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Re: What's in your stash?

I am in the process of thinning down the girls stash to just bg's & nana's for the baby and bumkins & nana's for odd. However I do have 4 random prefolds and 3 random covers and a friend gave me a snappi (I WAS just folding them inside the cover) and I think I am in love! I don't plan on going overboard with prefolds, but I will try what is on its way to me and if they work, then I might get a few more covers and snappis (and maybe a few more dyed prefolds) to do exclusively at home for ME and save the AIO's for daddy.

and if dh can manage to get a prefold snappied correctly and he doesn't mind it, then I might thin the stash down even more to just prefolds which would make him happy since its the cheapest way to go.

on a side note: I am LOVING BP's as covers for snappied prefolds. So much trimmer than the insert. NOw I am KICKING myself for selling all my bp's.


Jen, Mommy to-Abby 9.5Bethany 9 & Emma 6.5 .

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Re: What's in your stash?

Finn's stash consists of:
34 KL0 fitteds
1 fitted (and 2 more on the way as well as 1 AIO)
5 nb/sm KL contours
2 Imse Vimse covers
1 embroidered SB fleece cover
3 WAHM covers
1 Painted Patootie
1 Berry Plush (with 1 soaker, 2 more on the way)
1 Dimple cheeks
1 Very Baby Hybrid Pocket
1 Starbunz Puppy Pocket
2 SB SS pockets (1 embroidered)
16 IPFs (1 embroidered, most others dyed)
WAITING ON a embroidered cow print AIO

Reilly's stash:
1 Embroidered stacinator wool cover
1 Embroidered SB fleece cover
1 KL 2 fitted
2 premium prefolds
2 snapping prefolds
2 WAHM dipes
1 mudpie AI2 (and one more on the way)
1 Black Bird Lane AI2
1 Embroidered Little Caboose AIO
1 Embroidered Sweet Baby Boutique
5 FBs (2 are embroidered)
4 GADS (2 are embroidered)
1 SDF pocket
1 Starbunz Pocket (chameleon)
1 ABC Painted Pocket (monkey)
1 Better Bums giraffe pocket

They share 4 pairs of BLs (anenome, olive and teal (can't remember the name), giraffe, and cow) and 1 pair of baby long legs by kimmyjling.
AP mama to Reilly, Finn, and Delaney

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Smile Re: What's in your stash?

Okay well I've been trying to narrow dds stash down to things I love.
15 Dream Eze
1 Zephyr

3 Fuzzi Fannies, Cupcake, Crown, & soon to arrive Yoda
8 Zany Zebras
5 Bumgenius OS Blossom
3 Swaddlebees Minky Cow, Zebra, Lavender
1 Prestons Pants minky

10 Zany Zebras
14 Berryplush
1 Nothing Butt Cloth

Prefolds: 6 thirsties 3 purple, 2 pink, 1 green

What we never use that I really need to list
9 Very Baby Hybrids
5 Beccabottoms
8 Bum-ware
5 Fuzzi Bunz
1 Nanas Bottoms
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Re: What's in your stash?

Well...sadly this is what I STILL have after starting to thin my stash.


12 OBB Marathons
3 Zany Zebra's
2 Painted Patooties
2 Happy Heiny's
2 GAD's
4 PBPD's

Fitteds -

4 A Perfect Mediums
2 Baby Beehinds
3 Bottombumpers


4 Fluffymails
11 Medium BumGenius
14 Large BumGenius


Rumpknits Loniges (knit, before she started all that interlock stuff)
Baby Bear Longies with WWBN yarn
Baby Bear Interlock Pumpkin Set
Fussybutt wool shorts set
Ahmay fireflies shorts set
Koi Set from Sweet Mama Small Sugar
Mosiac Moon Longies
Licensed to knit the SugarBubbie RidingHood Sweater!!!
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Re: What's in your stash?

I've been weeding and minimizing over the last few months and here's what I have.

24 preemie prefolds
6 Sweet Bottom Creek newborn fitteds
6 Pattynaps Basics newborn fitteds
6 XS VB pocket diapers made by me
6 XS Fuzzi Fannies

4 nb BSWW
6 nb Proraps
4 nb recycled longies made by me

48 infant prefolds
12 sm BG AIOs

6 sm BSWW
6 sm Proraps
10 fleece/wool longies

24 premium prefolds
12 L BG AIOs

6 m BSWW prints
6 m Proraps
4 fleece/wool longies

Both: tons of cloth wipes and fleece liners

Diaper bag (in addition to above):
2 sm BG AIOs

What I want: possibly some more Thirsties infant prefolds as these seem like they'll fit much longer than the other infants I have; possibly some small, medium and large Bummis Original; 2 more longies for our toddler for winter. I dunno. I'm pretty content right now.
~ Emily ~ loving my fireman, mama to a big bub, a sissy, and a little bub
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Re: What's in your stash?

I wish I would have just started out with what I have now, I would have saved a ton of money, but hey fluffy mail days are awful fun!!

I now have what I know works and I find it simple and lovable!!
18 infant prefolds
12 ubipf premium size
12 rainbow shorties
10 dyed unknown prefolds (got off ds)
3 dyed chinese premium prefolds
2 small thirsties covers
8 medium thirsties covers
4 large thirsties covers
1 plushy camo cover
1 bummi super snap
2 bsww (and waiting on 3 more!)
1 xl pink puppy starbunz
1 medium stacinator cover
2 large stacinator covers
1 vb wool type cover (medium) w/ embrodered lion
1 set of patriotic shorties by Miss Mindi
2 medium Magicalls
3 large Magicalls
1 honeyboy shark aio
1 dora embroidered aio

for my newborn (not even pg yet!!)
6 preemie prefolds
1 adorable panda fitted
3 prowrap covers
1 veggie tales fitted

I would still like to get 18 newborn dipes from green mountain and a few more newborn and small covers before my baby comes.. Course I have a long time to do that.. lol I don't even plan to start ttc till March, but hey a girl has to think ahead ya know.. and it is so much fun to think about cd a new baby!!!
Chandra~ mom to Angel Sarah (forever 5), Noah, Jonah, Hannah, and Luke!
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Re: What's in your stash?

I currently have:

7 - Medium FB
4 - BG OS
18- CB cpf unbleached premium size
5 - Medium BSWW
1- Cloth Bunz pocket size large elmo print
4 - snappis
7 - CB Microfiber inserts
1 - Joey Bunz Hemp insert

Waiting on:

6 - Medium FB
3 - Joey Bunz Hemp inserts

I like to buy slowly and stick with what works.
Kathleen SAHM to Jade Alyssa 10-14-03 and Aiden Ethan 2-2-06 and Hunter Warren 5-14-09 Wife to Rob 3-28-03
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Re: What's in your stash?

Everyone has such neat stashes from simple to easy to exotic! Really neat to see

Yes, why IS it that when I thin down like 30 diapers somehow I buy 10 more?? The cuteness kills me..
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Re: What's in your stash?

We are still waiting on our CD delivery to get us started... but here's what we started with:

24 CPF (12 bleached, 12 unbleached - planning on tie-dyeing some of them)
2 Prorap covers
2 bumkins covers
2 pocket change
6 Bum Genius OS
2 Berry Plush
A bunch of doublers

I ordered a few of a lot of different one so we can see what we like! The only thing I didn't get was any AIOs because I'd really rather stay with PFs for every day and pockets for going out and overnights. I have an e-mail in about some wool covers that I'm excited about - I hope I can get 2 (they only had 1 available, but I would feel bad if 1 girl had one and the other didn't!)
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Re: What's in your stash?

I have 2 in diapers a 2 month old and a 3yo and here is our stash:

18 toddler prefolds
3 dz premium pf (not being used right now)
3 dz infant pf
1 dz small sandies
2 xsmall sandies
3 BG 2.0 aplix
4 HP snaps
2 large WWB covers
1 large thristies cover
2 pairs of homemade longies in large
1 large wool pull on cover homemade
4 BSWW in small
1 small thristies
2 newborn bumpy covers
2 newborn litewrap covers
2 small WWB covers
3 pairs of homemade wool longies
1 pair of homemade wool shorties
1 homemade wool pull on cover
1 medium WWB cover (waiting for DD#2 to fit into)
1 medium BSWW cover (waiting for DD#2 to fit into)
1 hugga buns pocket

DD#1 uses pockets for nighttime and I put prefolds with a cover on her for nap/long car rides otherwise she is in big girl underpants.

DD#2 is in prefolds/fitted and wool most of the time, the PUL based covers are for long car trips, daddy's use (no wool for him he always felts/shrinks them), and for the rare occasion when we get poo on every bit of wool.

I didn't list the newborn stuff that doesn't fit DD#2 anymore as I will be selling all of that soon so it is in a box off to the side but there isn't too much of that stuff.
Please check my WAHM thread for instock items

Mary Kate - knitting mama to three girlies!
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