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Re: ds failing school what is the next turn?

I am sure this will not be a popular opinion, but I am trying to figure out how he has made it to 6th grade with out being able to read well enough to take a test or quiz.
There is more to reading than just reading the words. Many kids can read them fine but can't figure out what a question is asking. As an Educational Assistant in highschool I spend final exams & other exam times reading tests to kids who have trouble reading the words & having it make sense in their minds. Sometimes the kids need the questions re-worded or specific words explained to them so they can figure out what the question is asking. These are regular kids who no diagnosis.

- he is adhd started meds in Kinder
- started low reading group in kinder
- 1st grade still in low reading group but only a half of year behind according to state tests so teacher say he will catch up
- 3rd grade gap has only gotten bigger, started tutoring and testing for sped using the RTI model. After many meetings he is not far enough behind or struggling enough for him to recieve services but put on a 504 plan.
- moved to a different state decided to re do 3rd grade in hopes that would make the difference and be more on his level.
- 3rd grade again still behind put into tutoring which made him miss recess in the mornings and stay after school until 4:30 everyday for extra tutoring
- 4th grade re tested in the RTI model again still not below benchmark enough to receive sped
- 5th grade dropped from tutoring even though he was still below benchmark but because he was always below benchmark mark by 10 pts for three years they decided there was not anymore they could do for him.
- Pulled him to homeschool him in hope that one on one will help him.
- 6th grade dh insists that he needs ps and with a new baby I caved and signed him up. They put him back into tutoring and redo 504 plan for the middle school year. At semester they call and say tutoring is not what he needed now they are placing him in reading 180 and that is where we are now.

This is a classic case of a child falling through the cracks of the system, he is not failing enough to need services but is not high enough to make it. Plus he is now at that age where he know he doesn't get it but is no scared to look stupid and ask for help. I have talked to teachers and told them that he feels this way so they know. I have kept telling myself this next thing will work for him and help but I am now getting worried if he can't make it now will he graduate?
So this is not a homeschooling vs school thing, he has had these issues from the beginning. When he reads something to you where is he struggling? Can he read the words & they don't make sense, does he have any comprehension of what he is saying? If you read something to him does he understand it better?

As I said above to a pp, there are accomodations to students that we make at our highschool. However I think the issue is partly the school your son is at. They don't seem to WANT to help, they want to keep pushing the issue aside & eventually he'll be someone else's problem.

Having issues with reading does not keep someone from graduating, they just need the right help.

I'd try seeing if there are any education advocacy groups in your area, or find out what his legal rights with the 504 are.


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Re: ds failing school what is the next turn?

Originally Posted by Docs Wife View Post
I am sure this will not be a popular opinion, but I am trying to figure out how he has made it to 6th grade with out being able to read well enough to take a test or quiz. I beginning reader with a disability sure I can understand but at 6th grade with out a major diagnosed learning disability at this point I would expect him to be able to read well enough to take a test or quiz.
Considering more than 1/3 of adults are functionally illiterate and TX graduates something like 30% of high school seniors who can't read is it really that shocking? Sounds like this child needs time to process what he is reading and possibly has test taking anxiety. Some kids just cannot take tests whether they read well or not. My oldest reads well above grade level but could not take a test to save his life. First he doesn't ever understand what the instructions are asking him (again, he reads fine but he gets so caught up in little minutia that he can't focus) and then everything has to be so perfect that he takes hours to do something most people could do in minutes. He winds up so anxious that he either does nothing or melts down completely.
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PULL HIM! I'm sorry you're going through this. This is my son totally. We ps in K, failed Homeschool til 7th, tested 2 grades below so PS put him in 6th (1 grade behind)....failed :-( committee passed him, all Fs the first 2 six weeks, we pulled him out. Falling through the cracks is right!!!!!!! Not failing enough to light a fire under their butts.....sad :-(
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Re: ds failing school what is the next turn?

I would HS and push push push reading comprehension, personally.

I am a MS teacher. Our language arts classes have 30+ kids in them. Yes, it sucks that kids can fall through the cracks, but when you have 30 in there, and have curriculum at a certain level you have to cover, you can only differentiate so much. I don't know about your district, but ours has fired almost all paras at the secondary level, so there is little support for kids like your son who pass the sped testing.

I would also talk to your pediatrician about private testing, which often is more thorough than the school-based testing.
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Originally Posted by missydawn
He has been tested twice for an iep and currently has a 504 but during the last meeting on it the teachers didn't think it was necessary for him to be on a 504 plan. I pushed for them to keep him on it but they will only put stuff into play for state testing not in classroom testing.
I don't know if you've already made a decision, I haven't read all the replies yet. But, in my state, you have to provide the same accommodations for classroom assessments as you do state assessments.
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Re: ds failing school what is the next turn?

What happens if you take a test that he has failed, and re-test him yourself but read the questions aloud? Does he do well then?
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Either you need to light the fire under the schools behind, or just pull him.
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Re: ds failing school what is the next turn?

My major concern here is that he is apparently doing well on homework assignments but not on tests. That is a VERY unusual situation unless the child is getting too much help/not the right kind of help at home. Don't get me wrong, plenty of kids have problems taking tests. However, if those kids are doing their homework assignments and do them well, they aren't failing tests they are just not doing as well as they could on them. IDK but something doesn't add up with that.

Asking a teacher to read a test is asking the teacher for a lot of work. Personally, as a teacher I wouldn't mind doing it once just to see what the response is like but after that the child needs to go for SP Ed testing.

I will be the voice of dissent on the whole pull him out to HS thing. I've taught MS and HS grades at a charter school. Our school attracted a lot of kids who were homeschooling 'dropouts'. We also had several families that liked to flip flop between HS and the charter school. IME moving kids around like that always hinders a child's learning. Once at the charter school, if they were struggling, they would get a 'I don't really have to work at this since Mom will just HS me again' attitude. There is something to be said for not quitting at something until you've completed it. Now if the school keeps giving you the run around about SP ED services then I would definitely begin HS'ing again but not until the end of this school year and I would seek the help of a professional on my own.
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Re: ds failing school what is the next turn?

Homework is not done at home it is done at school 90% of the time in the classroom. I guess I should just call it school work not homework since I never see it. Now I am sure there is test anxiety there but I have no clue what is the reason for the big difference in scores.
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Re: ds failing school what is the next turn?

If he's doing his homework correctly then he should be capable of taking the test without failing. This implies he's not studying properly. There is a disconnect here. Something is either going on with the homework or tests and/or the teachers are wrong about why he is failing.
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