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Re: Typical 3 yo abilities

eh, I wouldn't worry yet. My DS knew his colors, but not the alphabet or numbers when he turned 3. He only remembered his age if the discussion was fresh in his mind. He was a normal talker. He will be 4 in may, and can now count to 10 (most of the time), and knows a few letters/sounds. But he can tell you the names of most dinosaurs, trucks, and bugs. It's all about interest.

At 3 my daughter was barely talking, but the doctor wasn't worried because she could sign all kinds of things. By 3.5/4 she was completely caught up to all her peers with speech. The late speech had no bearing on her intelligence in any other area.

I really think there is a huge learning curve from 3-4 in almost every area so I wouldn't worry until he is older. Also, I just would not expect the average 3 year old to know their letters and numbers. But if you are worried, talk it over with your pedi. You know your child best, so if there are other warning signs that something is going on, go with your mommy gut.


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My 4 yo doesn't know his alphabet and is just now getting interested in counting. At just turned 3 he didn't know many colors if any and didn't know shapes either. He's extremely smart but he's got to be interested in it if he wants to learn it. If it has to do with space he's all over it!! The best conversation we've had recently was

Ds: mommy where's the sun?
Me: it's over China right now
Ds: mommy where's vagina?
Me: China buddy China.
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Re: Typical 3 yo abilities

sounds with in the range of normal to me. is he an active little guy? maybe he's working on other things like his gross & fine motor skills
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Re: Typical 3 yo abilities

What do your instincts say? If you feel he is bright and normal, then just let him get interested on his own. All mine learned at different paces, but if you have niggling doubts in the back of your mind about it or any of his development, then have him evaluated. The school districts will often do it for free (compliments of your tax dollars.)

Don't know how you feel about your kids watching tv, but my youngest learned his letters and letter sounds by watching the Letter Factory DVD made by Leap Frog. He shocked us one day by reciting some letters on the wall of a restaurant (still doesn't get his numbers or colors, but he loves his letters!)

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I have a speech delayed 3 yr old. He knows letters, sounds, counts to 20, can recognize numbers to 10 at least, knows shapes, colors, and can spell his name. He uses sentences rarely though.

I'm not too concerned. He's got a great attention span for books, physically he's fine, he's just doing things a little differently than other kids.
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Re: Typical 3 yo abilities

My son turned 3 in January and I got him evaluated by the school district because he wasn't speaking like others his age. I almost cried when a fresh 2 year old walked by us one day and was singing the abcs.

When evaluated he tested well with no concern, but because he wouldn't speak to them he was able to qualify for speech. He still doesn't know colors, the alphabet or numbers but it doesn't bother me. Don't stress!
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Re: Typical 3 yo abilities

I think when you go comparing your kid to others, you're just asking for trouble.

Levi is 2.5. He has about 10 words and a couple 2 word combos.

He surely doesn't know any of that stuff you mentioned and if he does, he hasn't told me. lol

Miranda on the other had was talking in complete sentences at this age, knew all colors and shapes, counted to 20, knew animals, etc.

You just can't compare kids. They all develop at different rates, even siblings.
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Re: Typical 3 yo abilities

My dd will be 4 in March. She knows all her colors and shapes. She can count to 10 most of the time (sometimes she will skip a number, it depends if she's being silly or not). Just last night I learned that she can identify some numbers! She saw a 3 and said "that's my number!". I then asked her "where's the 7?" etc and she got about half right, 1-10. Then we went to letters and it turns out she can regonize some of the letters too, but only if I say "where is the X?". If I point to an X and say "what letter is this?" she asks me "What letter is it?" LOL. She plays starfall a lot and I give that most of the credit. She is able to play complicated, educational computer games (some even with addition) and gets them right-however, I can't figure out how she gets them right, because I know she doesn't add yet (or does she? bahahaha). The other day she was playing some math game and she yells at me "No, mom, you have to press the space bar to eat the numbers!". I was astonished that she knew what the space bar was called LOL. She knows a lot of "things" but maybe not all the educational "things" she should. She can't recite the ABC's, however, I'm not too concerned about that bc singing the ABC's really has no point when it comes to reading. My point to all this is, I think she's normal. I think she learns what she wants to learn. The rest of the stuff, she just lets go in one ear and out the other. That's okay. She will get it when she's ready.
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I wouldn't worry yet. Kids learn at their own pace.

DS1 turns 4 in 2 weeks. He knows his colors, shapes (including trapezoid, octagon, and rhombus), letters, can count to 29, some addition, etc. He just really exploded with his counting and addition here in the last few weeks. When he sings his abc, he usually skips n. He has a fantastic memory and surprises me on a regular basis with the stuff he all the sudden has learned.

On the other hand, DS1 still scribbles rather than writing or drawing anything concrete, has never used scissors, and can't sit still or be quiet for more than 2 minutes when we really want him to.

DH is a preschool teacher's aide so he just incorporates learning all the time. We really need to start working on fine motor stuff over the summer.

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