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We waited until about the end of the first trimester, because that's the time when the most chance of miscarriage are over, from what I understand. Sometimes we told a few weeks early though.


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Re: When did you share the news?

I had a very staggered schedule... My mom at 5W, his mom and sisters at 6W, a few employees at 8W because of the nature of my job, my supervisor and coworkers at 12 weeks and FB at 14 weeks. I was just dying to tell people ASAP but I think Ill wait a little longer to tell everyone next time.
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With both I told my sister the day after I poas.

With the first I think we told our parents somewhere between 6-8 weeks. I know I told my parents earlier because they were pestering me to go in a trip over spring break with them and I was running out of excuses to not go (I was soooo sick!!!). With my inlaws I think we waited until the ultra sound? Shared on Facebook shortly thereafter.

With this one I told all grandparents just before 8 weeks, but only because they were all visiting an I was having awful morning sickness again. No way they wouldn't notice. I told a handful of coworkers early too. Again, because I was so sick and I might need backup (I teach). But for some reason we felt like keeping this close to home from most other people. We just made our big announcement last week when we found out gender at 18 weeks.
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Re: When did you share the news?

I am 9w4d, and we have told our parents and a few close friends/family members. The first two times I shared the news much earlier, but this time our older boys are 6 & 8 and I want to make sure things are going well before we tell them. The first two times that wasn't a concern--my oldest was just over a year old when I got PG with #2 so he was totally oblivious.

It's going to be hard to wait though! I had an US at 8 weeks that showed baby was growing right on schedule and we saw the HB, so things look good. I'm getting the Harmony genetic screening on Thursday, then the NT scan on the 27th. I was hoping to wait until after our NT scan to share the news with the boys, but we have a big family vacation with my extended family next week before that's done and I am afraid the news is going to come out. If all 30 of my aunts, uncles and cousins know it will be hard to keep it a secret from my kids!
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Re: When did you share the news?

I think that it just depends on how you feel. I told quite a few people early with my first pregnancy. My second i waited till the end of the 1st trimester to tell most people, it ended in a miscarriage at 19 weeks after the "safe zone of the first trimester". This third pregnancy i waited until the second trimester genetic testing said he was ok. Except i told the people who i needed support boss(she is a friend also ), my sisters, close friends I just didn't do a Facebook the whole darn town knows i'm pregnant until i knew he was ok. just do what feels right..if you need the support of your friends and family tell them but ask them not to publicly share until you are ready.
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I am 15 weeks and haven't told anyone but dh yet. We will see how long we wait. Dh is not excited about the whole preg Jong so I think hat has kinda killed the excitement of telling anyone. I have a 7yo and 1yo and telling he 7yo brings endless questions about when baby will be here so I am avoiding that too. We will probably tell dd first so whenever we are ready for hat.
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Re: When did you share the news?

Well, we announced to close families as soon as we found out ~7wks or so. Though my parents soon announced it to everyone they know soon after... I waited till 12 wks to tell my boss/coworkers.
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Originally Posted by raymark
They don't necessarily mean as much if you did not do IVF, but they're still meaningful. IVFers are going to see a HB @ 6 weeks unless positioning is just really bad. Our dates down to the hour are known exactly. We know when conception occurred & have a smaller window for implantation. If someone else gets a 6 week transvaginal ultrasound it's considered a dating ultrasound & your provider will adjust your EDD based on the babies size. My EDD would not be changed, my RE would caution me that my baby is behind in growth, not claim my dates could be off by a few days. If anyone does a 6 & then a 8 week transvaginal ultrasound your provider would expect to view two weeks of growth. A baby that has slowed down & is a MC risk could be identified. Most potential MCs can be identified at 8 weeks or earlier. Last year I had a MC at 10 weeks that was identified at 6 weeks (low HR & small for size) & confirmed at 8 weeks (two weeks of growth did not occur & HR was too low). The risk of MC after an 8week us shows the appropriate growth and a strong HR is nearly as low as the risk after passing the 1st trimester mark. There is only a couple percentage difference.
Wow, great info!
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Re: When did you share the news?

This time we'll probably wait until second trimester. With our first we told close friends and family at six weeks and then had a miscarriage - I was glad for the support, so glad we told earlier. With our second we were going to wait, but then my in-laws needed some good news to balance out some bad news, so again we told at six weeks. That bean stuck, and I'm glad people knew about him early. This time... I'd like to wait, but hubs has a big mouth, so we'll start telling when he lets it slip at some point, which, knowing him will be six weeks earlier than I'm ready to tell.

Not much help, there. Point is, I think there's no real right or wrong time.
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Re: When did you share the news?

We planned to tell everyone after the 6 week ultrasound, but the baby's heart rate was really low and we were told all we could do was wait and see what happens. At the 10 week ultrasound, everything looked perfect, so we shared the news with family and friends!
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