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I'm worried...

Please nobody take offense or get angry at me...but I really need to vent out my feelings because I am starting to freak myself out a bit.

I am scared because I can't really say that I've felt the baby move in several days..maybe about a week now. I *thought* MAYBE I had but I'm starting to wonder if it was just me wanting to feel it move that I was making myself think it was moving. Every time I thought it moved I was like "I THINK it just moved" but not positive. I don't really Feel pregnant still. I'm 18 weeks now...I do have my regular headaches...I got sick two nights adversions, tiredness, hormones...the whole thing you know but not an overwelling feeling of any of it. I've heard of others having lost the baby but not knowing. I'm not bleeding or cramping. I'm not ANYTHING. Maybe thats the kicker.

And then I start questioning God. I start thinking; I've got two beautiful, happy healthy girls. I've never had a miscarriage or any pregnacy/labor complications. I can't possibly get "lucky" enough to continue on like that while others out there are suffering loss after loss. It's like I feel that it's MY turn or something. Dh says I'm nuts, and that the baby is fine and I'm just worrying myself to death for no reason.

I jsut feel that with my 3rd child, and I felt movements prior to this, that i should be feeling this baby move a lot more now. I'm not going to call the Dr. because I go in on Monday anyway for an U/S and there's nothing they can do now if the baby isn't ok...and I don't want to be the hypocondriact mom that rushes in when nothing is wrong. I have NO proof that there is anything wrong...I'm just worried and scared. I'm sorry, now I'm about to cry and I just needed to get this off my chest. I guess that I'll just have to wait until Monday to know either way.


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Re: I'm worried...

I just want to tell you that it is OK to feel whatever you are feeling. I hope things turn out well on your appointment.
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Re: I'm worried...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling this way. Is there possibly someplace you could rent a doppler?? That might ease your mind a little.
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Re: I'm worried...

Maybe the baby changed position and you can't feel the movements as much anymore. 18 weeks is still early to feel regular movement...I'm sure everything is fine.
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Re: I'm worried...

You sound EXACTLY like I did at 18 weeks. It was right before my ultrasond and I had myself so worked up and convinced something was not right. I wasn't feeling movement or was I? No pregnancy feelings at all. I actually started cryong and thinking how lucky I was to have 2 healthy children and since Madi wasn't supposed to make it this baby wasn't going to either. I didn't call the doc because I thought the same thing "what could they do?" and waited until my ultrasound. To see Lilly on screen perfectly healthy and moving all around was the best sight. A few weeks after that she was moving up a storm and hasn't stopped yet. You're not alone in your feelings and thoughts, you're into your 2nd trimester and your body/hormones are changing as is baby. She could be moving less, resting more or just changed positions. Just try to relax and not overly stress. If you have to call the doc and have them listen to the heart real quick, my doc office never gives me a hard time about that.

By the way, I called it a her but it could be a him!!
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Re: I'm worried...

Sorry you're feeling so blue. Hopefully everything is fine, it's still early for "regular" fetal movement. I had points in all my pregnancies that I felt un-pregnant, hopefully this phase will pass soon!
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Re: I'm worried...

I felt like that around the same time. The baby is probably in just a weird position and you cant feel the movement. How did your appt go? Did you go this monday or do you go next monday?
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Re: I'm worried...

I didnt start feeling the baby move regularly until 22 or 23 weeks! It was really difficult on me because DH felt harper (on the outside) at like 20wks.

When I went in for my ultrasound they told me that my placenta was across the front of my uterus and thats why I hadnt felt the movement like I had with my DD.

Now of course at 28wks...hes a wild man and sometimes I think there HAS to be 2 in there....(but of course, u/s says only one) Wondering how ONE baby could move as much as he does!
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Re: I'm worried...

You're not a hypochondriac, you're a mama! I don't think it's too uncommon to make yourself a little nuts worrying about your baby. Everyone's probably right though, the baby is probably facing your back. You might try laying on your back (propped up a little though) to try and spin her/him around to kick your front.
Don't let anyone give you a hard time, it's your body and your baby, and nobody knows either better than you!
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Re: I'm worried...

I am sorry you are worried> i was one of them that had no clue the baby died. i went into my appointemnt complaining about beig stickstill, at 17 weeks, and gfound out he had died. ( ok that is so wrong i even posted that)
Anyway, I think if you are genuinley concerned, your doc might alolow your go go in just to listen to hte Heartbeat. he should not make you wait. I felt my whole lsat pregnancy like nothing woudl go wrong sinne i had lost before, and it did, so i dont think you need to worry that you have had 2 healthy children, and it is your turn. I dont think God works that way. I have lost 11 babies, and have never had a healthy pregnancy, It is just luck of the draw i think. Some ppl have 10 babies with never having one complication..

hang in there, and if you are scared, call your doc. i pray all is OK with you. I hope your baby is fine. if you are super concenred though,I would go in.

Good luck and prayers to you!!
Melissa, At home, homeschooling, proud LDS Mom to 3 miracles on Earth, 5 angels in heaven, Nothing butt cloth is now closed. Thank you for 5 years of support.
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