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Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public


I'm a 38G now that my milk is in, and I bought myself an awesome nursing bra that is supportive and soft! The problem is that it is SO hard to pull the cups down to nurse! I'm a fumbling fool with the clips and with trying to yank open the cups to get the boob out...not discreet at all! Not sure if this has anything to do with being large-busted or not.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if I'd be better off to forgo the support of a great bra and just get some stretchy, uniboob producing nursing tanks just for ease of access. I'm not jazzed about going out in public without a good bra on, but I'm less jazzed about struggling to get the boob out of the bra when trying to nurse in public places (I have a 3.5 year-old, in addition to a newborn, so we have to go places, and can't just nurse at home all the time). I'd also love to nurse my newborn my Beco carrier, if I can learn to do it, but again, struggling to get the boob out of the bra (and subsequently, back in) makes nursing in the carrier completely impossible.

Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!


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Re: Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public

So, I'm large breasted as well (34G/GG), and I've never really been into shelf bra tanks. I have 2 good nursing bras (this isn't counting sleep bras) -- This one which has molded cups and is more supportive, and this one which is a soft cup. I wear them with tanks like this: except I make them without fray check.

Anyway, I've found that with the structured bra it's a two handed job, I have to fold it down and it's just not going to happen when nursing in public (not without a place to put my baby down, at any rate). With the soft cup bra it's waaay easier, though there isn't as much definition with that one. You'll get used to the clips eventually, it just takes practice. As far as nursing in an SSC, I still don't have that down, so I have no tips to offer. Might want to ask in the babywearing subforum. Anyway, I'd recommend going to a good lingerie shop to try some different bras on (or if you have the cash, buy some on Amazon and return them if they don't fit) as well as trying on some shelf bra tanks and seeing what you prefer.
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Re: Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public

I'm large chested too, and I feel your pain. I was down to a 32-34C/D pre-preg this time after losing a lot of weight, but at 24wks I'm back up to a 34D/DD. I expect to creep back up to at least 34F/G after my milk comes in and in the past have been 36H/I early pp and 34G most of my nursing time. I have yet to find a nursing tank that I feel supported/covered enough in to wear out in public, but I admit I hate uniboob and sagging, drooping boobs. I like lift and good support for going out in public, and really even for around the house I can only take so much of a soft cup that lets things sag. It starts hurting my back after awhile if I don't have good lift, although I do have some comfy soft cups for sleeping and wearing late at night/early morning.

For supportive nursing bras I like the Anita 5068 and 5035(like the 5068 the best).
They're both underwire but very comfy and super easy to undo "and" redo the cups one handed. They give all day comfort and support. The only downside is that the cup fabric is thin and doesn't have as much nipple coverage as a padded bra would. The trade off is that they're very easy to use one handed and without causing a scene. The ease of use and great support are worth it to me, and I either steer away from super sheer, tight fitting shirts or I add thin nursing pads(like Lilypadz) for extra coverage if needed. I also like wearing Undercover Mama tanks, basically exactly like the DIY version pp linked to... which is brilliant btw! I think I'll try making my own this time too to save $!! Anyway, a tank like that gives a little extra coverage over the nipple area too and keeps the belly covered as well but allows you to have good support with your own bra.:-)

I also like the Bravado Allure pretty well. It has good all day lift, but isn't as comfy as the Anita 5068. The cups are sort of padded, though, and give a nice shape and work well with more thin type shirts. I find the cups a little bit harder to fold out of the way, but not bad at all, not like some thickly padded bras I've tried.

Also, for a softcup that is pretty supportive the Bravado Bliss is good too, and it's reasonably comfy, simliar to the Allure for me. The cups are very easy to undo, but a little difficult to redo one handed, just because they sit higher on my shoulder if I have the straps cinched up where they need to be and can be hard but not impossible to reach one handed.
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Re: Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public

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Re: Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public

I ended up as a 40K, and NO ONE makes nursing tanks to fit me I've had reasonable luck with Bravado's curvealicious tank in a 44-whatever the biggest cup size is, and that's what I wear out of the house most often. I have a couple of Kris Line nursing bras I got from Zulily; no way am I going back to work in wireless bras. I love them - they are easily the best fitting bras I've ever owned... but then there's the dilemma of how to hide the midsection. I was all set to make tanks like the pps mentioned out of camis I had bought at Lane Bryant when I discovered that the necklines are stretchy enough I can pull them down under the boob.

I do struggle with fishing the boob out of the cup, though. I have to lift the whole thing out to free the nipple, and I'm sure it's a sight I've been NIP anyway, though... I try to catch baby before she starts screaming so at least I'm not in a rush. I find it helps minimize the amount of fumbling if I'm not hurried. And if someone happens to get an eyeful? I really don't care. I'm over caring what other people think about NIP.

As for the carrier, I've only been able to nurse once so far in either the ring sling or a woven wrap. I'm hoping to try out the Ergo once we no longer need the infant insert, but I worry that my anatomy won't allow for it. I feel your pain!!

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Re: Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public

I wear a 36K. NONE of the commercial companies make anything that might fit me and provide a modicum of support. Decent Exposures make incredibly supportive, comfortable and custom bras. They're expensive, but I'm still wearing the same bras I bought TWELVE YEARS ago!!!!! They're showing some wear, but are still going strong. They're nursing bras, but I wore them even when I wasn't nursing just because they fit and are comfortable, so these have been worn full time those entire 12 years. I chose the dri-release fabric and it's very durable.

Big boobs are harder to get in and out discreetly. I've nursed a lot of babies and I still need 2 hands to put the nursing pad back and pull up my bra. If I try to do it one handed quickly, I end up flopping my breast upwards and flashing anyone in the vicinity.

I've had good luck nursing in a ring sling.

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Re: Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public

I'm a large busted woman, I bought two Bravado body silk seamless nursing bras & they work great. Also bought a Glamourmom full bust nursing, love, love it! Both are easy to undo & do up one handed I was hesitant about the tank due to price, but it turned out to be a great investment...would highly recommend!!
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Re: Large chested mamas: nursing bras or tanks? Logistics of nursing in public

I found stretchy bras to be the easiest to nurse in. Pull them down and then pull them up again. No fumbling with so very not 1 handed clips. They also accommodate changing sizes much better. Stretch to fit overly full breasts. Back down when they are empty.
I need tanks for covering the tummy but since my son is now 3 years old I rarely nurse in public anymore.
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