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New kittens, I think I made a mistake

This might get long to bear with me. We had two cats. An old male cat that is slowly dying of kidney failure and a female Siamese. They get along great. Dh surprised me at Christmas by taking me out to the local rescue to get a new cat. I didn't feel it was the right time to get a new cat at that time. 7 weeks ago we got two kittens. Sisters from the same litter. My old cat gets along with them as long as they don't like land on him while they are playing. If they get too close to him while playing he will smack him. But other times when they are calm he really seems to enjoy them.

My Siamese hates them. Like really hates them. At first she hid all the time to avoid them. But she is super attached to me and slowly she started coming around to be close to me. But she still hates them. She is currently sitting next me and hissing every time one of the babies gets anywhere near us. I don't think she will ever like them. I hate that she doesn't like them. She is my baby and honestly I was missing her when she hid all the time. But I love the babies too and it makes me sad to see them afraid to come near me when she is around. I have to lock the babies up at night bcUse they want to sleep with us but I can't take the hissing and fighting when we are trying to sleep. I don't know what to do now.



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Re: New kittens, I think I made a mistake

For starters, they need a little time. Cats are not normally social animals, it is not normal for them to "get along" with other cats. Every year, with the cats on our farm, the new kittens that year start playing with the adults, and the adults (except their mom) HATE them. The kittens need to grow up and stop annoying the adults, and the adults need to get used to them being around.

Separating them at night is a good idea. That gives your Siamese some time when they aren't pestering her.

I found two articles that have good ideas to try, including Feliway and making sure there are plenty of places for cats to get away - cat trees, behind furniture, on shelves, etc.
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Re: New kittens, I think I made a mistake

Be patient. Cats are slow to respond positively to crowding (and to a cat anyone else is crowding). Allow for the hiding and hissing without reprimanding. IME, most cats come around, or don't, but they figure out how to live in the same house without much problem. We have one that spent most of a year living under the bed most of the day until all at once she decided it was okay to play with the kitten (now bigger than her), share her bed with him, and let him groom her. She does get fed up and still hiss at him, but it is much better now than it was.

In that time, we got a large cat tree from Amazon, we have enough pompoms to make a poodle around the house (his favorite toy) and there are more places to go to the bathroom and eat than there are cats. All of these things have helped decrease the stress for the older cat and increase outlets for the younger cat.
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Re: New kittens, I think I made a mistake

Agree with all above. It takes a lot of time. Hope it gets better!
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Re: New kittens, I think I made a mistake

We're in a similar situation. We just got a kitten and our 6yr old female cat HATES her. I can't blame her. The kitten drives us all bonkers too. We can't walk anywhere without having our feet attacked. Our cat his a huge fighter outside and very territorial but weirdly, although she's definitely gone after the kitten, it's not a real fight. Lots of hissing and growling but no matter what she does the kitten comes back for more! We often lock the kitten in a bedroom to give the cat some peace and quiet.

Oddly, the cat doesn't mind if the kitten comes and eats her food while she is eating. She just leaves.

I had lots of cats growing up and I don't remember this transition but it must have happened. They'll sort themselves out. I hope soon... Fortunately our cat does go outside so she spend most of her time hanging on the front porch and the kitten is inside climbing the window screens trying to get out!
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Re: New kittens, I think I made a mistake

Didn't you think of giving the little ones to someone who wants them? I understand they're cute, but still that sounds like too much cats! I say so even though I have 2 of them on my own.
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