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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

Isabel will be a year old in a couple weeks (yikes!) and hasn't received any vaccinations. Nor will she for some time, if at all.

I'm in Texas too, and we currently have a philisophical exemption from vaccination, as Jo stated. If that's not available at some point and I chose to put DD in public school, then I'll just claim a "religious" exemption. However, I do plan to homeschool for at least a few years, so it's kind of a moot point for me.

The most compelling arguments against vaccines, IMO, are looking at the percentages of children who become gravely ill or die from each disease and comparing it to the percentage of (reported) adverse reactions to each vaccine. I tend to double the numbers of reported adverse reactions, because I have no doubt that at least half of adverse reactions go unreported. It's probably more, but doubling seems a pretty fair approach.

I do still go to well-baby appointments, but my ped is very supportive of our (so far) delayed vax schedule, and I like knowing Isabel's doing well. I also get to bounce what I'm doing with Isabel play-wise, interaction-wise and food-wise off an unbiased, well-educated mind, which is really nice.

As far as naturally boosting immunity, my approach has been to BF , feed organic foods only, make sure she eats a well-rounded diet with tons of fruits and veggies, I take supplements to ensure she's getting everything she needs from my milk and I expose her to all sorts of kids and environments with little concern about cooties. She shares toys with kids, sits in swings and shopping carts without any sort of cover, feeds her cat from her fingers while she's eating (and then sucks on her fingers). My thought is that getting her immune system used to a million "little insults" will help it develop and be much better able to fend off the larger insults.

Hope this helps - feel free to ask me more if I haven't explained this well - I'm in multi-tasking mode: scarfing down breakfast, scanning my message boards and replying to emails all at once


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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

Vick....that's great input!

To the OP.....if you like the weight checks and just to chat about development things...I would still go to the doc. I love to have the updates!
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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

I haven't read the other replies but just wanted to send a (((HUG))). My 3rd dd had a reaction to the Prevnar vax and hasn't had any since (almost 4 yrs ago). I signed the religious exemption to enroll her in kindy for next fall. Our older 2 daughters are fully vaxed and had no problems, the baby has only had 1 round of shots. I don't do well child visits, I've been a mom for 10 yrs, they're a waste of time IME. We go to the doc once every couple years, usually for a cold they're already about over, lol. I think part of that is because my kids are so small, I don't need to hear "oh you need to fatten them up." I know they're perfectly healthy, dh and I are small, hello?! Sigh, I could ramble on forever...but vaxing is a tough decision, you'll do what you feel is right
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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

I never read the responses.

Since your dr said that her reaction at 2months was not a normal reaction, he should have reported it as a vaccine reaction and she should NOT have had any more shots at 4months, nor at this 6month appt coming up.

We do well baby visits, I look at them the same as me going for my annual exam. Here the dr's do not do the vax'd they are done by a separate group of people in a separate place. Vaccines are never mentioned at the dr's visits. We go to them so there is a baseline for what they are when well, so we know what THEIR normal is which could be different from the average normal. Also, I have 1 dd with a heart defect.
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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

Your doctor is feeding you bull telling you that it doesn't need to be reported. You can always report it yourself online, if you want. I reported my dd's vax reaction myself, because I couldn't trust our military clinic to do it. When I took dd in and told her ped what had happened and that I reported she was glad. When you report it will let you add as many vaxes as your child received that day. I got a detailed report when I got her last vaxes that included the vaccine, the manufacturer, the lot number and the date the vax was made. If you still have that paper (assuming you received something like that) then make the report yourself.

Like a pp said, TX (where we are currently) does have a philosophical exemption. Our ped said she would sign a medical exemption but only to the vaccines that dd received at the time of reaction. I want to stop vaxing altogether, no more for any of my children so I'll probably file the philosophical or religious one.
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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

I also thought I'd mention, the diseases are not as scary today as they were years ago when the vax's came out. Polio - thats a scary one. But with the others, medical treatment today is quite a bit more advanced than it was then, the diseases just aren't as scary as they used to be. Plus, we now have access to a LOT of homeopathic remedies that help.

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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

If it's info you're looking for I highly recommend reading through the links on MDC's vaccine board. There's hours and hours of info there. 909shots is a good place to start too.

Waiting is a good idea. However, to your dh, once damage is done from a vax it can't be taken back. Giving a shot then waiting to see if a reaction happens is a dangerous game.

Our almost 13 y/o is fully vaxed except for 11 year boosters, and shows the damage from them. Our 2 y/o will not be vaxed unless HE chooses to as an adult.

Praying you'll find the guidance you need- dh too.
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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

does anyone have a link to what a delayed schedule would be? And a link to a normal schedule?
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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

MDC is full of info on the vaccine issue

we DONT dh nearly died as a baby from his shots, so we use that as our "Excuse", and we have permanent medical exemptions for both kids. they werent' all THAT hard to get, but we sorta snuckered the second one from a dr. We used the word Audit in his presence , as in, don't your records get audited? He was like ,,, you go!

All you have to do is submit a letter to the local school system/ and maybe health dept stating you have philosophical/religious objections to vaccines, and they cant't discriminate against you. I have been told that they reserve the right to ask you to keep your child at home during outbreaks, but i dont know that it's ever been done.

If I did vax, there is NO freaking way that i would let them give all those shots at once....four or five needles at once into a small child is ridiculous
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Re: Questions for those that do not vax.

Wow, thanks so much for all the info. I will definitely check out MDC fourms. I will go to the checkup too, but may ask to skip the 9 month one. DD is EBF and I do weight checks about every other week at the breast feeding center, so I know she is growing. . At the 4 month check up, I didn't see my pedi due to her being called for an emergency, and do not think that she would have pushed for the VAX. I feel that she will be OK with the decision not to continue the VAX for now. She told me that her own sister does not VAX her kids. Still it is somewhat intimidating to tell a doc no for some reason.
I went with my mom to her neurologist appointment today, and she asked him what he thought (she has been seeing him for a long time and knew he didn't approve of the recommended VAX schedule). Her Doc said that he does VAX his kids, but selectively and that he would never let anyone give a VAX before the age of 3. He explained that between that age of two and three that the brain had established were and how things worked, but before that he felt it was dangerous and careless (his words) to inject a child with anything that will affect the brain. When I asked him about dd's reaction, he also told me what info I needed and how to report it. He said that he would be willing to sign a medical exemption for her for the shots that she had received at that time.
I just want to say : I posted a similar post on a different site, and was attracted. Someone actually accused me of child abuse Thanks again.
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