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Unhappy Re: Is this baby cute or not?

Please don't take this the wrong way, but she will have the rest of her life to be judged by people, why start now? She is beautiful, nobody should have to ask that. I think its sad that we are "voting" on a baby!


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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

I think she is beautiful!

I agree with Connie though. Places tend to look for extreme characteristics, and this baby is just a typically cute baby.
Tiffany, Mama to the incredible JM (3.25.06) , NC (7.28.10) and EH (9.23.13)
We don't vaccinate, we kept our sons intact, we use cloth diapers, we co-sleep, we extended RF, we breastfeed, but we watch too much tv and I totally dig plastic! Everyone has their issues, lol.
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

I think she is beautiful! Her big eyes are so pretty!
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

OK, I did not read all the responses so if I am repeating what someone else said.......... maybe it will help.

I agree with the person that said babe is cute but not unique. I the eyes of a mother our children are perfectly beautiful. I would hate to have to hear from someone that my babe is just average or worse.
lion in me would react.
That said, she needs (in my opinion) to stop all this and think. There have been so many shows with the "real" models giving advise. The one thing they ALWAYS say is NEVER PAY MONEY! If your child or you "have it" they will pay for everything. Because they know they will make money. If they ask you to pay for anything, then they feel you don't realy have it. But of course they will not tell you that.
I was accepted by an agency (10) years ago. BUT they wanted me to cut my hear and loose 5-10 pounds. DH and I talked about it and decided that the life of never being around and traveling to jobs would hurt my family. So I declined. I was so relieved! I could not see cutting my hair. It was down to my waist and thick, perfectly healthy. And a fiery red.
(a lot changes wit age ) And then the wait. Goodness, I am 5'6" and I weigh 115 pounds. Where was I going to loose it from? My hair?
My point is, tell her to think hard. They expect a lot! You don't get to be you. Does she realy want to make that choice for her daughter? A few of our children real could be "the one" but I could not bring myself, nor would DH let me, post them up. Parade them around, and make them something they are not.
IF your friend is set on this, tell her the way to get a genuine response from an agency is to go to a calling. Or what ever they call them now. Any major city has them. Call the local agencies and ask when they are hosting another one. Tones of people show up and they each get a few minutes to show there stuff. The "guys" know real fast if they want you or not. If they do, they pay for everything.
The other option is to get her pics pro done and send copies to lots of different agencies.(they generally want a head shot and a body shot) If they want her, again, they pay for everything. If they want money, walk. You never get a guarantee with those folks, it is a business.
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

As a mom to a infant/child model..I can tell you it is not even about how your child is about what the agency is looking for at that moment, it may have to do with the size they need, the look they need or a current job they need filled with a specific criteria. Also you may have the cutest baby known to man but unless you live in a city where modeling is huge you will not make it...ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS THIS:
Check your Local SAG list by going on it will give you lists of local SAG do not want anything other than sag or chances are you will be paying out of pocket and there is no need to do so. Once you have established you are infact in a city that is with in an hour of a few agencies you can proceed with submissions. Get together a cover letter, something short and to the point. I am so and so mother to 12 month old so and so we are currently seeking representation. I have enclosed her current photos, contact info and stats.
As far as pictures you want to include 3-5 shots. These mostly need to be face serious 2 smiling very close up, one full body length NO PROFESSIONAL SHOTS..these are everyday snap want plain clothing nothing busy to take away from the child. Also for children under four you should never invest in professional comp always use home made cards with a snap shot on them, this is because you often have to retake pics every three to six months to show what the child looks like.
on the back of each photo put your childs stats (age, height, weight, clothing size, shoe size and in some cases waist, hip, chest and inseam) Also add contact info (phone #'s) and a self addressed stamped envelope and you will hear back from the agencies either by phone call or by your pictures being returned and a letter stating your child did not meet their current needs and to reapply in 6 months. this will usually be within 2-6 weeks after sending the pics out.
one tip is I would take a couple rolls of film and go to a lake or park and a few changes of clothes and just take a ton of pics out of the three rolls I would find 3-5 i would LOVE and send those in with my have to get good anyway if you get an agent because you have to take new pics for comp cards every few son was in modeling from 2-4 years and on the first day of kindergarten macy's called for a shoot and I had to put school first and we took him out of modeling entirely...he had 3 agents and we were located in san fran at the time..he has a strong desire to get back into it and we are now in san diego so it is a possibility but with him having issues with autism it may be more of abattle to get him involved this time around... good luck and if you have any questions let me know....sorry this was so long...I just know way too much about the biz...
Wife to Neil Married 7/2/06 Mama to Taiven age 11, Skye 2 Sawyer Riley 5/28/08
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

Honestly???? I had a baby model and I will have to say NO; Ducking from whatever may be thrown at me
Zona:mom to 10
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

Cute baby yes, but could I couldn't picture her as a model
Proud military wife to C
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

I think it might have a bit to do with her temperment as well as her features? So if she smiles and laughs a lot and easily...
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

I guess I'll add my 2 cents in here as a former baby model that has suffered no lasting mental damage! lol

"Honestly I can't understand why anyone would want their dc to be a model, there are much better things for them to be doing than modeling."

My older daughter has been modeling since she was about 18 months. Why? Because she gets paid at least $65/hour to be photographed playing with other kids, playing with toys, playing in the bathtub. She doesn't know its "work"! She now has earned income thats allowed her to open an IRA as well as start a college fund. She's 5 now...She went on an audition a few weeks ago and didn't get the job. She has no idea what that means, doesn't care and doesn't feel at all rejected. She just had fun trying on some fun clothes and meeting a bunch of other little girls!

I'm also going to back up what falcon2 has to say about not paying any fee for representation, but possibly needing to pay a photographer (falcon2 happens to be one of my closest friends IRL so I know she knows WAY more about the modeling business than she is letting on In Seattle where I live, the kids have to have a comp card and pro photos. People always say if you have to pay anything its a scam. But honestly it just depends on the market as far as photos are concerned. Some cities a professional comp is the norm, and some cities its not. You never have to pay an agency for representation. But the only two "real" agancies in the Seattle market absolutely require at least a comp card with professional photos, but the comp can be updated with snapshots stapled to the back, rather than having to get a new card every few months. Don't expect an agency to foot the bill for your baby's photos. They may do that for older models but its probably pretty rare for a baby. Falcon2 can correct me of I'm wrong, but I'm pretty certain that for a baby, only the largest agancies in the largest markets would advance the $$ to shoot a baby's comp pix (if even them).

"-the $100 covers the website and book. She just have to submit her own pics (like from walmart or sears). No other fees involved"

The comission the agency takes on their models landing jobs is what pays for a legitimate agancy's book, website and all other business expenses. If they can't afford to print their books and run their website without the models paying to get in it, then they are not making money off the comission they earn from their models job's...They are making money directly off their models. That is not a working, legit agancy.

Just my experiences
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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

Thanks for all of the responses. I think modeling a baby (or child) is fine if the mom keeps it in perspective. And if the child ever wants to stop, the mom should respect that. A 12 month old does not know that she is working. I agree with 2lilmonkeys on this 100%-they can think it is just fun. If you can start a college fund for your little one, go for it! This baby was signed with an agency on Friday. To list with them was free but there was an $89 fee for the web and book(which you don't have to choose to do). This agency and several others were looked into before making a decision. I found out that it is common for agencies to charge a fee for the web and book and they weren't neccessarily scams. They just want to make sure that models are serious about the business...don't know exactly how to explain it but if it is free to do everything, more people would be interested and trying to get in. Some of those people would then be not reliable because they don't take it seriously and have nothing vested. I could be wrong but after calling an agency that had no intrest in babies and talking with her for a while about babies, I completely understood. She had no reason to lie to me cuz I had nothing she wanted-they were looking for older kids. With that said, I do still think that free agancies are out there-we just couldn't find any close to home. This momma would rather pay the $89 fee for now then have to drive into a big city all of the time for potential jobs (from a free agency). I'll let you know if she gets any jobs. The agent said that they look for babies more when it's closer to Christmas (they need models for the Christmas clothes). Thanks again everyone!
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