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My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

I recently posted this on the Pin and, at the risk of having some of the same mamas read the same post (sorry), I'm posting all my comments and pics here as well because I remembered how helpful it was to see some similar pics by other DS mamas during the many months I was preparing my nb stash.

DS2 is 23 days old right now. He was 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long at birth and he reached 8 lbs. at 1 1/2 weeks. He weighed in at 8 lbs 4 oz. last Monday. We started CDing the day he came home from the hospital. While DH and I were a bit nervous about trying to CD a newborn, our experience thus far has been relatively uneventful. I have really enjoyed seeing fluff on a nb bum! And my mother is so impressed with the cute CDing options available now. A few thoughts before I share some photos.

First, my nb stash consists of 5 nb/xs AIOs, 18 nb/xs fitteds, 2 s fitteds, and 2+ dozen prefolds (newborn and infant sizes). I also have 3 dozen sherpa wipes -- we thought we might as well give cloth wipes a try. I'm really glad I bulked up the fitted and AIO diapers instead of going with my original intention of primarily using prefolds. I tried to snappi a prefold the first few days of CDing and gave up -- he was so twitchy, kicking his legs like crazy and screaming his head off, it was too nerve-wrecking to try and close that prefold. I've given prefolds a try again recently and it was a much better experience. I'm also glad I got as many diapers as I did. We have gone through 12 to 18+ diaper changes a day.

I had cut up a bunch of microfleece liners before birth; I wanted them initially to keep meconium off the diapers. (This may sound weird, but I actually washed the meconium off the liners all by hand in the sink -- I figured it too sticky to remove properly otherwise. For some reason it wasn't icky at all, probably because I have a toddler; I don't think I could have done that if this was my first baby.) We don't use them all the time now, but when we do the poo rinses off really easily. I also always use them when we have to use lanolin or other diaper rash treatment since those tend to stain CDs. I'm bummed that DS2 has already developed an occasional mild rash/redness in the bum area when we change his diaper so frequently and primarily use fitted plus wool on him!

Also, I'm SO happy I bought a diaper sprayer (from Abby's Lane)! DH installed it before the baby arrived -- took only around 10 minutes. I had polled Pin mamas a couple of months ago and understood the overwhemling majority of mamas do not bother rinsing off EBF poop. But I just could not stomach the thought of not rinsing poop off before tossing into our FL. I initially thought it may be a pain to rinse poop off diapers all the time, but oddly enough I've really enjoyed the quiet moments each night when I sit down with a stash of poopy diapers and rinse them off before the wash! It just feels good to see the cottage cheezy poop rinse off the diaper. Funny thing is DH feels the same way when he takes a turn at rinsing the poopy diapers.

I've changed my wash routine as well. Before, with my toddler, we didn't have to deal with poop (except maybe a few times last winter); my wash routine was: cold rinse with no detergent, hot/cold wash cycle with 1/2 T of Charlie's powder, then extra cold rinse cycle. Now, with the breastfeeding poop, my wash routine is this: cold rinse with a bit of detergent; cold/cold wash with 1/2 or 2/3 T of Charlie's powder, then full hot/cold wash cycle with no detergent. (Our hot cycle is not really that hot; I measured it with a food thermometer at a bit over 110 degrees F a short while ago.) I do the cold wash to avoid stains from setting in. So far so good; diapers all come out smelling clean and we rarely have stains. The few times where we had yellow stains remain on a few diapers I was able to get rid of the stains just by hanging them in the sun for a day.

I am still considering whether I ought to tweak the way we currently deal with dirty diapers. Currently we have two diaper stations -- the pack n play with changing table downstairs in the family room -- baby hangs out in the pack n play bassinet when I'm downstairs -- and a changing table in our bedroom (because baby's cradle is in our room right now). I was going to buy two cheap trashcans from Walmart or Target, but then I remembered we still have two Diaper Dekors from DS1's disposable diaper days, so we took that out and one sits next to each changing station. I've also hung a wet bag by each station as well. All non-poop diapers/wipes go into the Diaper Dekors after changing; and all diapers with poop that need to be sprayed go into the wet bags after changing. Then, at the end of the day, either DH or I will take the wet bags to the bathroom with the sprayer and consolidate all dirty diapers for a wash. It does seem a bit more complicated than necessary; from what I recall mamas here usually just discard all dirty diapers into one container. But this system works pretty well so far; I like keeping the poopy diapers separate in an enclosed place that allows me to deal with them as a group later on in the day or the next day. That said, if anyone has good ideas to refine this further, I'd love to hear them.

Also, for those without a clothing line for outdoor -- if you have room, get one installed! I have never had a clothing line until recently. I bought the line from Target (or maybe Lowes) and asked DH to tie two rows onto the posts on our patio/deck. It is enough for our diapers. I still machine dry to speed things up (and give the cloth the added softness) but instead of using additional cycles for the ones that need them, I hang them out to dry in the hot sun. I just love how the sun effectively removes the stains. I was originally a bit skeptical about all the mama's claims that the sun is great at removing stains but now I'm a totally believer.

And thank goodness I had so many doublers around because the baby is a very heavy wetter. The first few days we had no problem going coverless, but now we find we need to add doublers to almost every diaper or else they feel totally soaked after one pee.

Some regrets: I regret buying the BSWW covers, even though they are adorable looking. I have yet to use the nb one because I prefer the softer PUL on our Thirsties xs covers. I'm glad I only bought one size s BSWW; I'll probably end up just using our size s Thirsties cover as well. I also regret getting a couple of custom nb size wool crochet shorties made. It is not that they are not adorable -- they are -- but the baby couldn't fit into the nb Monkey Ciao shorties when I got around to trying it on last week! And the other pair of cute shorties leaked on me the first (and only) time I tried it last week probably because I didn't do a good job lanolizing. I just haven't gotten around to having the baby try that pair again but I know I better before he outgrows that as well.

Okay, pictures of some of our nb stash follows. I wish I could share a full body shot of my baby with everyone but DH feels strongly against posting full shots of our kids on a public internet site so I want to respect that. Hence all you ladies will see are bum shots! Sorry about the poor lighting in some photos.

I will start with my absolute favorite diaper in our newborn stash -- the xs Very Baby AIOs! This is the trimmest diaper/cover on our newborn, easy to use, and as close to sposies as we can get. (The Swaddlebees NB fitted come close on the trimness front but none of the covers come "fitted" for an overall trim look.) I'm just so sorry we only have 4 of these diapers. These AIOs do have a long drying time -- a bit longer than the BG AIO because of the 8 layer 100% cotton birdseye internal soaker. But it is really worth the wait and I like having the cotton inner vs. the suedecloth inner. You can pay more to make an external quick dry soaker instead or make it yourself. DS2 was 6 days old in these two photos:

For comparison purposes here are two shots of the xs BG AIO taken the same day -- you can see it has a wider crotch and is less trim. (It also leaked on us the first time DS2 wore it, and that was after I had washed/dried it around 4 times.)

Next comes my favorite "fluffy" diaper -- our newborn Mutts. They do take a long time to dry but they are so fluffy, soft and adorable. The following were taken when DS2 was 6 days old:

Next are pics of KVOs (Kissaluvs) taken 2 days ago. I like the KV0s -- the snap down was great for the early days and there is still some room for growth:

Next is a pic of a nb Swaddlebees taken when DS2 was 11 days old -- very trim but I'm glad I only bought one because we are already using the last/largest setting snaps on these! And DS2 is only 8 lbs. 4 oz. right now (as of Monday anyway). I can't see these lasting that much longer.

Next are pics of nb/xs Sandy's taken when DS2 was 11 days old. I like these diapers. They are the least soft of our fitted stash (it is a 85% cotton/15% poly blend), but the fit is very good, there is room to grow, and they were the most economical price-wise of all of our fitted diapers. I think I paid something like $9+ per diaper with shipping; it would have been cheaper if I had bought at least a dozen but I only bought 5.

Here is a shot taken on day 14 of DS2 in a prefold with snappi. I finally got up the nerve to try snappi'ing a prefold again and it was pretty fun. Now if only I could get up the nerve to use our pins. This is an infant size prefold; the newborn prefold is already too small. The infant prefold is not that absorbent (compared to our fitteds), he pooped in this prefold soon after i took the photo and the yellow poopy stuff went almost all the way through -- I could see the stain from the back side. The next time I used a prefold I added a newborn prefold as a doubler and that worked much better.

I took the follow pictures when the baby was 19 days old -- wearing big brother's bamboo Baby Beehinds. My mother was so impressed with the fit of this one size diaper on the newborn (and so was I).

Here is a pic of the xs Thirsties PUL cover over the Baby Beehinds taken the same day:

Here is a pic of the size nb/s Loveybums wool interlock cover over the Baby Beehinds:

Here are pics of our Reusable Wraps made by Heather (Affordable Diapers) -- this is a nb size cover, which Heather makes via custom orders only; it is a tad bit smaller than the size s. These pics were taken when DS2 was 11 days old and he was already on the last snap on the bottom row so we're going to have to move up to the size s soon.

Here is a size s Kiwi Pie wool cover I bought used from a Pin/DS mama -- I really love the soft cashmere and it fits super well.

The following is a pic of a Pampered Cheeks Little Cheekies diaper. It is well made, very inexpensive (I think this is the second cheapest newborn/xs fitted -- cheapest being Sandy's xs), and more absorbent than most of the other diapers posted here. I selected organic cotton fleece, which is a thicker fabric; she has other options. But because I had it made as a front closure with Touchtape (velcro like closure), it added more bulk to the diaper than I like. I think I would like it better had I asked the WAHM to make it with snaps, side closure, and maybe sherpa or velour on the outer (so it would be a bit softer/stretchier). Anyway, those interested can contact the WAHM via email through her Hyena Cart store here. She is super sweet and patient with all my questions via email; she also just delivered a baby as well so I'm not sure if she is taking custom orders right now.

Here are pics of one of my size S Pattynaps. The size S Pattynaps has the same rise as my other XS/NB diapers, but the waist accommodates a larger size. DS2 is wearing the tightest snaps on these Pattynaps.

I hope these pics help some of you mamas who are still working on your nb stashes!


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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

Awesome post mama! And I Looooooove all of the pics! I'm not working on a NB stash, but I just loved going through your post!
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

Your newborn is adorable! Congratulations!!
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

THANK YOU! What an awesome post.
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

the tiny diapers are so so cute on your little one mama! you must just eat him up every single day!

i'm starting to think about our next newborn stash so this was really helpful to me, thanks
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

Your post has been quite helpful, I am going to be brand new to NB CD only done it with a very happy to see this post!
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

what an adorable post!!! i wont be cding my new little one until he/she is 2 or 3mths old but loved seeing all the pics!! ~~~~adorable~~~~ thanks for sharing!
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

awesome post! I am so glad to read about your experiences. We are expecting our 2nd one, and this will be the first time we CD a NB.

thanks again
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

What a cute little bum I love the fit of the Pattynaps
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Re: My Newborn CD Experience So Far *with Pics*

Oh mama, those pics are fabulous! I totally take back what I said in a previous post about wondering if Baby Beehinds would fit on a newborn - they look awesome!
Makes me want to have another baby....
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