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Re: Sleep help PLEASE... Exhausted baby and mommy!

Originally Posted by JRo View Post
Yeah, I am really not comfortable with CIO... it seems to me like I should be able to teach him to sleep, not leave him to figure it out on his own... but I am about that tired at this point. I am also the only one doing anything with him. My DH is a wonderful hubby and father, it is just that he is at work... so I can be at home. That adds to the frustration level for me. Thanks for the suggestions so far!
You know I think that is a common thing, especially in North America, for us as mothers to feel like we have a responsibility to "teach" our children to do the things that we are able to acheive in our lives....or to somehow be more or do more than what is age appropriate. I think what we forget or look past sometimes is that babies are only what they are. At this age your baby is just taking in everything and relying on you to guide him through the actions of life. It's okay that he cannot put himself to sleep. It's exhausting but it's okay and continuing to be there for him & help him feel safe falling asleep will eventually lead to a child who is secure and trusting.

This is a good article too:

I like the saying:
"what we resist will persist"

It's very true!!


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Re: Sleep help PLEASE... Exhausted baby and mommy!

My kids never slept well flat on their backs. All 3 of mine slept in their swings for their first year. I have a 4 mo. old. now and her swing is right next to my bed. She goes down at 7pm and wakes up at 5am. (the last couple days she has woken up a couple times in the night b/c she is teething).

The swing is broken and doesn't even work, but my babies just like the recline instead of flat on their backs.

Don't flame me for putting my kids in the swing all night. My ped knows.
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Re: Sleep help PLEASE... Exhausted baby and mommy!

I don't have any magical answers for you, but we went through the same thing and I was right here several months ago asking similar questions. I can only say that it will pass. Some things that I think added to my DD sleep problems, that might help you.
1. She was becoming more mobile and she moved a lot in bed. After a few weeks it got better.
2. She finally learned that she liked to sleep on her back and the few weeks before she learned how to turn over onto her back she slept like junk.
3. Teething played a big role.

I finally let her CIO one night and stood outside her door with my sister who had done it with her daughter. ( I highly recommend having someone to sit with you if you can). It only took 20 minutes (she didn't even cry that much) and she slept 4 hours straight (my DD, 10months old, has NEVER slept through the night). She began to put herself to sleep after that...UNTIL 2 weeks ago when she began to wake every 1 1/2 hours to nurse and I have a heck of a time getting her back to sleep. She sometimes wakes and won't go back to sleep for like 2-3 hours too. It is making me crazy but I have learned that it will all pass. Maybe a growth spurt right now? I don't know.
I can only offer hugs and hope that you can find some time to get an extra nap and maybe some peace and quiet to yourself to recharge. Danni
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