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My last 3 kids I knew the gender before I had a BFP!
With my 2 m/c I knew I wouldn't be pregnant for long! Even with my ectopic, after I kept being told I had m/c I KNEW the baby was still in there.....after a few days of the worst pain of my life and being ignored by ER docs, a specialist did exploratory surgery and found the baby in my ruptured tube! I was 11 weeks at that point!
Labor and delivey? I NEVER have a clue!
All I know is that I'm going on Sunday at 6am for my induction and I CAN'T wait to see my son on the outside and see the look on hubby's face when he holds the baby for the first time!


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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
Particularly when it comes to labor/delivery/etc? I've never been 100% right on, but always pretty darn close.

This time, I'm due 4/27. I've had the date 4/10 in my head since the beginning. I've also had it in my head that labor will begin this time with my water breaking which has never happened to me before. I'm curious to see if I'm close this time.

Anyone else had anything similar happen?
I knew DD1 was a girl even though everyone insisted she was a boy. And each pregnancy I've had a specific dream about the pregnancy and the details are usually pretty close (gender, baby size, etc). This time I dreamed that this baby is a girl, weighed 6#3oz and will be born 4/10. My due date is 4/27 as well.
Crazy that we are due the same day and have the same birthdate feeling for our babies.
Amanda, wife to Andrew, mama to Dale , Olivia , Wyatt and Nora . Baby #5 due in late April.
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I "just knew" my now 1 mo old was not head-down right. Labor kept stalling and my ob insisted that she was just a big baby. I was 12 days overdue and did some yoga positions to give her room to turn... She came without my scheduled induction the night after my yoga moves!

Eta: baby was only 8 lbs... Not that big imo, lol.
Erica, wife to Joey my HS sweetheart, Mommy to Jaybee '06, Princess '09, and my Little Sweetie '11 and My Peanut
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I did not have any contractions leading up to labor or any other signs to go on, but I just "knew" that I would go into labor that night or early morning. Even went around the office to make sure I said my goodbyes and thank yous to coworkers. Sure enough my water broke that night about 15 minutes after DH got home from work. Dd was born the next day.
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

I just knew #1 was a girl. I didn't know with the other 3 girls. I just new dd#2 would be born on Feb 5th b/c I had dd#1's 2 yr well check scheduled for that day. Well, dd#2 didn't come on 2/5, but I was at the hospital in labor with #2. My DH called to see if he could reschedule the appointment without them charging us a cancelation fee, but nope they wanted to charge us even though I was in labor. So, DH left the hospital while I was in labor and took dd#1 to her well check. I ended up having dd#2 eighteen minutes after midnight on 2/6. I always say she was born 18 minutes late and her birthday should have been 2/5.
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

I've always knew by first baby would be a girl. My first pregnancy I felt like it was a boy and it didn't seem right. I lost that baby. Second pregnancy I knew knew knew it was a girl and it was. When she was still a baby I knew I'd get pregnant again sooner than I expected and it'd be a boy. As soon as I found out I was pregnant (daughter was 9 month) I bought boy clothes. My son is now 9 months. I know the next baby will be a girl, I even bought an outfit for her.
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

With my YDD I knew the night we conceived even though we were trying for awhile. Something in my head just said "that was the one." But then I also "knew" DD was going to be a boy... which she wasn't.

Also with a different pregnancy I knew from the start I was going to miscarry. Even though I had plenty of morning sickness etc, I felt like something was going to go wrong.

I have a friend who had twins and before she took a pregnancy test she told her husband they were going to have twin boys, she tested and it was positive. And she did end up having twin boys.
Mama through birth and foster care adoption to: DS 9, DD 6, and baby girl born 10/2013
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

The only thing I KNOW when pregnant is that if my baby is due in cold weather there will be a blizzard, ice storm, etc... happened both times... 8 years & 1 day apart... the blizzard of 2000 & we got like 4-5 feet of snow... then in 2008 we had an ice storm AND blizzard when I was in labor & DD was being born.

My other was due in early fall & while we didn't have snow, Hurricane Katrina happened... so when my last babe was due early fall I held my breath... no snow, no hurricane, no tornado but he himself IS a tornado so maybe God figured he'd be all the storm I needed?! I am now due again in September & am grateful it won't snow... though I wouldn't bet my life on it! LOL

We also had a blizzard the entire weekend we got married & a tornado during #2's 1st bday. So I guess I know something big is usually going to happen when we plan something. LOL
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

I knew my frst was a girl and my second was a boy even without any ultrasounds. My first I felt nada, nothing except trouble. I knew something would go wrong and it did. But then something went wrong with both of my first 2 so it isn't unlikely I would have that fear with him. Thankfully it was caught on time.
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I knew with dd1 I would go into labour during the super bowl. Even asked the doctor at my first prenatal visit if I'd have a tv to watch it in labour. Lol. I did go into labour during the super bowl but didn't tell anyone until it was over because I wanted to stay home and watch it.

With dd2...I knew something wasn't right from the beginning. Just had bad feelings about it all... that we got pregnant too easily. I thought I would miscarry but didn't. As the pregnancy progressed I figured I was just overly paranoid and let it go. At 18 weeks we had found out she had a fatal birth defect. We carried her to term and got 6.5 hours with her.

This time I knew she was a girl before we even conceived. I knew her name and I knew she would be healthy. I had a dream shortly after I had Eden about this baby girl, so I just knew. I'm due May 21st but have the 10th stuck in my head... I have no intuition about the actual birth but am hoping for a hba2c.
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