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Should I go to urgent care

Cut my thumb opening the plastic on a new knife. A very sharp paring knife. Brilliant me decided to fight the plastic packaging on the side with the sharp side of the knife. Its 2 chunks basically. One the skin flap is still there and its not bleeding. The other the skin is completely gone, its about the size of dime the whole depth. Can't be stitched because there is too big of a gap. I can't really see how deep it it, but its definitely a chunk out. I tried to rinse it but it fills with blood as soon as I move my thumb out of the water. And it stings too much to keep it under the water- even the slightest trickle- to get a good look. Took 20 mins to slow the blood down enough that I could wrap it in gauze without dripping blood all over the the place. It was bleeding a lot. Was wrapped for close to an hour when I noticed that it bled through 10 layers of wrapped gauze plus a 4 layer pad of gauze. I had to wrap it myself so it might have not been enough pressure to stop the bleeding or it could have started bleeding again. I am not really sure. I just re- wrapped it trying to make sure I get it tight. 10 mins and its already through the pad and half the wrapped gauze. But does seem to be slowing some. Its definitely slower then when I first cut it. And it was slower when I changed the gauze from when it was first cut.

When should I worry? Never had something that didn't stop bleeding after 10 mins (at least they didn't end up being stitched). What could they actually do for it anyway if it can't be stitched? We're suppose to be leaving town in a few hours but Urgent care here is suppose to have a max 30 min wait time.


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I would just hold as much pressure as possible. If it can't be stitched, they can't really do anything for it:/. Once bleeding slows. I'd cover it with a bunch of layers of gauze and put one of those "finger cots" on it. Good luck!
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Re: Should I go to urgent care

I would go to urgent care if I was in your shoes.
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With that much bleeding I would go to urgent care. I cut my thumb on a broken glass about 10 years ago and I ended up severing the tendon. I'm not sure where the wound is on your hand, but it never hurts to get it looked at by a professional.
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Re: Should I go to urgent care

I'm not sure where the wound is but if it's shallow, you're just going to need to keep pressure on it. Make sure you have a nonstick pad at the bottom so you don't reopen it when you peel everything off. Then wrap tightly but not so tight your thumb turns purple. If it bleeds through to the top, add more rather than unwrapping and rewrapping. Just keep adding until it stops bleeding through, give it several hours to develop a good clot before you unwrap anything. You are unlikely to lose a significant amount of blood from a superficial wound, though it will look like a lot. Remember when you donate blood, they take a pint (2 cups). I could be wrong, but likely the only thing that urgent care would do for you is to put a certain type of bandage that can help clotting. If you will be near to medical care where you are going, I would skip it now & try to get it stopped yourself.
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Re: Should I go to urgent care

I wouldn't, but I hate going to see doctors. I sliced open my middle finger on a mandolin slicer between the first and second knuckle back at the beginning of Dec. It has a nice nasty big scar right now, but healed up fine without any infection. Just keep it bandaged and clean and watch for any signs of infection.
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Re: Should I go to urgent care

I cut my finger open on the lint screen of the dryer.

I knew it was very deep, but I figured "A little superglue will handle this!" After two weeks, I went and asked a doctor, and she said it was too late for her to do anything, and that it was healing, just healing from the inside out, instead of the outside in. So, it would leave a scar. (just on a finger, so no big deal)

But, it was a huge hassle to have a bandage on my finger for at least three weeks. It's more of a pain in the neck than you'd think.
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Re: Should I go to urgent care

DS sliced a chunk of his finger off a few months ago. It bled for a long time (I'm thinking a couple of hours), but it healed up quickly and he doesn't have a scar. I don't know what, if anything, the doctor can do for that kind of cut, but if it were me, I wouldn't go in. Keep pressure on it, take it easy if you can, and drink water.
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Re: Should I go to urgent care

Alright Momma... you are going to think I am crazy... but... once the bleeding slows down enough you need to clean it out well then super glue that baby shut. That is what they would do at the ER. My Momma is a nurse and she has always been a friend of super glue! Have someone help you so you can avoid getting the glue everywhere.
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Re: Should I go to urgent care

I would go. They will superglue it after they disinfect, it will have a smaller or no scar and less likely to get infected.
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