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Travelling with cloth

There have been a few threads lately with people asking about the feasibility of travelling with cloth diapers so I just wanted to relate our experience.

We left last Wednesday morning and drove ~8 hours to Florida to stay with my cousin and his wife. We left Sunday morning and drove back home (the return trip took a little longer). I did sneak a small pack of sposies that I already had into the van just in case but I never used them. So we were gone a total of 5 days, 2 of them spent on the road. At home, I don't use a diaper pail, I used to use a nylon wetbag from the camping section at Walmart and I've recently been using a wool wetbag.

I packed prestuffed pockets and AIOs/AI2s for the daytime while we were out and about and prefolds and wool for around the house (pretty much the same thing I do here). For the trip, I had James in either a pocket or AIO/AI2 with wool over it just in case. I checked him each time we stopped and changed him as needed, just putting the used diapers in a nylon wetbag in the van. Thankfully he didn't poop in the car but if he had, I planned to just bundle the diaper up and rinse it when we reached our destination. We had no problems at all on the trip. I hadn't really discussed cloth diapers with our hosts but they knew that I use cloth. When we got there, I hung a wetbag in our bathroom and did just what I would do at home. Wet diapers went straight in, poopy ones got rinsed in the toilet and then tossed in. Normally I wouldn't go 5 days without washing at home but I didn't want to wash at their house so I just let it go. On day 3, the air conditioner in the house went out and it was over 90 degrees inside by the time the repair man got there. The diapers were starting to stink a little then. Also, they have dogs so they keep the doors closed on the rooms they don't want the dogs getting into so the used diapers were in that wetbag but they were in the closed bathroom so they weren't really getting much air circulating and stunk a little more than they probably would at home with everything open. Still, it wasn't a problem...I think I noticed it more than anyone else because I was paranoid. When we were ready to leave, I put the wetbag inside a garbage bag and tied it up hoping to contain any stink and moisture. When I shifted the bag around in the back of the van, I smelled the diapers but that was the only time. As soon as we got back home, I dumped them in the washer and ran a rinse cycle to let them soak.

My husband thought I was crazy for taking cloth on the trip but it really wasn't a problem at all. I put the daytime/daddy dipes in a small overnight bag and carried the prefolds/wool in the suitcase with the boys' clothes. It didn't take up any more space than a package of sposies would have. I think in the future, if I were goign for more than about 3 days, I'd plan to at least rinse and spin the diapers in the washer. I thought about rinsing the wet dipes in the toilet or bathtub just like the poopy ones to keep the ammonia from building up but I think all those soaking wet diapers in a bag would start to stink anyway, even if they were just wet with clean water (especially FL water )

My cousin and his wife didn't even notice that we were using cloth until the second day when she commented on his cute shorties and I explained to her that the lanolin in the wool makes them sort of waterproof so I can use those over a cloth diaper instead of plastic and it's a lot cooler. After that, she started paying more attention and commenting on all his cute diapers. She couldn't believe it when she saw the "daddy" diapers and how they're just as easy as sposies. Then of course I got to tell her all the other advantages (environmental, financial, medical, etc.) They don't have any children yet but they're TTC so hopefully when they get there, she'll at least think about it...

Anyway, hopefully this will help some of you who are contemplating travelling with cloth! Good luck!


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Re: Travelling with cloth

That's great mama! Good for you! I travelled with cloth overseas and had no problems either! Danni
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