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Re: Dr appointment, low weight

and those charts are for FF babies too so bf are lil diff when itcomes to weigh and such
glad to hear you ok now about it. its hard sometimes, i want a chubby kid


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Re: Dr appointment, low weight

Why is everyone freaking about 16-17lbs 1 yr olds? thats normal and they should be b/t 16-20lbs....

2 out of 4 of my boys were 16-17 lbs at 1 yr old...

dont forget to look at family when sizing up your kids.... are you small? is your DH small? Our last 2 boys were barely 5th %tile b/c my husband is small, as soon as the docs saw that, they stopped worrying...

..typically, "larger" parents produce "larger" children..."smaller" parents produce "smaller" children- its all in our genes...
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Re: Dr appointment, low weight

I'm glad to see others in the same boat as us! We just took Claire to her 1 year appt. and she was only 16lbs + anemic. So our ped sent us to see a pediatric dietician - the one he referred us to is supposed to be awesome - well she doesn't do outpatient anymore, so we got someone else. She was useless - basically told us to feed her fat, supplement w/ soy milk, and add iron-fortified infant cereals. When I told her that Claire has never liked purees (she loves to chew, LOL), she said "Well, sounds like she has some sensory aversions - an OT would be able to help with that?" - WHAT??? OMG! Claire is crawling, pulling up, cruising, chattering, has 6 teeth & loves to feed herself - she's fine! She's just small! My son was also "small" when he turned 1 (19lbs), but he was chubbier looking & not anemic, so nobody got too worked up about it (he's now 36lbs at 3). We have to go back for a weight check in a couple of weeks... Anyway, I googled "WHO breastfed baby growth charts" and found this:
according to that chart, Claire is well within the population...I think I'll print it out & take it to my ped next month... Good luck, Mama - stick to your mother's instincts!
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Re: Dr appointment, low weight

Thanks for posting that, Kerry. My dd was very large and birth, and has dropped off considerably, but is not underweight according to those charts!
Anemia also runs in families, like mine. It's really easy for me to test positive for anemia even though I eat a wide variety of food. As someone else pointed out, those charts that drs have are primarily for formula fed babies, so it does make more sense that the expectations for weight would be higher.
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Re: Dr appointment, low weight

those charts are not only made for formula feed babies but they are made by the formula companies!! When my 1st DS wa a baby they wanted to do every test known to man to figure out why he was so small. Well we refused because he was a little ball of energy and happy all the time. He ate when he was hungry and stopped when he was full. He wasn't laying around acting lathargic(spelling?) or anything. He was fine. My DH was also very small as a child and never really grew into his age til he was 17 and then he grew several inches in 1 year!!! And then still he was the skinniest 17 year old I had ever seen- but still cute
Anywhoo he didn't gain wait til just 3 years ago!! So smallness runs in his family. So that too is something to think about.
Currently my 3 year old DD only weighs about 23-24lbs. She is really itty bitty. But eats all the time and is full of energy. So we don't focuse on he weigh we look at her developement. And most days I can't keep up with
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