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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

We're at 11 months and some odd days, and not going strong, but going. It's getting more and more difficult as she doesn't want to take the time out from playing and getting into things to nurse. She just isn't as interested. She may well be on her way to self-weaning. I'll nurse her as long as she is really interested, but that may not be much longer. I worry that when I wean, I'll feel really guilty or regret it, though...

I do feel I should add, though, that any BM is better than no BM. Some Mamas are made to feel like failures for not going long enough, but it should be that way. All the BF'ing Mamas (and FF Mamas, don't mean to exclude) are doing the best for their children! What is best is a personal choice, and it's different for every family!



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Question Re: How long did you breastfeed?

Originally Posted by missy_cbell21 View Post
i will admit that when i see a baby being bottle fed i get a tad upset but i would Never say anything too the mom, i just don't know what she had went through or why she chose too bottle feed.

I wonder about this...sometimes when we are out & about, I bring a bottle of pumped milk for dh or grandparents to feed the baby and give me a break/not have to stop what we are doing to NIP. (NIP is a big production since nipple shield is involved) I wonder...can people *tell* that it is breastmilk in the bottle?? (I have no idea what formula looks like...) Or are they thinking I am feeding DD formula?

When grandparents are here, I often end up EP so my mom can spend more quality/bonding time with the baby...and her idea of "fun" is shopping, .
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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

ds2-16.5mos and still goin'
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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

I do get people who assume it's formula, although BM is a touch more yellowy-blue than milk. Looks more like skim milk than whole IYKWIM. Formula usually looks beige or stark white, depending on if it's liquid or powder.

I don't usually have people get nasty with me though as most moms I know locally FF.

And thanks PP. I am just used to putting that disclaimer in about flaming b/c my viewpoint on it is sometimes flamed on other boards. Which I don't get, b/c even at this point if I quit cold turkey it wouldn't change anything from his viewpoint, to him it's just something to fill a bottle. There's no emotional attachment involved in his view directly to me, if anything he's attached to the bottle. (As far as feeding goes)

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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

I admire you mamas so much. I nursed for 7 weeks. Between constant colic, bloody diaper rashes (I'm not going to apologize but I'm not going to have my baby consistently SCREAMING because he was always in pain with every diaper change and i'd wipe blood off his bum, consistently green stools, a horrible manual hand pump in which I couldn't get more than 2-3 ounces usually within an HOUR of pumping by hand, family members constantly harassing me about it, not knowing who to turn to for questions. I kept changing things in my diet, eliminating things in my diet, etc. I worked with his pediatrician. You name it. I didn't know of things that could boost your supply. I didn't know about nicer pumps produce more milk. My nipples bleeding at times didn't bother me, he eventually caught on. Through the frustration of it all, I caved and didn't push harder to find out more answers. I couldn't afford a nicer pump to even try. (I was full when I had the 1 hour pumping sessions and could only get a few ounces). Leaking didn't bother me either, i knew that was a part of the process. But more so with the diaper rashes and not being able to figure out what in my diet may be harming him I couldn't stand my little boy to be in pain. Yes at that moment with limited resources I caved b/c it was easier. We all make mistakes. Going back to work 40 hours a week didn't enhance or make the problem any better...only worse. Sure had I known then what I know now I would have fought Hell and High water to keep BF my baby. Had I not gone back to work I would have tried harder. There's lots of reasons. I have gained a wealth of info after going back to work that I will feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more prepared next baby. Heck I didn't even know you could relactate. Had I known that I would have done that and started all over with eating only specific foods. There's a lot that goes in to play. Oh and the guilt factor definitely comes in to play as well and that doesnt help one iota in trying to feel better. I don't care if I have one single person in my support system (besides DH), for my next baby i'm going to do so much better.

I always try to be open minded and not pass judgement on any one on anything they are feeding their baby. You never know at a given moment what strangers are going through in life outside of the public. Not everyone is built as a super human, super hero able to make 10000% best decisions for their family. People do make mistakes. It's not like anyone who feeds formula is purposefully killing their baby....feeding is about thriving and staying healthy. When i did switch to ff full time, my sons diaper rashes cleared up...and on that note I was delighted and so happy that he wasn't in pain any more, later the colic stopped (with some other methods used for that as well), he's gaining weight appropriately....the point is he was STILL healthy and thriving well! And our family was a lot less stressed.

Kudos to every mama out there, regardless of how you feed!
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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

Just wanted to add that this is a very insteresting thread. I would like to ttc once AF returns. My LO is only 20wks but she is growing so fast I can't help but have planning another on my mind. I would LOVE to BF as long as she likes and at this point I have given her micro tastes of rice cereal only because she continues to show signs of wanting to try what we keep putting in our mouths, but after a few tastes she is done and much preferring BFing. I don't want to wean her just to get AF to come back, but I don't plan to even decide anything until she is about a year. I do hope she will continue to BF until she clw and my goal is 24mo with DD#1 and then skies the limit for #2since I think we are done cause I am getting old and have two 7 yr old adopted boys too.

What i find MOST interesting about this thread is that I know VERY FEW people that have more than 3 kids and don't know ANY natural momma's. It seems like natural momma's are the ones who have the bigger families. I am a tad jealous that I will probably only be preggo twice when said and done...
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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

Hi mama - I am curious about your 4th baby...not sure what you mean by weight gain issues?
She didn't gain weight. She was put in the hospital at 8 months because she weighed less than she had at 5 months. She was 11 lbs 9 oz. The dr at the hospital was very supportive of breastfeeding but insisted that I feed her only formula during the hospital stay so that they could measure what she took in versus her weight. So we started using an SNS so that I could continue nursing but she burned too many calories so we had to stop that too.
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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

I nursed dd for 7 months, would have loved to longer, but part time work and full time nursing school took a toll on my supply and it was just slowly just over.

DS is almost 3 months and boy did we struggle for the first 8 weeks(low supply, plugged ducts, latching problems, thrush) but I am glad to say we are going strong now and it was worth the fight I had to get through to get to this point. I am willing to nurse as long as he wants to!!
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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

9 months today!!! I love it. I hope to have no "downtime" between breastfeeding Finn and our next baby, whenever he/she comes. So, 2-3 years? I hope he wants to that long....

All I know is, I get teary eyed just thinking about the "last time he'll nurse".....
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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

1st- til 6 mths. he self weaned. he go both bottle and breast. choose bottle over breast.
2nd- til 10 mths. Dr orders to wean due to my health issues
3rd- self weaned while preggo with #4
4th- self weaned while preggo with #5
5th almost 16 mths and goinf strong, but I am preggo. I have mixed feeling about her self weaning anytime soon. but I also have mixed feelings about tandem nursing. Not sure if I can do it or not.
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