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For our 3.5 month old we have:
18 fbos
16 medium gdiapers (2 changes each)
32 inserts for gdiapers
12 medium bottom bumpers
12 obge's
9 fitteds
12 etpf's
24 purple edge pf
5 covers (we currently use)
5 best bottom covers
15 medium inserts

We wash everything together every 3 days.


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Re: How many in your working stash?

My current working stash gets me through an entire week. I WOH full time so I wash about every 3 to 3.5 days and fold and put away on Sunday.

I have:

Daycare stash--this gets packed up and sent on Tuesday for the week, I bring home dirties nightly
12 Diaper safari pocket diapers and 4 diaper safari covers w/pad folded small prefolds
4 wet bags

Home stash--
24 oBGE
9 BG Freetimes
9 BG 4.0 pockets (night diapers)
6 FB OS--diaper bag diapers for Y
5 random AI2 and pockets.

Everything gets washed together

~I also have weeks worth of prefolds, flats, and fitteds that I have for when I want to change it up or I am home for the week.
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24 flats
9 PUL covers

Machine wash every 2-3 days or handwash every 1-2 days.
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Re: How many in your working stash?

We have a stash of 36 diapers 24 are pockets 12 are aios wash every 2nd day, some tines 3rd day. I also have a stash of 12 prefolds/18 flats with 9 covers I use if I am in the mood...and I have 9 perforated on the way!
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Re: How many in your working stash?

Currently, our active rotation for a 2-year-old:

24 flats
12 pockets (stuffed with 12 of the flats)
4 covers

We wash every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

He's getting close to PTing. It makes me sad.
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We have 31 aio's right now and wash every other day, sometimes 3 days if I have a lot going on. I have 12 pf's and 2 flip covers that I use occasionally, mostly when I was selling/buying and prepping others so didn't have enough.
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We currently have about 19 pockets for daycare and daddy, 9 AIOs for out of the house and diaper bag, 2 dozen medium prefolds (12 GMD and 12 Imagine), 4 Grovia covers and 3 Flips. I've recently gotten back into the prefold love, after a brief affair with AIOs. I WOH so use mainly prefolds at home but I like to have options. I wash every 2-3 days, but sometimes don't stuff and put away until 3-4 days.
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Re: How many in your working stash?

115 diapers, we have prefolds and flats as well not counted in there cause they are very rarely used. I wash every 3-4 days and wash everything together (pockets, aios, fitted).
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Re: How many in your working stash?

For my eleven-day old, I am using:

3 dozen Diaper Rite bamboo prefolds, either stuffed in our:
10 mommy made nb pockets, or
8 GAD small pockets, or

Approx 12 covers made by me, some PUL, some fleece, some wool

Have already retired a dozen Grovia size 1 prefolds and a dozen preemie prefolds (using these as momma cloth and washing with dipes) because dd out-pees them.

I wash every other day because my horrible he top loader will not get more than a half of the tub of diapers clean. I actually have another two dozen diapers that would fit her so that I could go three days, but haven't put them in rotation because of the wash issue.

When my older kids were toddlers, I usually had 18 each of my two favorite AIOs, 3 dozen prefolds, 4 overnight fitteds, various PUL covers, and many woolies crocheted by me. I washed every 3-4 days when I had my old style top loader that actually cleaned what you washed.
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Re: How many in your working stash?

I like enough for three days and wash every other, if gives some buffer if washin goes an extra day and means if they dont make it out of the dryer until the kids goto bed its ok.

My second is 10 weeks (first only in nighttime trainers). So right now we have a bunch. 27 infant prefolds and 16 flats, 6 nighttime BG 4.0 and tons of inserts (that im laying in covers). So I always have alot leftover. I only have 3 covers I like (thirsties) but my LO doesnt poop a ton so its ok. I also have 3 sm gdiapers with about 6 inserts for diaper bag. (id say not quite all the infant prefolds are in rotation because a handful have never been used with this child).

For the next phase I'd like 8 covers and 30 inserts for a snap in AI2 system and 4-6 nighttime diapers. once she starts daycare we'll probably have 15-18 covers because I dont want to stress about diapers at daycare this time... I want to be able to leave clean ones there over the weekend and such. They dont reuse covers so they go through more. maybe 36 inserts total to account for diapers being left there.

btw we was everything together pretty much. gDiapers and grovia covers are the only thing that isn't suppose to be washed on hot, so they get washed with babyclothes ( i have 2 grovia covers I'm preparing to try as a sm OS alongside the thirsties). I will wash PUL covers in a pinch with babycloths if we have a stinky one (preferably not poo) and clothes are being washed that day.
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