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Re: sex and nursing!

with DS no interest whatsoever until weaned. DD on the other hand... very interested. I was wondering too if it had to do with the births, w/ DS vaginal with major episotomy, stiches the whole 9 yards. DD, non-emergency c-section, (breech ) so my sitting region didn't hurt... just a thought.


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Re: sex and nursing!

Originally Posted by ommelissa View Post
i'm so glad someone brought this up! i am 7 months PP, and i still have zero desire and my body just DOES NOT respond to DH. it totally feels like a job to both of us! anybody have any other suggestions?
BTW, two weeks PP? aren't you still sore?
not until my af came back was i interested ... those hormones really play a huge role. another tmi from me if your dh is up for it i found that sometimes if dh spent sometime uh exploring - caressing (wow can i write this here?) then i would be a lot more interested.

i know that its hard as a wife not to feel into your dh. i hth a little
p.s, w/ the first i was sore for at least 4-5 months pp, but luckily w/ the second after about 4 wks i wasnt sore. strange
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Re: sex and nursing!

Keep in mind that breastfeeding kind of dulls those hormones naturally. It can cause dryness and keep the blood from flowing where it needs to be...know what I mean?

2 wks is a little early to have too high expectations. My dh does not mind the boobage AT ALL...he thinks its neat and tastes good ('No wonder that baby loves these!') far as leaking, I try to nurse or pump immeidately before bed 'just in case' cause a let down in bed is kind of messy if you aren't prepared. I definintely 2nd the sexy bra doesn't even have to be a nursing bra (I can't imagine you'd want to sleep in something high maintenance anyway so you'll probably change it during 'clean up') but there is a certain sexiness to a nusing bra when the cups come down...just give it some time and be grateful that you are well enough down there to even be thinking of this stuff already - dh had to wait 5 months for 'full action' with our first and the whole 6 wks with our 2nd...
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DS WAHM thread

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Re: sex and nursing!

I'm having a tough time with this too. If I never had sex again, I'd be just fine, but DH would keel over or explode !!

We recently bought the book "Babyproofing You Marriage" and there's a whole chapter about sex.
It's quite a 'mainstream' book, but you can take or leave the information/advice they dish out.
One of the things they suggest is to schedule time for sex. Put aside one day(or more) a week that is just for you and DH and try to stick to that schedule. It works for us b/c even though I'm never in the mood, I know what to expect and I don't have to feel tense throughout the week when I think he's about to advance on me...(He would snuggle up to me and I would snuggle back thinking how romantic, then, BAM! 'let's get naked?'... NOOO! The book has made me realize that it hurts him to get rejected, but it's also taught him snuggling does not = sex!

Scheduling doesn't work for everyone.

Sex doesn't have to be restricted to the bedroom either. People wonder how we have a sex life if our kids are in bed with us We have sex elsewhere...problem solved.

P.S. my boobs are off limits
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Re: sex and nursing!

I am 6 weeks pp and my stiches are noy completely healed, I could not imagine it yet. At 2 weeks I had 0 desire, so you are a brave women, dh has been rearing to go since we got home He won't stay away from the boobage either and my let down is super sensitive, anything sets it off.
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Re: sex and nursing!

At 2 weeks postpartum I had no interest in sex at all. Just be patient. You need time to adjust to everything...including sex again. I know that my DH was not allowed anywhere near me until after my 6 week appointment and he is still not allowed near the boobage. If he touches them I might let down, then I'd really be not in the mood.
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Re: sex and nursing!

I was terrified to have sex after having my first son- and didn't even attempt it until DS was close to 4 months old (my poor dh...). Boobs were off limits to him after DS- and they still are....DS is 19.5 months old. I'm also preggo with #2 and the boob area is just too sensitive for me...
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Re: sex and nursing!

Well I'm no help. We've had sex once in the last 5 months. I'm embarrassed to even admit that. I wish I wanted it more. My poor dh is prob going insane. No wonder he takes a shower every night .
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Re: sex and nursing!

Gesh at 2 weeks I was no way wanting anything to do with sex,, OUCH!!! We are 6m pp and still not really active like we used to be... Could be hormones, tiredness, late nights, early mornings.. LOL.. Long days!! Alot of things.. As for my boobs... Here is my DH response to them.

" I am renting them to my son right now, he will pay back when he gets older" or " I am keeping tabs on how much he gets them, he will be working it off later in life with yard work"

So yes, Dh understands no boobies for him right now they are his sons!!
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Re: sex and nursing!

Im 3 months pp and have absolutely NO sex drive whatsoever. The other night though, I actually did enjoy it and I think it had a lot to do with the amount of foreplay beforehand ( But ever since having kids, DH is not allowed near the nips..It TOTALLY bugs me when he touches them.
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