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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

There is a mama here, her username is birthfree. I know her from another board as I don't think she posts that frequently here. Please PM her, I know her son had lots of tummy issues, blood in the stool, and they've seen lots of specialists. I think she did figure it out. Please PM her for advice!


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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

I also agree that bfing is NEVER A selfish thing, especially if you're doing all you can to take out things a baby is allergic to. Many women just fall to quickly for formula, sure it's okay but it's not even in the same league as bm.

BTW: Bfing isn't only a nutrition thing but it is also great for babies with asthma, Fighting colds, stomach bugs, diarreah and many other things. I think we should do WHATEVER we can to help a baby get bm and then go to formula. NOT just give up.

** As a note I in NO way think that's what the op is doing or she wouldn't be asking. She's done a great job trying to get her baby the best milk!! WTG for her. I hope you get more help and maybe more support for bfing!!
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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

My Dr. does eastern and western medicine and she said you do accupunture on babies for the food allergies/sensitivies. They don't use the needles, just their hand on the pressure points. I hope you find relief for your little one soon.
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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

Originally Posted by tinyblackdot View Post
they said , like my PCP, that she has a milk and soy allergy. OK well i have cut out milk and soy and eggs out of my diet for about a month and a half now. The Dr. said that i must be getting it somewhere, so she gave me a list and told me to follow it very closely! the Dr want me to supplement w/ formula no matter what, which i have no problem with.
Doesn't formula have milk in it? I'm not very formula savvy...

Is the specialist an allergist? I would push to see an allergist too. Also talk to the LLL or visit, you never know, there may be another mum out there with a similar experience...
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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

i would keep breastfeeding and demand more test .my sisters baby did that and they said that something had irritated the lining of her stomach.
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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

my second son was this way, he was seriously allergic to most items. Milk caused him to code in the hospital at less than 24 hours old. (who ever heard of a 9lb 14oz healthy newborn coding? ugh) but anyway, He was very colicy and I did nurse im for about 3 months until we switched and tried every formula on the market, I forget what the last resort was, but it was 65.00 a can from the pharmacy. NOT worth it, not much changed, so we went to Nutramigen/Alimentum after a few months, but he was on formula until he was 3.5 yrs old (mainly because WIC doesn't cover soy milk but does cover soy formula @@) However, what I want to say is this:
Had I known that nothing would change him but age and watching certain food groups, even though he wouldn't feel totally better, I would have continued nursing him. The nursing has many many benefits that bottles cannot give, for instance: Hayden had tubes placed in his ears at 17months because he had constant ear infections as well, this would not have been the case had his ear canal been shaped by the sucking from nursing. Babies that nurse have to suck a bit differently to get food and therefore their ear canals are more sloped and it helps with the draining when they get nasal congestion and other stuffy illnesses. Had I known that alone I would have continued.
WHen he was 8mo old I tried to relactate, pumped for 20 minutes 2xs an hour even overnight, bought the SNS to feed him his formula while he nursed (he wouldn't do it by that age however) and it ended up not working.

**One thing I do remember about the blood in the stools/ reflux it could be the "latch" that the baby has, this is because my 3rd son had this problem. He was actually breaking the skin on my nipples, although I couldn't see it, was nursing quite often and was often vomiting as well as having a bit of blood in his stools. I went to a lactation consultant more over the constant nursing than anything, but she explained that the latching on he was doing, although correct by textbook terms was incorrect for him, I don't remember exactly HOW, but the slight tears in the tender breast tissue was causing him to swallow blood, which in some cases would make him vomit and other times, like carrots or corn would come out the other end the way it went in. If your nipples are at all sore, the culprit to the blood is that it could be your blood.

Good Luck, its not an easy decision, but you will do what is right for you and your family. HUGS!!!
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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

I just wanted to tell you your situation sounds ALOT like my dd now 20 months. If your baby is that sensitive its not the milk but the protien "whey" and "casin" its found natually in all milk products, and in all animal milk products as well. My dd had blood in her stool, and nasty rash, screaming bloodly murder all day wasnt fun! I pretty much took EVERYTHING out of my diet still couldnt help her. Tried all kinds of formula nutramigen BTW DOES have milk protein in it and symtpoms usually take 3 weeks to show up. And guess what the 3rd week ALL dd's symtpoms came back. She was on a RX formula called Neocate from 2 months until about 15 months, now she is drinking almond milk at almost 20 months. If you have any quesions feel free to PM me Her soy allergy has passed so thats good but she HATES soy milk! LOL (HECK I dont blame her!)

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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

Originally Posted by skylernzoe View Post
You could always try formula, but pump just in case it's not a breast milk issue....
This is what I was going to suggest. Give him formula for a week and pump each time he gets a bottle (or cup) and see if it helps the poop! I do know that milk and soy are in everything!
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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

I don't have much advice, but wanted to offer (((((HUGS)))))

I don't understand though...if she's allergic to dairy AND soy, then what kind of formula can they put her on? Aren't formulas either dairy or soy based?

Originally Posted by alasich View Post
I'm guessing she does not spit up? She could have silent reflux. The blood could be from damage (temporary) to her espohagus. Could you try putting her on Zantac? Her esophagus could heal and maybe the bloody stools would go away.

My dd was on Zantac for a while but she outgrew the max dosage and switched to Prevacid. She was on that until I discovered probiotics, like a PP said. I highly recommend them! Good luck.

Ditto this post! My DS was a reflux baby too and had to be on two different meds for it (Zantac and Reglan). It's worth looking in to as reflux is way more common than people realize.
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Re: I think i am going to stop BF!

I didnt read all of the replies, but here are my thoughts. I have 4 kids, the oldest just turned 5y old. He basically cried every waking moment for well over 4 months. It was so horrible and sad. The doctor said it was colic and reflux, but offered no meds and as a young first time mom, I didnt know to ask. He outgrew it around 5m but was always high needs. I only nursed him for 6m,.

Then I had twin girls and they had classic colic - cried every night for 4 hrs. ONe was a fuss pot all day and both were treated for reflux. It didnt really get better for quite some time. I nursed one baby and pumped for the other for about a year each. They also got some formula.

Then I had my 4th baby - another boy. Right away we realized he had reflux and I was not willing to go through that again. I insisted one meds when he was 2 weeks old. He was a majorly fussy baby. When he was 2m old, on the advice of LLL (I exclsuivley breastfeed him) they told me to cut ALL dairy from my diet. I ddi this and about 2.5w later he was a new baby. It needs to be ALL dairy - you need to read all packaging as dairy really does hide. Then at 4, he had blood in his stool and I had to cut out all soy.

He is still a high needs baby but SO much easier than my other kids. We are still nursing and I was successfuly able to reintroduce dairy into my diet at 11m and into his diet when he was 14m. He does not drink milk, but he eats cheese and yogurt and such.

anyway it is worth a try. If I had gone to formule, my DS would be on the most expensive kind and who knows if it would have worked. I am so glad I stuck with it.
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