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Has anyone ever been told...

To stop nursing a newborn that was jaundice? My sister's friend and his girlfriend(both 17) just has a baby and apparantly their doctor told them to stop nursing because the baby was jaundice and apparantly the only way to make this go away is to stop nursing. They listenind to the doc and gave the baby formula for a few days. The jaundice has clearned up but now the baby has no interest in nursing. They tried putting some sugar water on her nipple to tempt the baby back to nursing but it didnt work. I persoanlly am surpried to hear a doctor would suggest this. Both of my babies were a little jaundice at birth and no one ever told me to stop nursing. Anyone have any ideas I could pass along so they can try to get the baby back into nursing? Any ideas are appreciated.


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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

that's sad - but I know relatively common to be told that... It's too bad. I reaaaallllyyyy wish peds were on the ball these days
As with most nursing "problems" the best advice is always nurse, nurse, nurse.

Hope something I post proves helpful

ETA this quote (which comes from this page)

Jaundice- It is important to remind the mother that jaundice is usually a normal consequence of birth and that, in most cases, it is unnecessary to supplement the baby's frequent feedings from the breast. If she has been told to supplement by her physician, encourage her to supplement her baby with additional breast milk she has expressed or a non-human commercial substitute. Neither plain water nor glucose water is an appropriate supplement when the goal is to increase the baby's stooling, which will in turn decrease his level of serum bilirubin (Martinez et al 1993; Gartner 1994; Catz et al 1995).
emphasis mine

Here's another page that had the following to say:

Colostrum has a laxative effect on the baby, helping him pass his early stools, which aids in the excretion of excess bilirubin and helps prevent jaundice.

There's TONS more out there but I'll refrain from posting it all

As for gettin baby back on the breast, can she call her local LLL or IBCLC (links in my siggy) That would be her best bet... but in the meantime heres a few links:

"Help - baby won't nurse"
Getting baby back on the breast

Good luck to her (and thanks to those around her for caring enough to find answers for her )
Find your local LLL or IBCLC
"In the end, only kindess matters" Jewel

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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

hmm thats weird. I know with ariana she was pretty jaundiced and i was never told to stop breastfeeding only to put ariana in indirect sunlight as much as possible
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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

I was told with my DD to supplement her with formula by the baby nurses in the hospital. I was not comfortable doing that, so I called an LC and she told me it was ok to keep nursing without supplementation, and within a week, Cassie was jaundice free.
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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

It is outdated info. I'm sorry stupid doctors with bad advice ruined their breastfeeding.
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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

AARRGGG! This has become one of my pet peeves!!!! Ped's believe this rubish because formulas flushes out the liver faster than bm does. FASTER is the keyword...not BETTER. Bm will do the same as formula just given enough time. Indirect sunlight combined with mama's milk will do wonders.
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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

DD was jaundice when she was born, in the hospital they put a light in the room for it, but we spendt most the time by the window and good ol mr sunshine cleared it up.

I don't know if it has been suggested, but she needs to offer the breast and will probably need a nipple gaurd to get her baby to nurse again, then once the nursing relationship is restored they can start weaning from the nipple shield. The nipple shield will help because it will feel like an artifical nipple and at least get baby to latch. It is also helpful if she expresses a bit of BM into the nipple shield so that when baby does latch they get the same immediate gratification at the breast that it has become used to from the bottle
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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

DD had jaundice and they just told us to nurse often. The more she nursed the faster the jaundice would go away.
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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

I wasn't told to stop nursing per se- I had to pump and give it to my son. This was because he had lost so much weight becuase the jaundice makes them so sleepy, and they don't want to eat. So they really needed to measure his intake.

So he wasn't "nursing" but he was getting breastmilk.

And my son had severe jaundice- wanted to do an exchange transfusion and all, but we asked to wait 24 hrs, and his levels went down, so we avoided that, but were in the hospital almost 3 weeks because of it!
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Re: Has anyone ever been told...

ugh doctors... jaundice really is not a big deal, even when the billirubin levels are high, breastmilk and sunlight are the best cures. it is VERY RARE for jaundice to cause a problem. so doctors and nurses who try and make parents panic over it make me mad!!
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