View Poll Results: How old is too old for practicing family bath/showers
I don't believe in family showers/baths ever 5 7.14%
family showers/baths are fine as long as everyone is the same sex 13 18.57%
1-2 11 15.71%
3-4 14 20.00%
4-5 19 27.14%
6-7 18 25.71%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 70. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

Your ages don't go up very high! Here we see naked children up to 9 and 10 often throughout the warm weather (and adults sometimes, too) wherever there is a fountain, river, waterpark, sand, or any other type thing . I always cringe when I see kids sitting in sand naked, that can't be comfortable! But it is very normal around these parts.

DS at 7 began being modest, he is a little shy in his personality to begin with so assumed it was coming. So he then no longer wanted to bathe with his sister. He still wants me to check his hair when he's done, and wrap him in a towel But then he'll wait for me to leave and close the door for him to dress, lol. It's too cute. I am naked in front of him, like when I get out of the shower and such and getting dressed. He averts his eyes. I told him if he is uncomfortable seeing others naked he can leave the room while we dress or something.
DD, at 6, is finally understanding that she cannot answer the door naked with me, lol. She completely does not care who sees her, and now that we live on the first floor in a pretty high-traffic area, I've been working on getting her to remember to not be naked when the curtains are open . She hasn't asked to shower with me in a long time, but I wouldn't have any problem with it, if our shower was a little bigger (tiny stall shower)... I barely fit in there as it is!
DH walks around naked in front of the kids, too, or doesn't close the bathroom door to pee and such. His parents were like that, and still are, and he finds it really weird that I shut the bathroom door to pee, lol. He has showerd with DD as well (DS has never liked showers), but it has been a couple years, but again, if our shower was bigger and she asked, nobody would have a problem with it.
Kids naturally become modest at some point, I believe, and where that point is depends on the child. I think it is fine until the child decides they want their privacy.


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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

Originally Posted by Green~Mammy View Post
OMG your poor DH but it made me chickle We feel the same way we want our kids to be comfortable in their skin, my DS has asked about my body and I just answer his questions no big deal. He is always shedding his clothes as soon as we are home or our visitors leave i will here "Mommy can I take my shorts off!" and then later he will be down to just underpants. The baby roams naked in the mornings to air out.

Children are at their most primitive when they are this young and while My DH and I have to teach them how to function correctly in society I LOVE that they are so carefree too.
I'm guessing this is age! I see your son was born in 02 as was mine and he does the SAME thing. THE INSTANT we walk through the door, his shoes and pants come off!! I usually let him run around in his underwear and get him dressed as needed for going out or having visitors!

It's hilarious bc my own friend...she'll come over and the whole time Adam's whining "mommy?!?! can I PLEASE take off my pants? I think <friends name> doesn't care!! PLEASE!?!?!"

The baby goes in just a dipe bc if he gets to warm his eczema flares up

We're pretty much openly naked here- well to an extend. I have a curious boy and *I* am not ready to explain my girl parts to him. I mean he sees my boobs all the time bc I'm BFing his brother ya know? So if I have to change my shirt, I just do so. I don't try to hide bc he's seen them quite a bit over the last 9 months BUT the lower half of that's a different story.

I'm afraid he'd ask "what's this?" and actually poke me to show what hes talking about. IDK if he actually would but that's what I'm afraid of.

Now, if the child isn't as curious as him, then I don't see a problem. I was bathing with DS #2 but I got tired of having to have DBF come take him from the bath so that I could wash myself. When he can stand by himself, I have no problem putting him in the shower with me until someone becomes uncomfortable.

DBF was bathing with DS#1 sometimes but um one day DS#1 announced "daddy, my peepee's bigger than yours!" and that ended it He was 3.
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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

I don't bathe with my kids, but only because there isn't room in our tiny tub. I am naked in front of them with no problem though. My youngest (2 years old) is still nursing so my breasts are exposed to both children throughout the day. Neither of my kids think a thing of it. I am also a LLL Leader so breastfeeding is extremely commonplace in their lives. I love the fact that my oldest is so comfortable in his own skin. Recently we were at a birthday party where there was a pool. Normally he won't get in the water so I didn't bother bringing a suit for him, however this time he decided he wanted to swim and just jumped in naked, completely fine with the fact that he was the only one at the party with no clothes on!
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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

About the ages only going up to 6-7 I mean't to put it like this 6-7<
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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

I voted 4-5 but that is because I think my DS might have issues with it by then. I think the family bath or shower is perfectly fine as long as everyone is comfortable with it. Nudity really is not an issue here.
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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

I just have girls, so I don't know...I am very open with my nudity with them, and they bathe with me sometimes, but never with my dh. They have never seen him naked, and I don't think he plans on that ever happening--he is just very modest, and I am fine with that. I'm sure he would be ok with it if we had boys, though.

As far as when will I stop bathing with my dd's? I guess 4 or 5, although if they want to jump in to get clean quickly sometime when they are older and I am in there, that is fine. I remember having a student tell me that she showered with her mother frequently (she was 9) and I thought maybe that was a little old.
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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

my ds is 4 and still showers with me when were in a hurry to get out of the house.
danae is 2 and will shower with me or ds but never with dh, dh says no
ds will shower with dh.

my kids bathe everyday as do we
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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

Gee, I don't know. My DH showered with DD when she was a wee baby but now she points at so he won't. She's 18 months. I bath with her sometimes still.
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Re: S/O how often your children old is too old for a family shower

I hate taking baths, so I never get in with my DD. DH is deployed so me showering with DD would be really hard, how would I wash anything? I haven't a clue . I love showering, for me it is my alone time to focus on myself. Even when DH was home we only took a family bath once, when we were at a hotel that had a HUGE bathtub in our room. Our tub is too small for us to really use.
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