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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

BTW, the diaper sprayer may be seen as unnecessary by some, but i have a baby with crazy allergy poos, and that thing is a god-send.


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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

for 2 kids (in seperate sizes) i spent about $75 to get started.....i ended up spending an overall of about $150-200 other than the start up for the both of them for the rest of the time they were in dipes and that includes a diaper sprayer. my total amount im out' from diapering both of them is maybe $50 after selling off most of the dipesthe new baby ive sent about $75 on, i have a full stash of nb/sms just about, will need a few more meds and some larges, i don't suppose ill spend more than $100 more though for the rest of the time im diapering babe unless i splurge
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

When I first started CDing I bought a bunch of NB and Small Bummis SWW and a bunch of newborn and infant prefolds, some stay-dry doublers, a small wetbag, pins, and snappis. That all ran me about $200. Since then I have spent a lot more but much of that money came from selling stuff around the house on eBay. If you count my sewing/knitting stuff I'm sure it is more than sposies but that doesn't bother me b/c that is a hobby for me.
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

i spent about 132- and I basically do laundry daily
18 CPF
4 Imse Vimse Covers
1 hemp doubler
I still use disposables for nighttime...not sure what to do...wool? AO1? Need something cheap and with multiple uses...leaning towards wool....
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

I started out with 12 L FB brand new, 5 Kushies AIOs brand new, Kushies doublers and 12 Magic Alls brand new. I think with everything shipped it cost about $350.

I have changed my stash quit a bit, especially since 1 of the children I bought dipes for is now PL and the only things we have from our original stash are the Kushies, and the Kushies doublers.

I have spent a few hundreds since then, but my first purchases to get cloth diapering started were the $350 batch.
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

I started with a $40 stash of Dappi contours and three dappi covers. They worked okay. Then I did a trade with a local mom for some CPF (I did some sewing for her). NOw, even with buying new and used dipes for a four day supply, I don't think I've spent over $350.
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

I spent under $100, and that includes pul, hemp and other materials to make diapers (I haven't actually done that yet ).

I bought mostly used ATD fitteds and Kushies, and I scored a couple of really good pockets and AIOs that were FFS because they needed new elastic. I also got some wool sweaters for 50 cents (end of the season sales) and made my own recycled longies and shorties. I bought a used pail liner and just use a 5-gallon bucket from Home Depot as a diaper pail. No mini shower here! I also made my own wipes from flannel I already had.

Aside from the sewing materials, I'd say I spent around $50 on diapers. I have enough to go 3 days or so.
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

When i first started CDing my dd i bought 2 doz pfs from think it was maybe $36 with shipping? Then i bought all used covers from ebay...i think i had 5 maybe and i bought a few used fitteds from ebay as well and a wetbag for when we were out. I think my total was around $85 for all of it including the pfs. I didn't have any pockets or any AIOs. A couple of my fitteds i had did well for nights with my regular pul covers. My only problem was i didn't know about a snappi and wasn't brave enough to try pins. My dd was super duper skinny and the pfs were WAY bulky trifolding the way i was. I think if i had tried folding and knew of a snappi i would have lasted longer CDing. But i gave up after only a couple months and sold it all but the prefolds.

A few months later i decided i was gonna try again and i searched online for a long time deciding what to get. I ended up with a big order from cottonbabies which was 3 prorap covers, 3 bsww covers, 2 snappis 3 BG OS for nights and a 6pack of FBs for on the go. I also bought some WAHM wipes from ebay and another wetbag. I'm not sure the exact total but i'm pretty sure it was under $300. NOW if only i had just stuck with all that i would have actually saved money!! But i discovered DS soon after that I've changed my stash around sooo many times its crazy the money i've lost on stuff! My dh would freak if he actually knew how much money i've wasted!

But at least now i know what i like so hopefully if there is another baby i won't make the same mistakes!
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

Alright, I'm not going to let you think you are the most wasteful person here. I started buying diapers as soon as I found out I was pregnant, so I was able to spread out the cost over, oh, seven months. And then once she was born, I realized what I liked and what I didn't, so I bought a bunch more of the things I liked. I did the math a couple months after she was born and I'd already spent around $800. Of course, I bought a really expensive stainless garbage pail for the diaper pail, I had some wool, and tons of prefolds in two sizes, plus lots of fitteds, two pail liners and a wet bag.

Unless you suddenly start collecting wool or Fuzzi Fannies or something, that initial $500 will last you a very long time.
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Re: Poll: Cost of getting started

I got 36 infant and 36 premium prefolds on ebay and 3 bsww and 3 iv day covers from an internet store.
I spent 127 dollars. my mom got me a diaper sprayer and a friend gave me 6 fuzzi bunz.
I am just getting some fitteds and larger wraps, but I have only spent 220 so far!
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