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breastfeeding my 2 yr old, health concerns... Any suggestions?

First of all, I'm torn between weening or not. Wha'ts best for both of us.
The mother instinct wants to nurse til he's ready to stop....
The women in me wants my body back, not just for physical reasons, but also health reasons.

He is my 7th child (2 yrs old) and I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding (3 lil ones) for the last eight year. I did have a 9 month break from breastfeeding until I got pregnant with number seven.

I am a gluten free 99% vegan. I do have goat cheese when my milk production gets so low that it hurts when he nurses, which is about once a month. I am on a diet of a wide variety of fruits, chutes, roots, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans and rice. I'm somewhat of a health nut and always openminded to more information to better my health. I'm not a strict vegan, as I have had meat (organic chicken/bison) when I get pregnant. For some reason I crave it for about two months then it makes me sick.

I have lost multiple teeth during the 4th and 5th children nursing. I have always been anemic all my life and its getting worse. (not due to being vegan, I was a meat eater for the first 28 yrs of life) Still researching and it looks as if its a genetic problem. I have bruises all over myself. I have tried eating the aloe vera plant to heal the gut to be able to retain the iron that I ingest but still doesn't work.

I feel as if I am having the life literally sucked out of me. I am worried about his health. He is not a picky eater. He does eat a lot of healthy food. But he does want to nurse all day. He does drink out of a cup just fine too. His father and I both noticed some asperburgers signs also. Not sure if maybe his nursing habit is more like an OCD habit at this point.

His father, whom doesn't live with us, wants him to nurse till he is done. I tend to agree with him but now I'm wondering if its the best...

I want him to be able to nurse as ling as he wants but I am worried about what the best decision is for both of us....

Should I continue to nurse him or wean him?

Any suggestions?


Shana, single mom :stir: to 7 great kids! 21yr and 20yr : 17 yr, 15yr , and my 7yr old and 5yr old 2.5 year old
SAHM, breast-feeding, homeschooling.
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Re: breastfeeding my 2 yr old, health concerns... Any suggestions?

My opinion?
If he is healthy and eating well, then it's perfectly fine to wean a 2 year old. I would have no issue with weaning just because I'm feeling "done" at that point.
Add in your health concerns, and I'd be 100% certain that weaning is the right choice.

I know it's easier said than done. I weaned my DD at 2.5 because I was pregnant and just couldn't stand it anymore. I had spent the past 4 months wanting to scream and shove her off me every time she nursed. I have no idea why I let that go on so long.
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Re: breastfeeding my 2 yr old, health concerns... Any suggestions?

I don't know about weaning as honestly that is a very personal thing. I would however be concerned about your diet. It appears to be affecting your health as you say you have to add in milk once a month. That, to me at least, says you are missing out on some nutrition that changing your diet has obviously helped. Waiting until it causes an obvious issue before adding in what is needed isn't necessarily the best thing when you are already aware you are being seriously depleted.
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Re: breastfeeding my 2 yr old, health concerns... Any suggestions?

I guess Io feel torn as I am not quite there and not with the same situation.

I understand your wanting best for him yet wanting your body back as I am getting itchy for that but mine won't take anything but mommy, sometimes only thing that helps mine, and no amount of daddy time helps s we tried.

Yours seems ok on something other than mommy and you need to think about you as you ewre saying that you are anemic and things you might want to try an iron skillet I think thta has iorn in it for cooking eggs and things as a friend does this as well for that.... like I want to tell a guy I went to school with is this " you aren't any good to your son if you aren't around.(as well as other things)" So maybe it is good that you change and wean. Get him on a regime for something else as you said that if he has what you think it will be harder to wait to change.
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