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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post
Skip the lawyer & contact the news media to do a report. They restaurant will most likely start posting the info & it won't cost you anything.
That is what I would do too.


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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

ok for the last time - I KNOW oyster sauce is a common ingredient - that is why we did ask. They said it didn't have any in it. We have been very careful. We have always had to be very careful just because of DH. They told us it didn't and it was not posted otherwise so we believed there 17 year old high school worker.

ok sorry, I don't mean to sound angry I am just am a little rattled and feeling a little attcked
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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

Originally Posted by Menfusse View Post
Unfortunately, this is true of most resteraunts. The ingredients are on the website and aren't posted in the resteraunt...only "available upon request". Which is all they have to do by law in a resteraunt. My dd has numerous allergies to foods, and she can barely eat anything at any resteraunt. I've had to look them all up on their websites. Some don't even have them on the websites, but have you email them for the ingredients, which I have had to do. So we know what food are safe where, which is very few unfortunately. Sorry mama that you had to go through this, I've been there and it is frustrating and scarey.
I am in the same situation- We hardly ever go out and if we do I order a salad and veggies. We carry 2 epi pens...I was once at a wedding and they had stuffed mushrooms at the reception. Just as I was about to take a bite of one my mom snatched it out of my hands.... shrimp.. You never know!

DS turned 1 in may. I made him a wheat free, egg free, chocolate cake... He loved it, well, after he was covered from head to toe I gave him bath. red rash coughing/wheezing. I had to give him some benadryl...He's allergic to chocolate.

Always carry some liquid benadryl!
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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

i hope they start listing up at least some sort of warnign for those allergic to fish/shellfish/peanut prducts.
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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

Hugs to you and your little one.
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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

SO sorry mama.. I think that they should have to post some stuff up.. BUT.. I know that my dd is allergic to sweet potatoes.. and no matter what I order her... I ask if it was made with it.. or any type of powders with it.. " you would be amazed of what stuff is made of sweet potatoe powders... " seriously .. alot of veggie crackers have it...
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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

Aww mama, I'm so sorry that ur dd had to go thru that. You are right to be upset. You ASKED, and took ever precoution you are suposed to take! And they, as a resturant, failed you. They should be responcable for the '17 ur olds' mistakes. I would do one of the many things listed in this post, to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else. Give her lots of lovins!

I do have a ? to everyone though..

When I was 17 I was out with some friends (at a chinese restuarant) and I had taken @ two bites of crab legs and eaten about 2 shrimps. Then all of a sudden my toung was swelling up... I freaked out.. I asked the people working there wth was in the food.. They said nothing other then what they usually put in.. So I stayed calm and waited @ 3 mins.. BIG mistake. I could feel my throat closing. So my friend ran me to the er, that was @ 5 mins away, by the time we got there I was having a hard time breathing and they put me on O2 and gave me two shots. And then I was fine. They told me not to eat shelfish or MSG until I went to an allergist. Well at that time I was not able to see one (no ins..). So I just never ate it again. Well about 2 yrs ago I ate shrimp, then crab etc.. And I was FINE! The place this happend at said that they don't use mSG and it was also posted on there windows and menu.. So I really don 't know what it was that had me sick. Any ideas? I stayed away from both msg and shelfish for 7 yrs and then all of a sudden I'm okay to have it?? WEIRD to me lol..

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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

Most places (restaurants) do not list food allergy components on menus or anywhere in the restaurant, you have to be specific and ask (I usually talk with the owner or the manager). My DD is allergic to dairy, soy, wheat/gluten and Eggs and I am allergic to shell fish. Everywhere we go (which is not to too many diffrent places, we stay within where we know we are safe) the manager or owner gets to answer a bunch of questions and find out exactly what is in everything (ie: is there butter in the veggies)!!! I have even had them bring out the ingredient lists for prepaired items, and they are happy to do so just so I can be sure there is nothing overlooked.

Now, did you ask the waitress/waiter or a manager/owner? My experiance (not to slam any waitresses or waiters) is they do not know and some won't find out or won't take the time to find out and just say what they think you want to hear. Always get a manager or owner, they understand the importance and the liability of food allergies (or 99% of them do).

Good Luck and I wouldn't go back to that place.
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