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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

Originally Posted by monkeydoodymom View Post
I WISH that my baby would take a paci. My first 2 used them and it was a wonderful calming tool and they both weaned from them very easily. New baby DS wants nothing but the boob. Every couple days I try to give him a binky and he gags on it and acts very offended. I've honestly tried since birth to get him to take one but he is a die hard boob man. *Sigh* well, maybe AF will stay away because he nurses every 45 mins.
Have you tried different kinds? I suppose a lot of people are glad their children don't get attatched but maybe its just the one being offered he doesn't like, or perhaps try putting breastmilk on it and see if he'll take it when its "flavored"..


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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

I HATE pacifiers. I really do. But yet, my 3 month old has one. She just LOVES to suck. She can't get enough!! She would literally nurse for hours upon hours if I would let her, because she just loves to suck so much. If you really think your little one needs a pacifier, I can't see how it'll hurt any!!
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

I used a pacifier ; you just gotta watch for hunger signs. If I didn't use one he would never be off the boob!
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

Neither of my boys took them - they just didn't like them for some reason.

But a couple of weeks ago at my wic appointment, they said that it is now RECOMMENDED to let baby fall asleep with a paci because it decreases the instances of SIDS. *shrug*

We got some for a baby shower, so we'll try them but not force them and see how it goes.

Phooey on conflicting advice
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

yeah i would say that during the day, carrying the babe in the sling worked best for us... but with a paci! we do that for my son when he's unsettled and won't decide whether to eat or sleep... I just let him nurse a bit, then when he pulls off and fusses, i pop in the bink... then walk around a bit doing my daily routine while he watches from the sling... then he usually nurses himself off to sleep at that point. and if not, he enjoys the ride with his binkie! that way we don't worry that he's not getting enough, and he can pacify himself for a bit on his own while i have freedom of movement. also if ur looking for an easier sling to get on and off, i'd suggest a pocket sling. they are the best for short stays around the house. i wouldnt go hiking or anything, since they're not as comfy and padded as the regular slings or as ergonomic as moby wraps, but still they're soooo easy for the babe who wants to play, then wants to nap, then roll around, then be carried... and for nighttime, i definitely used a paci. wheeeeew mine would've never slept without it! good luck, and don't worry about the paci! just continue to offer the breast and you'll do fine.
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

My dd needed a paci, loved it and took in bed and in the car until she was 2 years old. At two we decided she needed to start giving it up so we first weaned it during the car, and then naps, and finally bedtime. Was an easy process because she understood it at that age. She is the smart, cautious type.

My first ds never needed it or wanted it. We tried a couple times but he never wanted so we gave up. He is very outgoing and gets into everything.

My newest ds (4 months now) is so calm and sweet and sleeps so easily I've never been tempted to try one. We bought some new ones before he was born, but we've been blessed with a very easy third child.

To make a long story short (too late for that), each kid is different. If your little one needs it, give it to him. He will only be comforted and what is the harm in that.
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

Before my son was born I swore he wouldn't get a pacifier. I hate the idea of them. However, he loves to suck - and he HATES pacifiers. He doesn't like them at all. He looks at me like I'm crazy, gags, and spits them at me. So he doesn't take one but it hasn't been for lack of trying. We bought five or six brands. I pretty much nurse all day long.
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

i gave ds the paci only a handful of times before about 3-5 weeks or so. Really for other's benefit, not his (like when getting his pic's professionally taken). But there were a few nights I needed to give it to him. I recommend starting out slow with it, and watching for nipple confusion. Joel had it a little bit, so we had to ease up on the paci for a while, but he still liked it.

Now I still don't mind he uses it, but it gets pretty annoying at night when it comes out of his mouth and he still hasn't figured out how to get it back in...or he pulls it out then cries.
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

i didn't binky charlie when he nursed and ended up giving up nursing at 3 months, then binky-ing him...i think if i wouldve binkied in the begining i would've kept just seemed like all he wanted to do was suck.

max i binkied immediately and once we found a binky that he liked he was hooked and it never effected bf'ing...he still has it...almost 2 years later

E's had a binky from when we got home from hosp too and it hasn't done any damage to bf'ing either.

my boys seem to just like to i let them and my boobs get a break!
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Re: pacifiers--what do you think?

we avoided a pacifier for the first week or so and then let DS try it. He never really liked it and would suck for a couple minutes and spit it out. He is 4 months now and doesn't take one at all. I think it's your choice and prob won't hurt.
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