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Re: VBAC Concerns: Can anyone give me comfort and advice?

Originally Posted by yellowcampcat
This is what he told me: I cannot have pitocin, must progress according to normal parameters (whatever those are!), have to be monitored constantly when I get to the hospital, and he won't let me go past my due date.
If at all possible i would switch dr.'s b/c these things are a recipe for a repeat csection and your odds of vbac'ing are low under those conditions.

ITA with not having pitocin. But "progress according to normal parameters' means that he will expect your cervix to dilate about 1cm/hour and not have a labor longer than 12 hours total. Since you never went into labor on your own the first time your body will most likely handle it like a first time mom, which means an *average* labor of 18 hours -- exept in your dr.'s opinion.

(FWIW, my labor with DS was 52 hours long from start to finish and the majority of dr.'s would have pressured me for a csection around the 36 hour mark when i had only progressed to 6cm - it took me 6 hours per cm to dilate. But my birth team was supportive and didn't push needless interventions/time parameters and i was able to have a vaginal birth).

And having to be monitored constantly means you'll have to be in bed and not have freedom of movement - which helps your labor go more quickly and helps baby get into an ideal birthing position. Being in bed can make your labor go slower (making meeting his '1 cm/hour' standard even harder to obtain).

Not letting you go past your due date doesn't make sense either, a larger baby vs. a smaller baby should not increase your risk of uterine rupture, and i hate that dr.'s give specific due dates - a 'due range' is more accurate b/c 37-42 weeks is considered full-term and totally normal.

Anyway, sorry to be such a downer but your dr.'s conservative stance is not conducive to successful VBAC'ing for many situations and if it is something that is important to you i would consider switching dr.'s.


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Re: VBAC Concerns: Can anyone give me comfort and advice?

Yellowcampcat - Raquelita said exactly what I was going to say. I, personally, have a big problem with due date and labor length restrictions particularly by physicians who say they are "supportive" of VBACs.

Due dates are notoriously inaccurate. Who is to say that your cycle was not a little long when you conceived, and therefore your "due date" by LMP is actually a week or more earlier than by ovulation date. In addition, some women gestate longer than exactly 40 weeks. There is no added risk after 40 weeks for VBAC moms that does not exist for non-VBAC moms.

Labor length restrictions do not make any sense either. Your body is not a clock and therefore it does not know that some doctor said it should dialate 1 cm/hr. It is quite common for laboring women to have a pause in dialation between 4-7 centimeters that can last hours. If this happened to you, you doctor would be prepping you for a c/s when it may be the way your body normally labors.

The restrictions required by your doctor will make a VBAC very difficult for you. If you seriously desire a VBAC, I would be interviewing other doctors or midwives who will give you the time to let your body do what it naturally will do. Good luck to you!
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Re: VBAC Concerns: Can anyone give me comfort and advice?

Here's a really nice birth story of a woman who had to have a repeat c-section but was able to make it into something really special for herself and her baby.

I hope you are able to do what is best for you and your kiddo.
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Re: VBAC Concerns: Can anyone give me comfort and advice?

Well I go for my next appointment on the 20th. I've been talking to my husband about this and he doesn't like the sound of changing Doctors. He really likes our doctor and so do I, but I'm willing to change if it's in our best interest and I know my husabnd will support me. I'm going to do as much research as possible up to then and then I'm going in to make my wishes perfectly clear! I probably need to ask the Doctor some direct questions too. He sounded sincere about doing the VBAC, but I am concerned about whether or not he will make the right decisions for me when I'm actually in labor! Well, after my appointment we need to decide whether or not we need to make some changes. Keep sending me websites if you find any. I need to decide fast what is going to happen. I'll be 30 weeks at my next appointment!

Oh and by the way-it sounded as though some may have mistaken what I mentioned earlier. Doctor told me there was a 1% chance of rupture. Then after the rupture a 50% chance of baby dying and a higher percent then that for brain damage. It sounded like maybe one of you thought I said 50% chance of rupture but I'm not sure if thats what you thought. The odds still sound embelished to me so let me know if any of you have any more sites I can research with different researched odds!

Thank you everybody for your support and advice! I really really appreciate it!
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Re: VBAC Concerns: Can anyone give me comfort and advice?

I totally forgot to answer your PM - so sorry!!! The nurses and doctors told me to be very aware of any tearing or burning sensations...they said I would know something different than a contraction.

You and you DH are going to make the right decision!!! Good luck!
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Re: VBAC Concerns: Can anyone give me comfort and advice?

I have not read the other replies, so this may be a repeat.

I am currently expecting #3 and had a successful VBAC w/ #2. My first c-section was due to my DD being footling breech, low amniotic fluid and no chances of turning her.

I have a Dr. that is very supportive of VBAC. He has informed me of all the risks and allowed me (without persuasion) to make my own decision. VBAC carries a higher risk to BABY and lower risk to MOM. Repeat c-section carries a higher risk to MOM and a lower risk to BABY.

I have pretty much decided I will have a VBAC unless complications arise and my baby is in danger. We are planning to move, probably before the baby is born, back to where my second DD was born and they are starting to shy away from VBAC's because of liability/insurance reasons. Really-you cannot blame a Dr. for being scared that he will get sued and lose it all b/c a mom has remorse that her VBAC went amiss. It's sad though that its all coming to this. Anyway, I still intend to hold my ground and not let them encourage c-section to save their own selves, because in my situation I have no reason to believe, other than the small chance of uteran rupture, that my baby is in any risk of harm. I will not be suing anyone if my uterus ruptures. I am informed and know the risks.

That all being said, I do have fears about it. No one can make the choice for you but you have to go with what is in your gut. Chances are your babys cord will be fine, but there will always be that what if in your mind. You just have to decide if it is worth the chance to you to have a vaginal birth.

Best of luck in your decision. I was probably no help with my rambling, but I do share your frustrations/fears. Even though I have no history of complications, I have fears about VBAC and think about the "what-ifs"
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