is somewhat disappointing because I would be interested in hearing more about the topic.

Anyone drink distilled water and why? Also, have you read/heard of anything about the benefits or risks?


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Re: Anyone drink distilled water?

I've heard that it is unhealthy to drink distilled water. That you need the minerals. Also it is not good to always be drinking water that is sitting in plastic containers. But the chlorine and flouride, etc. that is added to tap water is also bad for you. So, I really don't know what the best options is.
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Re: Anyone drink distilled water?

The cheap option. I drink tap water. Contaminants and all.

I remember one person trying to sell us a really, really good(and expensive) whole house filter. He warned us not to water our plants with it. They would die. They needed the minerals in tap water. It made me wonder if we don't need them as well.
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Re: Anyone drink distilled water?

Most people throughout the world don't drink water that has been cleaned or purified at all. Dirt, mud, pollutants and all. So, IMO, our kidneys and livers are pretty adept at clearing out all the crud that enter our bodies through various means.

We drink RO water, but we have a filter that adds all those minerals back in because they are essential.
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Re: Anyone drink distilled water?

We drink tap water. Like Minniebees I think our inner filtration system works just fine most of the time since people have thrived on plain old water for thousands of years.
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Re: Anyone drink distilled water?

I've always heard that distilled water is very bad for you, that it can throw off the balance of all sorts of trace elements in your body b/c so much of our body is water.

Due to health issues I use the following filter and love it. It provides lots of minerals:
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Yes we do also I go to sprouts and pay only .25 cents a gallon for pure water, then I add liquid trace minerals to it....... The more natural the better if we can afford it
Because of the fluoride and chemicals they add, who knows what else :/ no fluoride from dentist either (it's toxic ,Dr.Mercola has great info on his website reg it)

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Re: Anyone drink distilled water?

Tap water here a lot of the time, spring water when I remember to buy it. Humans have been around for 200,000 years (longer if you count our hominid ancestors), and until the 20th century, we subsisted off of well/spring/creek/etc water. Obviously there can be issues with contaminated water, but I think that distilled is the opposite extreme and also unhealthy. We've spent ~199,900 years drinking water in it's natural state, minerals are essential.
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Re: Anyone drink distilled water?

I drink tap water or I fill jugs of my parent's well water. Our tap water contains no fluoride. I too read that distilled water is actually very unhealthy and should not be consumed long term.
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I've also heard not to drink distilled water. We get reverse osmosis water from a water machine at the grocery store. Our tap water is so nasty, if rather not drink at all, it has so much chlorine in it. Anyway, we were paying .85 a gal for spring water, but the reverse osmosis one is .47 a gal and we bring our five gallon jugs and fill them up once it twice a week
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