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recurring cold

My 5 year old son has literally been sick with a cold every month, since February. He has always been our healthiest child - hardly ever got sick, wouldn't get sick if someone else in the house was ill, eats really well and sleeps well. He maybe had 2 ear infections prior to this year. So starting in February, he's been sick with a cold (congestion, runny nose & coughing) that led to an ear infection. He was referred to an ENT. Saw him in June & he wants to monitor for 3 months then see him in October to discuss the necessity of tubes. He was sick with a cold last month but never complained of an earache. He woke up Sunday morning with cold symptoms and still feels horrible. To top it off, he's now running a fever. He just started Kindergarten last Wednesday and nothing has changed since February. I called his Pedi today because I'm frustrated and don't understand why this is happening at his age. Her message was relayed through her nurse - basically that she's assuming "he's having a rough year" and she's assuming the symptoms are cold and/or allergy related. She wants him to take Claritin & Nasacort every day for 4-6 weeks to see if it helps. GGggrrrr!!! This is a kid that's never even been allergy tested. I don't understand why I would treat him for something based on assumption. Oh, and she said she's "okay" with referring him to an allergist but that I need to be aware that based on results, they may recommend allergy shots. Again, totally don't get that one... my daughter sees an allergist and he has only recommended Claritin & Veramyst when her allergies are bothering her. I'm so frustrated!! Any thoughts or suggestions? My hubby and I have been considering finding a new doctor and I think this has pushed me over the edge. But in the meantime, I don't know what to do for my son. And I feel like this is just not normal given his age. It just seems like something else is going on.


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Re: recurring cold

Go to the allergist. It does depend on the results and age as to whether or not they recommend allergy shots. The allergist too might have his own guidelines for shots. It really does sound like allergies. For someone like me who needs year round meds allergy shots are a great option. For someone who only has a a week here or there that they need meds allergy shots are overkill. Being that he has been sick so long if occasional meds aren't helpful the doc might suggest shots (or drops if he's a progressive allergist). The nurse probably recommended the clartin because most people want a quick fix and don't want to go to an allergist or any specialist unless they absolutely have too. Heck, most people take OTC allergy drugs don't even know what they are allergic too. Honestly if he is miserable and keeps getting sick I would try it to see if it helps. Its not that bad of a medicine. I understand not wanting to give unneeded meds, but nothing else is helping. You do have to stop them 2 weeks before allergy testing though so keep that in mind. Personally I can't stand claritin. It makes me very irritable so I don't give it to my kids. My dd however does have prescription singulair and flonase(as do I- these are my year round meds). Our allergist recommended we think about shots/drops. DD doesn't have a ton of enviro allergies (she has a few food allergies as well) but the enviro allergens she is exposed to daily. She also snores horribly and is a mouth breather. Since she needs daily meds to be "normal" the shots/drops are recommended. I only add claritin during bad times as needed.
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Re: recurring cold

If my kids allergies get ahead of me they turn into colds also. We have been using the "a;;ergy trio" with a lot of success. It is a combination of lavender, lemon and peppermint essential oils. We carry a roller ball of it everywhere.
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My dd has had quite a bit of colds this year also one lasted over a month. Dr tested for many things & there's no good reason she's been getting them just germs. She does go to the little gym on Fridays so if anyone else is sick they normally all end up with it & that's what happened this last time cause I seen one of the kids wiping their snot all over everything. So I get how you feel I'm always like not again. I just try to keep her hands washed but seems no matter how clean or careful I am she's still getting them. Good luck mama!
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Re: recurring cold

A few years ago, we had 15 colds/upper respiratory infections in 9 months. Every one would last 7-10 days, then we would have a few days of good health, then contract a new one. No rhyme or reason that we could discern. I did finally take the kids to the doctor once (we don't normally go to a doctor for something that minor) and she couldn't find anything wrong. The colds finally went away on their own. It was frustrating.
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Re: recurring cold

When my son had prolonged fluid in his ears Claritin was one of the first things we tried since it is far less invasive then subjecting them to unnecessary testing and ear tubes. Not sure if the Claritin worked or if it was the new generation antibiotic my son's immunologist (ds has an immune deficiency) put him on but the tubes were avoided and the ear pain came to an end. We tried both at the same time so no way to tell which medication resolved the fluid.

I deal with medical management extensively due to my son's multiple medical conditions and I always try to cut out unnecessary specialists and testing when I can because that stuff stresses children out (and me as well).
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