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Question I think my son doesn't know when to stop eating?

Everyone always comments on how much my son eats, and he can out eat me some days. Is it possible he could have been born without the "full" sense? Anytime someone has food, even if you have just fed him a full meal he will whine and cry until you give him some. If you go into the kitchen, he follows you and cries. His belly is so hard and round and he will still beg for food if you have any. At dinner we often shovel our faces so that we finish in time or before him, if we are still eating and he is done, it will be an all out temper tantrum.

He is 14 months old and this is a typical menu for the day, again this is what we allow him to eat, he would eat a ton more if he could.

Nurse 6:30 or 7:00

Breakfast 8:30
4 oz yogurt
1 banana
2.5 oz cheerios or muffin

Lunch 11:30
2.5 oz meat, fish or beans
2.5 oz fruit (typically grapes, oranges, strawberries, plums, pears)
2.5 oz veg (typically alvacado, squash, carrots, peas)
1 small baybell cheese wheel

Snack 3:00
3 oz of mixed freeze dried fruit and melts

Snack 5:00 4 oz squeeze pouch mixed fruit and veg

Dinner 6:30
3 oz meat, fish, beans and sometimes a grain
2.5 oz fruit (typically grapes, oranges, strawberries, plums, pears)
2.5 oz veg
sometimes 1/2 small Ella's Nibbly cookie

Nurse 8:00

* I only know the quantity so well because we pack him food for daycare everyday and the containers we use have the quantity on them. Dinners aren't as measured and he typically eats what we do, or some variation of that.


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Is it possible? Yes.

But I think you'd have to talk to a pediatrician to figure out if that's the case.

I can't remember what my DD ate at that age but it doesn't seem overly excessive for a very active child.
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Re: I think my son doesn't know when to stop eating?

Is he heavy? If not, he may just have a fast metabolism.
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Re: I think my son doesn't know when to stop eating?

It is possible. Friends of our family have a daughter that was determined to not be able to tell when she was full. She had a genetic disorder (along the line of Down's, but not one so common as that, so there wasn't much known about it) and that was thought to be part of it.

I can only assume that this sort of trait could be present in a child that didn't have the same genetic disorder, though I don't know how/if it can be tested for.

That said, the menu you posted doesn't seem terribly excessive to me. Is his weight proportional to his height?
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Have you tried to do more protein? Greek yogurt instead of yogurt, more protein instead of grains, etc.

My son keeps asking to eat if we don't get enough protein in him. He's not overweight at all but he just doesn't seem to be satisfied without a little more protein than what you are describing.
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Re: I think my son doesn't know when to stop eating?

DS1 has eaten like an adult since he got on solids. Like, literally, more than I eat at each meal + snacks. The kid never stops eating. He's not chubby by any means, and I figure 1) fast metabolism. 2) he runs non stop 24/7, and the moment he started being mobile he never stopped eating and never stopped going. 3) If he was overeating constantly he'd throw up. Talk to your ped if you're worried, but that doesn't sound like an excessive amount to me at all.
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Re: I think my son doesn't know when to stop eating?

As long as he isn't too round from all of that it is ok just means he needs to fuel his energy that is why I think if someone could get the energy that some kids have we would be golden...

My 30 some moth toddler girl is skinny as a rail and similar just not the nursing. Mine also runs around our house a lot of the time like we have a track in it. I find it ok as my 9 month old son is about the same weight just slightly smaller.
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Re: I think my son doesn't know when to stop eating?

My oldest two kids eat a ton. A seriously crazy amount, more than me at every meal. They usually have 2-4 plates per meal. They are both pretty active, and both pretty thin. (7 yo weighs 42#) I do worry about them overeating, but I really think they must just have fast metabolism. As long as he's having healthy food (and weight/activity level is not concerning) I wouldn't limit him.
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There are a few conditions, including Prader-Willi syndrome.
However- my 2 1/2 year old weighs nearly as much as his 4 1/2 year old brother & wears 3T! He eats all.the.time if I let him! He loves to "munch" on stuff.
He has multiple food allergies, but I do find when he doesn't have enough protien he wants more.
I try to give bacon (in your case tiny pieces of turkey bacon would be easier) and sausage since he can't do eggs.
I also do quinoa cookies/bars (it's an acquired taste & I'm trying to get him into it- but quinoa is very high in protien). And I also do black bean brownies/chickpea blondies.
You can give chicken and cheese quesildillas, (sp) and wealthy fats help to feel full as well, so smoothies with avocado or avocado pudding.
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Re: I think my son doesn't know when to stop eating?

My little guy is 16 months old and is very similar to what you described- he begs off of everyone; and all go to the kitchen point at the cupboards and beg- I think its more of a stage of wanting what others have than actual hunger. My guy is in the 50% for weight and extremely active- so I don't worry about it when he eats more than me.
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