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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

I hope your lo comes soon Mama. How are you feeling?


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Smile Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

The reason he's probably bringing up the c-section is that when babies are high and induced labors can't bring them down into the birth canal, they usually end with a c/s. This happened to my sister. Her baby was not engaged on his due date, but they decided to induce to have a planned b-day and to have the doc they wanted. He never engaged and was delivered c/s due to "no progress". Needless to say I was enraged. All my babies have been late and did not engage until the week they were born or during labor. I'm eagerly awaiting #5 with only 2 days left until edd. I want my baby to drop too, so I know how you feel. Plus, this is your first. Usually first time labors are more time intense, things just don't happen like they do on tv. MY first time took a total of three days from start to finish. My advice is to not jump the gun and be admitted to the hopsital too early, that also increases your chances of a c/s. Unless there is a medical reason, I would not consent or be bullied into one.

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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

Baby #1 wouldn't drop either for the longest time it seemed... walking a lot helps, a good trip to the mall or store for a couple hours helps. Some advice I got from a OB nurse on one of my 5 trips with false starts told me when I'm walking to put my hands under my belly and lift it up a little so baby's head will move, my daughter had her head tilted just a little off and she couldn't move down because of that. And by holding it up she would have to adjust her position and allow herself to move into better position.

Don't give into your OB, it's not fair to scare a 1st time mommy with a c/s when you arent' even late or having complications. Let him know in no uncertain terms that unless the baby is in danger or there is no possible way for you to deliver naturally that you will not consider a c/s. Be patient Mama, baby's come when they are ready and not a day, walking, spicy food, or castor oil will not help unless baby is ready, although sex does help if the time is right LOL

I hope your lo arrives soon as s/he is ready, and that your dr stops badgering you... oh well if it happens while he's on holiday, guess that means your baby's birth wont be paying for his trip (gosh was that snarky?!)
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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

Hi Girls!
Well, still nothing. I'm feeling good, but frustrated for this baby to come (or to stop appts!). The induction has been scheduled for Sunday morning, so I guess we'll see.

Oh, and being in Canada, my birth won't pay for anything... we don't pay for our health care. I guess the gov't does though... !

Thanks for all the stories. I have hope this baby will do what it needs to do, all on it's own! It has already started to drop a bit, and has rotated to the left side (from the right) so it's in much better position now. Now all I need are some good contractions to start things along!!

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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

Glad to hear baby has shifted! That's a good sign.

Just remember, you don't have to follow doctor's orders. If you don't want to be induced, or if you don't want more appts, then don't show up. What are they going to do? Hunt you down??
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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

I was induced before Maddie had dropped? I don't see why they couldn't. I was 4 cm. and 75% effaced when they began the Pitocin. She was posterior, and that is why she never dropped. We didn't find out until the very end that she was pretty much stuck up there and needed some "redirection."

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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

My first didn't drop until in labor, 1 week after the due date. I'm so glad I was patient and waited because the cord was around his neck, and the longer you wait, the more the cord stretches, which makes it not so dangerous at all.

Here's some tips for getting baby in a good position:

~The Cat (yoga pose), on your hands and knees, arch back like a U while looking up and inhale, then arch back like an upside down U while dropping head down and exhale. Doing this often will get the spine of baby go against your tummy because it is the heaviest part that gravity will bring down. This is the cure for posterior babies, as well as for shoulder's stuck. Here's a video:

~When laying down, lay on the side that the baby's back is against. This helps speed up labor, while laying on the opposite side will slow down labor.

~Belly dancing is SOOOO helpful and feels really good, too. Do hip circles, shake your hips from side to side, make figure 8s with your hips, alternate bringing each hip forward, pelvic tilts, etc. Here's some video clips:
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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

Originally Posted by johnson_mommy View Post
Anyway, I do want to avoid a c/s. My mom had to have 3 - I was transverse, my sis didn't drop & my other sis was #3, so they wouldn't let her try! So this seems to be a family thing... and I want to avoid it if possible!!
Just an FYI. . . C - sections are not a family thing (at least not in my family). My mom had 4 C-Section girls -- 2 of us wouldn't move into the birth canal and the other 2, they wouldn't let her try. 2 of us now have children. DD#1 was born vaginally. My neice was born vaginally and this baby I am sure will be born vaginally as well. Everyone says I look just like my mom and I could do a natural birth and she couldn't. So please don't worry that having to have a c section is a genetics/family thing.
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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

mama, you can just not show up for the induction, call your HCP and say "i have decided that i will let my child pick its own birthdate thanks anyways "

40 weeks for me today.
still 3 more weeks to go before i get nervous about her coming out.

i have been doing cat/cows for a while now and it helps when she gets posterior, and it feels SOOOOOO good on my back!
see if you can go swimming. belly down, then do lots of deep squats in the water.
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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

Talk to your baby. Let your baby know that you are ready for him/her to come out. That everything will be ok. Babies are connected to their mothers in a way that science has yet to uncover.

Also, go walking. And sleep in a recliner.

And remember, just because you're scheduled for an induction doesn't mean you have to show up... Don't let yourself be bullied.
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