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Re: s/o, kind of: Boys & Puberty

Yeah! I LOVE that HEALTHY eating was pointed out. There seems to be a HUGE trend of boys with eating disorders around here. They do tend to grow out before up, and skinny boys with tight jeans in in for some reasons right now, and our hs is having a big problem with bulimic boys


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Re: s/o, kind of: Boys & Puberty

Yeah, I had to add that. My ds is average build but not skinny and not built so he is self conscious (sp?) about it. He wants to start working out but I said he was too young and some daily exercise would be best. We bought him a trampoline last year which he is on hours a day, got him a basketball net a few months ago and ask him to walk the dog once or twice a day. I also noticed now that his appetite has increased he is always snacking and was aiming for the quick unhealthy snacks. I keep pleanty of fruits and veggies on hand along with granola, yogurt and cheese. Now he goes for those. I NEVER keep chips, pop or candy in the house and that really helps too.
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Re: s/o, kind of: Boys & Puberty

I have all girls (so far) & I think its GREAT that this topic came up!! Alot of time people forget that boys are going to go through alot of changes too & need just as much info & guidance as girls do. (I worked in a 4th grade classroom & gym/summer was stinky, LOL!) My sex ed involved asking my grandmother where babies came from & being sent to the public library when I was 8yrs old.

There are alot of great growing up books out there. We have Its So Amazing...a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies & famililes, Its Perfectly Normal..changing bodies, growing up, sex & sexual health, and What's the Big Secret...talking about sex with girls and boys.
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Re: s/o, kind of: Boys & Puberty

Those books sound great, made me think that a book that covers EVERYTHING would be better than a book covering just boys - something I hadn't thought about

I'm so thankful for everyone's input! I'm definitely NOT anxious to get to these phases, but I hope to be prepared and I hope to raise my boys so that they're comfortable with dh and I and their growing, changing bodies. One (or more) of the previous posters mentioned letting them know that EVERYONE either IS or HAS gone through this...even us as parents. I probably would've thought of the everyone around you *is* or will be going through it, but I may not have thought of everyone around you (whose, parents..grandparents, etc) HAS gone through this and it's completely normal & expected. I think talking and actually having a conversation about relationships and our family's view is important and something that my parents never even came close to (actually, we never talked about boy talk, no sex talk, no NOTHING..except when I started my period my mom told me about when she started hers)...but I also understand (and expect) that they'll have their own preferences and I just hope to provide them with enough information that they're well educated and can make smart, informed, responsible decisions - AND be completely comfortable to come to me with any of their problems. That's a really big one for me - if you haven't noticed. LOL.

Anyway, long & windy to say...thanks again everyone Great info!!
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Re: s/o, kind of: Boys & Puberty

well, I have 4 boys lol and they range in ages from 16 down to 20 months... we just talk about things openly whenever an opportunity arrises....
I also have one daughter... and those discussions come up when it arrises also.. not when a problem arrises but when ever any opportunity to get into the discussion comes around..
hope that makes sense LOL
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Re: s/o, kind of: Boys & Puberty

I'm one of four- two girls and two boys. I don't remember a time when we didn't talk openly about stuff. I remember my mom explaining sex to me when I was 7. She said she was concerned because I was coming home with misinformation that friends had shared based on their experiences living with their moms and mom's boyfriends.
So we've always been open. I think that's important. Be as honest as you can considering the age. For instance when we were 4 and 5 and asked where babies came from my parents would give a simple and direct answer like- from the hospital. As we got older and the questions more persistent my parents were more honest. This has led to relationships that are still open. The four of us feel comfortable asking my parents anything and being honest about where we've been and what we've done. It has also meant that my brothers are super respectful (and vice versa) and sympathetic towards girls. They dont' get grossed out when we talk about periods. This honesty is a lifestyle though, it's not just about sex. Hope this makes sense.
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