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FTM: Making a list for baby

First time mama here, due in August. I know there's plenty of time but my first trimester went buy so darn fast and now I feel I should finally start thinking about what we need to buy for baby. We find out the gender next Tuesday, and I am going over what we will need to buy.
I don't want to go crazy with clothes, as I usually do go overboard on anything. I know that babies grow out of clothes fast, but exactly how much should I buy?
Should we buy alittle bit of every size up until a certain age? I have zero experience in how much clothes a baby goes through, and according to alot of my young mom friends, they say they bought too much and wasted too much money on things their LO grew out of much too fast.

I also have a thread in the breastfeeding forum asking about recommendations for a pump/bottles/bags, which I am hoping to buy here this weekend. If any of you mamas don't mind helping me out here.

I know I sound totally clueless (And I am )! I never realized how many little things we have to buy for this baby, it's so overwhelming!

TIA <3


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Re: FTM: Making a list for baby

if you stay at home just buy pump maybe if you need to to mend or if you plan on drinking and need to pump and dump. I stay at home and i only needed pump for my first and second to help bring in my milk and didn't need for last as milk was in before we left the hospital and that varies too. I would suggest medela as it is very customizable in case you have a big and a small nipple and you need that and it has so many on the go features... the hands free bras and bags and the charger and the lighter charger if you feel you need those for trips......

I would still get at least 15-20 outfits for the different sizes if you know about how big your baby is. we over bought for my oldest and she wasn't in some of the sizes as she grew fast. no paci, blankets, and maybe a set of mittens (my oldest we used with a ton and second not at all as she was a finger sucker), few hats, and diaper bag.... I suggest the amount as you will have blow outs and spit ups and you want enough to cover that but you should be doing laundry like all the time anyway so enough to have a small load yet also to wear... we just had a blow out ( one set of clothes here at night and 3 sets of clothes at like dinner for throw up)....
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Re: FTM: Making a list for baby

Do you anticipate getting gifts from family and friends? Do you plan to have a baby shower? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, I'd wait until after receiving most of the gifts to buy things yourself. I bought very little for my first, because we got lots of clothes as gifts. We did buy a stroller (didn't end up using), a pack 'n' play (didn't end up using), a sling (used lots), a couple outfits (could have done without them), and a pump (didn't use much, but was good to have).

If you want to pick everything out yourself, you could start a registry. If people don't buy the things from your registry, you've already done the research on the specific things you want, so you can just buy things as you need them.
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Re: FTM: Making a list for baby

I also recommend waiting until after the shower if you are having one. Also,don't buy any clothes until after as well. People LOVE buying baby clothes, and you will get whatever strikes them as cute, so I would avoid registering for clothes. Keep your registry fairly simple and only what you really want and/or need.

My quick list of what you have to have right away:
Going home outfit if birthing at a hospital or birth center
Car seat
Place for baby to sleep
2 blankets
Nursing pillow (i liked the my brest friend best)
Baby nailclippers

The nice to haves:
Mittens to prevent scratches
Bouncer or swing

Honestly, I kept my baby in just a diaper most of the first two weeks doing skin to skin with my robe around us or blanket. I didn't use the stroller until a couple weeks, and the kind you can snap the car seat into is really handy.

I like my Medela pump in style advance with Pumpin Pal flanges. I like Avent Natural bottles because I can get parts from walmart, and she takes it ok. She also takes Lansinoh mOmma bottles, but I had to order them online. However, I can get parts to turn them into sippy cups later on. My LO is 3 months now, and she still only takes 2-3ounces at a time. I was told breastfed babies won't need to increase the amount they take in each feeding because the milk adjusts to be more fatty and filling as time goes on, so you probably can just get 5 oz bottles, which is what I did. I bought way too many with 4 Avent and 4 Lansinoh. I think 2of each would be plenty, but I recommend trying 2-4 brands to find what your baby will take. I think it would be totally fine to buy one of one brand to try and then if your baby won't take it, you can get a different one. You have plenty of time if you take 6-8 weeks even if you wait until 5 weeks to try bottles, and you should wait at least 4 weeks before the first bottle to get breastfeeding in good for both of you, although I think I felt comfortable breastfeeding around 6 weeks. Oh, and Medela makes the Calma nipple which is supposed to be good for breastfed babies, and I think they fit on their pumping bottles if you want to store your .ilk in them.

Anyway, I also highly recommend Honeysuckle milk storage bags. I get them off Amazon, and I have the new baby food bags coming to try since they are 4 oz bags, and I try to freeze 1-2oz bags to reduce waste. Bags are way easier to defrost and heat than bottles.
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The only things I needed for my son were diapers, clothes and a carrier at first.
I had a bouncer that I used in the bathroom so I could shower.
Never used his crib. He sleeps with me.

I would say about 10 outfits of each size if you wanna do laundry about once a week.
Lots of socks. They always disappear.

Health kit (usually comes with bail clipped, bugger thing, thermometer and bandaids.)

I never used mittens on my son. I tried once but it seemed like it stressed him out.

I had a baby k'tan carrier that I used a whole bunch when he was tiny and now I use an ergo. It was a life saver to have both hands available to get food and such. And still is!

My son hated being swaddled so I didn't really have many blankets.
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Oh and my friend who pumps and works swears my these
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Re: FTM: Making a list for baby

Get a double electric pump. Also, check with your insurance company, because some are apparently covering pumps now.

I bought clothes up to about 12 months. DD lined up pretty well with her size and age... but, she was really low on the charts for the first year. Under 10% height and weight, so I'm not sure how well it'd line up for other babies. If I had to buy again, I'd probably stick to sleepers for any weather cool enough. So easy.

I needed a moby and a vibrator chair to stay sane. DD had reflux and wanted to be held 24/7. If I waited until she fell asleep and put her in the chair, I had enough time to grab a shower without a wailing kid.

She absolutely hated her swing, the only time we really used it was when she had her first cold and it was the only way she could sleep.
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Wait until after the shower and reevaluate. The high ticket items or us were a crib, pack n play, dresser, glider, infant car seat, stroller and pump.

Insurance covered the pump (thank you Obamacare) and I use it every night because my LO sleeps through the night but my boons would kill me if I did. The car seat and stroller I purchased because I wanted specific colors. My mum got us the glider, which I use a dozen or more times a day... In any event, my point is to start figuring out what is expensive and that you actually want and need, and ask for/get that first. Honestly, the rest of the stuff you can get at Target or off Amazon (sign up for Amazon moms for free shipping) in a pinch as you need it. eBay and local parents listservs also have stuff for free/cheap including clothes and exersaucer/swings etc.

Don't stress about the little stuff and go see a movie. For me. I'd love to go see a movie now.

But seriously, it'll be fine and wait until after the shower to buy anything!
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Re: FTM: Making a list for baby

You can find registry lists but follow those loosely - remember, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us are banking on you buying everything on their lists. My friend sent me an excel list 4 years and I also followed that loosely.

My DD is 3 1/2 and I'm expecting DS this April. My personal, absolute must haves:

- good recliner/glider (hand me down sucked and I was up every 1-3 hrs nursing) this was my big ticket purchase this time around. I also sprang for the protectant spray - worth the investment. I don't care for ottoman (takes up space) but I did register for kidkraft nursing stool because it felt much more comfortable with it (I tested out my chair with the stool in store)

- infant carrier car seat. A currently pregnant FTM to be friend asked me the other day why because she bought one but was thinking of returning it and getting convertible car seat to save money (she thought this was a waste of money.) I told her it's up to her - I never insist what I want is right because it's different for everyone. But I loved this for a baby sleeping in the car ride - when you get to where you need to be and need to get baby out of the car, it's soooooo nice to be able to keep baby I'm the carrier rather than having to unbuckle baby out of the car seat and risk waking baby up. Also, some strollers have adapters to allow use with the carrier. I'm going to reuse my MaxiCosi Mico - I got it in a neutral color so it worked for my DD and will work for DS. It was also the lightest cars eat carrier back when I got it in 2010.

- I invested in Quinny Buzz (love) and Zapp strollers but wished I had gone straight with the Uppababy Vista. I don't mind large bulky strollers because I like my stroller to handle all terrains (we have lots of parks and trails) but vista has a large basket and it allows for a rumble seat and skateboard. Granted DD will be almost 4yo when her baby brother is born, but I live in SoCal and we frequent amusement parks - I do not want to carry a 30+ lb sleepy kid around the zoo or Disneyland. So as you can tell, I got myself the vista this time around. My sister got me the rumble seat and skateboard which was awfully nice of her.

- Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are awesome. Lightweight so perfect for SoCal weather. Easily works as a nursing cover if needed. Swaddling helped my DD sleep well so I didn't need sleep sacks. Folds up small unlike bulky blankets.

- if you have insurance, check to see that they cover a breast pump. Call your medical plan and ask - usually you'll have to go through a specific DME supplier - mine gave me 2 companies to call.

- bottles are trial and error. Your baby might easily take the first bottle brand you give him/her. Might take a few bottles before you find the right one. Medela worked fine but I got tommee tippee hoping it would lessen nipple confusion but MIL and DH insisted baby girl had a hard time nursing on this (I didn't have any issues feeding her with tommee tippee) but I ended up getting born free which worked well for everyone but DH HATED washing all the parts. This time around I am trying out the Kiinde system. Warned DH that the bags are more expensive than Lansinoh bags but it would minimize bottle washing. Since we will have 2 kids to tend to, anything that's a time saver is worth checking out.

- a lot of people like to gift clothes so I tried to minimize registering for clothes. I got some hand me downs for my daughter so I actually ended up taking back some outfits after my shower. For this round, I asked the girl at the registry if it would be tacky to include in the message box that baby is all set with clothes and she said absolutely not tacky. My sister had her baby boy 5 weeks early so her son will be 4 months older than mine; my son will be getting plenty of hand me downs from his cousin. I plan on getting a special going home outfit though.

- swings/bouncers are hit and miss. Some babies absolutely hate or love one or both. I bought neutral swing and pack n play so I can still reuse the ones from DD. I like PnP because we have a 2 story house. I kept PnP downstairs and best advice my friend gave me when I bought mine was to make sure the height if the changing table was a good height for me and DH. She and her husband are much shorter than me but they had to bend down a lot on their PnP changing table and said it was a PITA. MIL gave a pink bouncer which came in handy to have upstairs in our bedroom/bathroom for when I needed to take a quick shower. I got lucky and found a monkey one on clearance at target for $18 - it's so weird, it was still retailing online and in some stores for $59.99 and now $77.99. So I got a sweet deal and my son won't have to use the pink bouncer. Always check your clearance sections. I even got my sister a sweet deal on a Medela freestyle (still sealed in box but apparently a return so sweet deal) which was good since her insurance only offered Ameda brand.

- have at least 1-2 newborn pack of diapers and a couple size 1 diapers. With DD, I stocked up on some great CVS sales stacked with coupons. This time around not doing that because coupon shopping isn't as easy for me now. Bring a bag to the hospital to hoard your newborn diapers and whatever else they give you to take home. I felt weird taking home pump parts when I used the hospital grade pumped which was dumb of me. The nipple flanges touch my breast milk which is bodily fluids so they would have to throw out the parts I used. Could have saved myself some money by taking those home (I bought spare parts when I went back to work).

I'm not completely thinking everything through right now...but I recommend having shower in early 3rd trimester. Just in case you get extremely fatigued, or have bed rest or deliver early. My sister was due jan - her friend wanted to throw her shower in dec but my sister chose Nov because of my recommendation to do it early. Good thing because she ended up giving birth 5 weeks early in Dec. Unfortunately with my sister adjusting to new mommy hood and other family issues, my shower is going to be a month before DS is due. I'm 10 weeks before my due date but technically 9 weeks with a planned c section and am feeling extremely exhausted already.

- I never registered for boppy but was given 2 - loved them. Kept one upstairs, one downstairs. Used during nursing and for propping baby up when playing with her. I recommend getting extra covers to wash (spit ups happen).

Oh and I totally recommend to start looking during 2nd trimester - this is the trimester where you have the "most" energy. Plus you will feel overwhelmed. It's ok. Take breaks. Visit stores and focus on certain things rather than getting everything done in one day. Spend a day or 5 days researching and testing out strollers and seeing if carrier car seats are easy to put on/off stroller you narrow down to. Spend another day looking at cribs and chairs. Etc. And go on weekdays when it's less busy. I did most research and testing out myself then dragged DH when I narrowed down my choices on strollers, glider chair, etc.

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Re: FTM: Making a list for baby

Buy secondhand clothes at consignment shops. Babies outgrow them too fast to get excessive wear. Then you can stock up on designer and name brand clothes cheaper than you could buy cheap stuff at Walmart. Pay attention to seasons. Also, people will probably give you hand-me-downs once your baby arrives, so don't go wild stocking up on too many sizes.

Get a sling or some kind of carrier. Babies want to be held ALL the time. They might sit in a swing or bouncy seat for a little bit, but mostly they just want a warm human being.

Cloth diapers, of course. I like prefolds and covers, but I'm in the minority. (I loathe pocket diapers.)

The rest is just extras. After all these kids, I've managed to accrue the lot: swing, bouncy seat, changing table, pack n play, crib, bassinet, tub, strollers, high chair, car seats, baby monitor, bedding, books, toys, etc, etc. It's all nice to have, but I've gotten by on much less. We were pretty poor when we had the first 2 kids.

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