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Originally Posted by PerfectFifth
Ugh, me too! It's my biggest personal hurdle to having another. I had pre-eclampsia with both my kids, and my worsening condition leading up to the actual diagnosis just made me feel like crap for the entire third trimester. Even while hobbling down the hall the day after the c-section, I felt soooo much better than when pregnant. And I haven't even touched on the horrible morning sickness and gestational diabetes. I am in awe of those women who just go smiling through pregnancy and pop babies out like it ain't no thing.
Yes! I just wish I could fully enjoy more of my pregnancy for what an amazing experience it really is.

Originally Posted by IowaGold
When I showed up at the hospital in labor with DD2, the receptionist asked if we were there to visit somebody. Um, yeah, its 11pm and DH is carrying a suitcase. Then when we got to the labor room, the nurse was totally looking around for the pregnant lady even though I was right in front of her. At least she didn't *say* anything.
I can't even believe that happened to you!


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I suck at it too. I have the normal crappy symptoms, but throughout the whole pregnancy I just feel like crap. I'm tired and *****y and don't want to talk to anyone. I'm horrible to DH and even to my DD at times during my last pregnancy I also get really overwhelmed doing normal things...something simple like grocery shopping starts to be too much to handle and I want to cry and leave my cart and go home halfway through the store. I feel like a completely different person when pregnant and hate it. I feel zero connection to the baby the whole time so I don't even experience that excitement.

Once I give birth it's like a switch flips and I'm back to my normal self.
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Last time I swelled up like a blimp. It was crazy! I could imprint my thumb into my skin half way up my back & the mark would stay for over a minute. My face & hands swelled - everything was swollen. I couldn't even fit my feet into DHs crocks or stretch socks over them. I ended up pulling my toes apart to fit the little flip flop strap between them & waddled around with my elephant feet spilling over the sides like they were wearing a g-string Lol.

I also got crazy angry out of nowhere a lot. It would be over things that would typically make me mad but I felt a whole new rage that actually scared me a little.

I had twins & no actual morning sickness aside from getting nauseous over smells & on car rides. So, I was lucky I wasn't throwing up or ever really miserable. The worse part for me was the fear that at any moment something was going to go horribly bad. Because of that fear I scheduled an induction as early as my OB recommended it was ok (37 weeks). This time I'm not even 4 weeks yet (3 weeks 5 days). I don't even know if I'm pregnancy with 1 or 2. But, I've already woke up at night over being really nauseous. I hope I'll find a better way to manage the swelling this time around & that my fears won't get the best of me. The plan is for this to be my last pregnancy, so I really want to focus on enjoying being pregnant. It's going to be so much easier for me if it's twins again so I'll be monitored closely. I'm a little freaked out over the limited monitoring of singleton pregnancies as compared to twin pregnancies. My only singleton pregnancy ended at 10 weeks and I'm used to the comfort that frequent OB appointments provide.
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Re: Anyone else suck at being pregnant?

Yes! I know just how you feel.

I suck at this pregnancy.

With my first LO, I was super happy/excited to be pregnant, and high energy. I craved broccoli and rode my bicycle 12 miles a day up until the week before I delivered.

This time, it's the exact total opposite. I had done Pilates and yoga up the yin yang to get my body back to shape, and it was frustrating to see myself turn into a walking baby blimp. I was soooo tired during the first 5 months, and craved foods like ice cream, pizza, and basically any bakery treat in sight. Gained 20 pounds in 3 months. Forget exercise, my back and hip have me in physical therapy and I'm basically sleeping upright--on the sofa--just to prevent the flow of heartburn from giving me a sore throat.

So I have the opposite problem as you mamas--I appear VERY pregnant. I'm only 4'11". I look like I should be delivering any day now, yet I'm only 27 weeks. My whole body is a baby bump, carried super high and forward. Everyone asks me when I'm due, and when I say the end of June, they are shocked. Then they insist that I must be having twins, as if that's not something I would have identified by now. No. Not twins.

Everyone (especially DH) wants me to be happy and "enjoy the pregnancy" and I just want to tell them all to F-off.

Did I mention I've been excessively angry and agitated too?
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Me! I hate pregnancy!!! I'm so sick first trimester even medications only stop the puking. I gain lots of weight no matter how and what I'm eating. With DS1 I got so sick at the end and my labor and delivery were scary and traumatic. This time I started the weird headaches, swelling, and general crazy intermittent sickness at 18 weeks. Turns out I have gestational diabetes. I'm 23 weeks now so we shall see how this plays out in terms of the amount of monitoring and extra stuff for me to do. I'm done after this....I love babies and being a mama, but I am not growing anymore children myself. My body hates this!
Married to my best friend, living the navy wife life, and loving every minute of being a SAHM to DS (born July 2011)!
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