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Fattening a two-year-old

My two-year-old DS weighs 23 pounds, wears the same clothes he did a year ago, and his shorts only stay up because of his fluffy diapers (so we use overalls often). Yesterday, I asked his doc about ice cream, but didn't get an answer. I think of ice cream as a treat that you only get if you were good and finished dinner. However, it has plenty of calories; so even when DS doesn't finish dinner or has been wild, I am still tempted to give him some ice cream (which he'll always eat). Should I think of ice cream as any other food, and not as a treat? Also, all the ice cream, butter, and milk in our house comes from a local diary. The cows at that diary do not receive any synthetic hormones. I've always thought that was a good thing, but now I'm thinking about buying store-brand milk complete with hormones and who-knows-what. DS is healthy, but I don't want him to end up going to kindergarten in a few years and be picked on for looking like a baby


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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

My sons are both LITTLE. I would say wait and see what he does. Rory is 3.5 and just now in the 50% percentile. Until he was 3, he was NEVER on a growth chart. He has had a big growth spurt and is hanging with the other kids.

:hug: I totally get where you are comming from. Arden is 13 months and 16lbs, so I am going to deal with it with him too.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

My two year old little girl is in the same 18 month shorts she was last year as well (over her prefold butt at that). I think she might finally be 30 pounds. She'll be 3 in November so she didn't just turn two either.

Sometimes I worry about how small she is, and how her almost year younger cousin is bigger than her, but she eats. She doesn't stop grazing most days. She's just small like I was when I was little. She's healthy and active and eats so I try not to worry.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

My daughter is 6 1/2 and is only 37 pounds. I would never overfeed her to "fatten her up". Get kids that age into bad eating habits, and they will likely be haunted by it for the rest of their lives.

As long as they are eating a variety of foods and are healthy, the size does not matter.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

My 7 year old weighed in at 40lbs even about 3 months ago. Then she hit a growth spurt and ate like crazy and is now a healthy 48lbs. So it happens. I went through a period of trying to fatten her up but it never worked and I was always worried that it would be unhealthy for her body. I stopped and she gained normal weight and is a healthy weight for her height and age. My 2 1/2 year old is a nice even 28lbs. She's been 28lbs for 6 months now. It happens. They figure out a healthy body frame. My dh and I aren't big people so we can't expect our kids to be either. I think they will just do whatever is healthiest for their bodies., no matter what we try to shove into them.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

I have a 4 year old thats super skinny and i thought about this too. he has 3 other brothers and is super active. I was thinking of giving him PediaSure WITH his meals for a while but I only do organic when it comes to dairy and meats and stuff so I am still looking for a healthier alternative. maybe you should try you locla healthfood store for something like that.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

If your ok with Carnations instant breakfast you can sneak it in stuff and get extra calories(makes a power milkshake too ). anything you add milk to you can add the vanilla kind to...mash potatoes,mac and cheese,sauces,ect.

cheese and peanut butter snacks add more calories than fruit so add some with the fruit(grapes and cheese cubes,ect)

Make sure he is getting all servings of the food pryamid everyday(i am sure he is)and he will grew in his own time.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

There are lots of good fattening foods. Bananas and avocados, off the top of my head. Probably most nuts too. It doesn't have to be a 'bad' food to be fattening.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

Did his Dr. say anything or was he concerned about this weight? Has this been something that is steady, or is it a sudden drop in weight-gain?

If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it. DD is 3 yrs. old and wear her 18 mos. shorts! 3T pants will only stay up as long as they have the adjustable waist. She is very lean, but always has been (she DH's body-type). She is barely 27 lbs. and is in the 5th percentile in weight. I asked her Dr. at her 3 yr. appt. if this is something to be concerned about. He said "no" simply because this is the way she has been gaining weight- only in height! My DD is healthy, VERY active and shows NO signs of a failure to thrive. She eats all sorts of foods (including veggies!), but doesn't always clear her plate. Her Dr. said to NEVER force her to clear her plate because that can cause problems later on (obesity & psychological problems).

Don't worry about trying to fatten your babe up. Do be sure to give him good fats like Omega 3's. Sounds like your little on is a naturally lean child.
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Re: Fattening a two-year-old

my son was right around yours in weight when he was 2 years old...he is now just over 3 and weighs between 28-29 pounds...but is not showing any signs of growing right now...but he hit a growth spurt sometime in between 2 and 3...he was wearing 12 m pants and so I bought a crap load of 18 month pants for the winter and he woke up one day going from 12 m to 2T!!!!!

I personally would not try to "fatten" your kid up unless the doc says to because his health is at risk for being so small. He may just be small for now because his body is gearing up for a growth spurt. Barring any medical problems, his body knows what size it is supposed to be and will grow accordingly. By fattening him up, especially with things like ice cream you are setting him up for failure in his future...

Just my
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