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Wickeez, Sandy's, Cricketts Or OTHER Fitteds for Toddler Nighttime Cloth??

I have 3 kiddos in pull-ups at night, and Abby has been in disposables at night for the most part.

Caleb 6.5 yrs I don't think can do cloth very easily, with his sensory issues we have tried a good bit of cloth for night, and they have all been uncomforable for him, especially the wetness, and also the elastic/binding etc.
The girls 4.5yrs, 3 yrs and ofcoarse Abby who's 14mo. I'm wanting to move to cloth at night. Abby has been in various cloth at night for a few nights, with an Alexis featherlite cover and NO leaks! I have some hemp/bamboo velour topped prefolds coming for Abby, so I'm not so worried about her at night... but I would love some cheap but absorbent ideas for the older 2...

I just ordered large and exlg Dappi Nylon Pull-On covers for the older 2 girls....

What easy fitted or combo would you use for a HEAVY wetting 38lb 4.5yr old who is a bedwetter, and also for my 32lb 3 yr old?

I had a bunch of wickeez in my cart, but then I'm a bit concerned about the outer being wet and the cover leaking, and also the absorbency. I have heard Sandy's are absorbent, and cricketts (which I've had both of and liked)... opinions on these and any others that are around the SAME price range?? THANKS!

I'm looking for absorbent and reasonably priced! Thanks!


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Re: Wickeez, Sandy's, Cricketts Or OTHER Fitteds for Toddler Nighttime Cloth??

My son is 2.5 yrs and 35lbs. He is a heavy wetter too. We have tried several night time options, but are currently searching again.... I have not tried crickets. He does have a ME sandies "toddler ease" (35-45lbs) with an XL AF cover. I LOVE this diaper with a doubler for daytime and even naps. I am not so sure I would trust it at night. He sleeps 10-12 hours easy.

What we have had the MOST seccess with lately is an XL Dream Ease and a BSWW. The diaper is soaked, but the cover holds it. We also usually add a fleece doubler. DE is $16.00 new plus a cover.So, iti s a bit more, but they often have seconds too. (make sure you get the new style with the white snaps) We are also waiting on a baby beehinds bamboo OS diaper to try, but they are 19.99 a piece.


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Re: Wickeez, Sandy's, Cricketts Or OTHER Fitteds for Toddler Nighttime Cloth??

I have 1 wickeez. I love the fit and it's soft. In terms of how well it holds up -it depends. As a diaper with the doubler -it did not hold up to my super soaker. But, my husband mistakenly used this as cover so he started putting in PF's inside and it worked great then (you still need a cover). The wickeez pulled the moisture out of the PF's, so she didn't have a soaked diaper next to her skin. The claims it makes on the website are true -it holds a ton of moisture (but you can feel it) and when washing it is almost dry after the spin cycle.
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