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Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

Hey mamas!! Since there quite a few of us that are procrastinators, I thought it would be good to hold each other accountable in what we need to get done for our babies.

Everyday, let's post what need accomplished and what we have left to do. Let's also post our EDD's.


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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

Jodie EDD 10/14/07

Need to clear out all the junk from baby's room and set it up for his diapers and clothes. We are going to sleep in the guest bed thats in there now so no need to set up crib just the changing table and figure out if I want a dresser or just a closet organizer.

I'd like to paint room a differnt color it is a taupe brown right now Never did like it.

I need to go through my diaper stash and organize it and see what I have left from big brothers stash. I bought a newborn diaper stash so I'm set if I don't get around to it.

I need to wash and prep all of the newborn diaper stash

I need to wash all of babys clothes and put them away

I need to buy a carseat and get it safety checked they do them once a month here.

I need to buy receiving bankets and infant socks We have everything else (I think)

I would like to clean the house super good so I don't have to worry about it and just have to maintain it after baby is born.

I need to get my laboring at home supplies together and decide if I want a Doula

I need to call Doula friend and see if she wants to take me

Oh yeah baby still needs a name of some sort

I have to get this all done and be on bed rest. Someone please clone a non PG me so I can get this all done
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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

EDD August 3

I really can't make this list! It's too anxiety-inducing! But I'll try ...

Finish washing all clothes, diapers, sheets, blankets.

Clean cars, so we can ...

... install carseats.

Steam clean carpet in nursery.

Set up changing pad on bureau, which means we have to ...

... buy drawers for closet and get shelves for next to the bureau so I can put stuff that is currently covering the bureau into the closet and on the shelves

Paint the bathroom. (Just had it skim-coated. What was I thinking?!? )

Hire cleaning crew to come in and clean my house from top to bottom.

Oh you know, aside from all that, and continuing to learn all I can about labor, delivery, BFing, and researching vax more thoroughly ... no problem

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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

Originally Posted by Rosella View Post
EDD August 3

I really can't make this list! It's too anxiety-inducing! But I'll try ...

LOL...I already posted my list on FloBee's other thread, but I just thought of some other stuff!

EDD August 11

1) Finish up my nb/sm stash
2) Prep my nb/sm stash
3) Have the inside of the car detailed
4) Wash the carseat cover
5) Rotate the carseats/boosters in the car
6) Have the cleaning people come and clean our house top to bottom...we NEED it!
7) Wash linens for Moses basket
8) Buy and set up bunk beds for the older kids


Adding: DH and I need to pick out some names! Ack!
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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

EDD 7/13 ACK! 2 weeks

My to do list:

Clean the crap out of my house

Finish washing baby laundry

Buy labor snacks for me and attendants

Set up changing table in my room

Wash carseat cover/install carseat

Clean out my car

Call baby's doc/figure out the whole insurance thing

Oh yeah, CHOOSE A NAME!!

Will add more as I think of them!
HSing Mama of five

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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

LOL!! Okay, I am due Sept 28th (give or take, long story) but I am also on bedrest.
Before July 2nd - Get Tires on the Duely, call for a rolloff for a basement job we are doing, get packed to leave for camping on July 3rd (which entails more than I am willing to say. including grocery shopping) So, I need to go back and get our lifejackets from the neighbors house (15 miles away!!) hopefully they found them, they borrowed them!!

*Get some clothing for this child (as its a girl and all I had were boys)
*Move Oldest DS into the younger dc's room so I can get a crib set up in the bedroom, along with cleaning the carpet in there and pretty much deep cleaning
that whole room ... he makes a mess and sneaks a lot of things he shouldn't ever have in his room.

*Clean out the younger dc's room (there are 2 in there) to add the 3rd in there, including making sure 3 dressers will fit in there, move the 2nd bunk bed into
that room

Get dresser of some sort,
Get a car seat,
She needs a bedding set or at least crib sheets.

Darn it!! I need to get the nail out of my tire in my car and then the hole patched, get the car cleaned out, its disgusting right now thanks to 3 little boys who could care less about leaving every little thing in there and tearing apart tissues when they blow their nose UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!

and that doesn't even include School shopping for school supplies and clothes for the two older kiddos and the 3rd one starts a month after the first two!!! ACK!!!!!!!!! and all this with no help from dh and on bedrest?? What am I going to do, okay, well at least I know why I keep putting everything off!!

OH, I guess the most important thing would be... NAME HER!!

Well, First Things First Here is my plan for the next two weeks: (July 11th is today)

Today- Go to bank, put money in to cover car, insurance and other items that come out automatically.

Paperwork in For Youngest to go to school
School Shopping for Oldest DS
School Shopping for Middle DS
School Supply Shopping (Task Force might be necessary)
School Shopping for youngest DS (his starts in September 1 mo later than the others)

Get A 1st bithday gift for friends little girl Rylie
Decide what we are going to do for DS 8th birthday on the 28th-including gifts
Tell FIL that we are NOT traveling to New York for the family Reunion.
Go to my next drs appointment- I have the glucose screen (late because I "might" have had late developing GD with #2, and he wants to be sure I don't have it at all), Ultrasound (to check dates ... again its #9), and visit with the doctor... need to make a list of symptoms that are driving me nuts... I guess I could start here to remind myself :
-Extra Tired (if I could, I would sleep 99.9% of the day)
-Severe loss of balance (fell out of the camper over the 4th)
-Seeing Spots
-Lots of swelling that doesn't have to do with sodium intake
-Lots of periodic bleeding, not every day, but irritating enough
-Migrane like headaches
-Lots of my depression symptoms are back

DD needs a Name
DD needs some clothing
DD needs take me home outfit
DD needs a carseat
DD needs sheets (at least)
DD needs her bed set up
DD needs changing table set back up

Next list will be my "need to buy" list UGH....later
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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

hmmm..this thread stresses me out slightly, lol.

due 11.25 and i need to:

buy some diapers

buy some cloth nursing pads/more mama cloth

research more about vaginal birth after a fourth degree tear

purchase infant t'shirts and/or cut off all of jack's onesies. we never snapped the stupid things anyways.

pick a middle name for a girl, and a first name for a boy. whatever the sex, our baby only has half a name

that's all i'm willing to think about at this point. i've still got some time, though i need to have a whole lot done by the end of august, i'll be finishing up grad school when this little one arrives. yikes.
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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

Ok my edd is August 11th..6 weeks away.
i need to
~Wash his clothes and things...
~Finish a nb stash..just doing pf's/covers/some wool until he fits his one size dipes....
~Wash his sheets/swing cover/bouncy seat cover/car seat cover/playmat thingy...
~pack my bag....
~pack his bag....
~pack my daughters bag for when she goes to a sitter when i am in labor...
~buy a few things(bumbo/adiri bb..some random stuff)...
!!!well today i can say i finally started..i washed his 0-3 month clothes/blankets things like that!!!
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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

*deep breath*

EDD 7/18/07

*get DH to pull down the bassinet from the attic, clean it off, and put the sheets on it

*pack hospital bag

***order pail liner for diaper pail*** did this one today!

*find a clothes hamper for baby

*clean out section of dd's room so we can fit the hamper and diaper pail next to the changing table

*choose a going home outfit

*buy slippers and robe to take to hospital

*charge camera and camcorder so they're ready to go

*have a few pics taken of DD and DS with my belly

*purchase and mail b-day gifts for my nieces who have b-days while I'll be in the hospital
Katie, Mama to Max , Molly , and Miles

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Re: Getting ready for baby- procrastinators post here!!

EDD 9/14/07 (however DD#1 was born at 34 weeks so I am at risk of having a preemie again and don't need to procrastinate but won't listen to myself )

I need to:

Decide on a girl's name. We have narrowed it down, but I am not sure which I want if any. I am very hesitant about names for some reason. They are all "maybes" not a single "oh, yeah, that's it" in the bunch. . .

Go through my NB stash and see if I have everything I need.

Get my sis to teach me how to wash and prep my nb stash.

Wash and prep my nb stash (I have been waiting on some wipes and procrastinating because of that. I want to wash all my stuff at once).

Depending on what I get at the shower (I didn't have one with DD#1 because I went into labor too soon so I am having the experience this time so I don't miss out on it) I will need to get a bassinet or some type of sidecar sleeper type thing in case DD#2 dislikes cosleeping like DD#1 did, a car seat, a double stroller among other things.

Clean out my car.

Make DD#2 some soakers and longies.

Make myself some wool nursing pads.

Clean my house. Get rid of some of the junk we don't use/need.

Get DD#1 a baby doll and perhaps a sling as her "big sister" gift from the baby.

That's all I can think of right now.

ETA. Pack hospital bags.

Get wetbags and pail and liner.
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