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Queen 115 53.24%
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We do not co sleep 18 8.33%
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Sleep Sharing questions

So dd is 7 months. She slept great in her crib up until 4 or so months, and then just flat out refused. I am inpartial to co sleeping, I like it and dont mind that she sleeps with us, DH would rather she didnt, but since I do all the nightime feeding (obviously since I BF) I have the upperhand on the matter. However now that she is older and larger (was 21lbs at 6 mo. check up) She is making it very snug in our queen sized bed. There is a good chance we will be moving *fingers crossed* I was just wondering if most of the fams that co sleep have a king sized bed? When we were on vaccation we had a king sized bed and it was SO wonderful. I want to get a king sized bed if we move... I was just wondering if this was unrealistic of if lots of co sleepers have big beds. tia ladies


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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

We have aqueen size and I wish it was a king. When our DD was smaller it wasnt a big deal but now that she is nearly 3 years old it is very tight and I dont think my DH or I get a very good nights sleep with her in the bed with us. After she falls asleep I have been trying to move her over to her toddler bed and soon I am going to put a single bed in her room so I can lay in there with her until she falls asleep and then I can leave. If you can get a king size bed, I would do it
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

I have a queen size, and only co-sleep part time (ie. if there's a thunderstorm, DD is sick, or just wakes up in the middle of the night wanting Mama, I'll bring her in bed w/ me).

It's just me, DD, and my cat in the bed... but somehow I always seem to be teetering on the edge w/ one foot on the floor, and one arm hanging down I can't figure out how a little baby and a cat take up the WHOLE queen size bed.
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

DS, me and DH sleep in a full size bed. Its a squeeze, but i wouldnt trade it. Now how well fit us plus a baby, im not sure, but well manage.
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

We have a California King.
When my oldest was born we coslept in a full-size bed. That was a squeeze!! When my second was born, we had a big bed but with two little monkeys in the bed it still got crowded.
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

I voted other because we have a queen and a twin, pushed up against each other. Oh yea, and we co-sleep with a 3 year old (part time) and a 1 year old, and I'm pregnant. :lol
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

we have a king at home. when we visit my mother we sleep in a queen and just recently we went to visit dh's sister and slept in a full. i love the king the best but i can't be anywhere near my dh when i sleep. to think we used to sleep on a twin when we first got together!
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

We've done co-sleeping with all our children. The oldest didn't start until she was around 5 months old or something. I would nurse her in the rocking chair and then put her back in her crib. Around that age, at 3am she wanted to play and I was dead to the world. The only way to get her back to sleep so I could sleep was to put her between us in the bed. After that I decided if she could sleep while nursing, so could I...and she didn't move out of our bed until she was 2 yo.

DH built a co-sleeper for baby #2, and it was also used by baby #3. They both were in that and also pulled into our bed, again both until they were 2 yo. Actually, my baby just turned 2. She starts off in her bed and comes into ours if she wakes during the night. However, she didn't even get into a crib until after she was 1 yo. Her bed was our bed.

We've always had a queen size bed, but not by choice. We have small bedrooms and a king size bed won't fit.
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

When it was just my ds and I we coslept in a twin ~ a squeeze but it worked. Then when he got to be about 2 years old I upgraded to a full and that was better. Then I moved in with dh and we got a queen and shortly after ds decided to sleep in his own bed. When I got preggers with dd#1 we got a King and that rocks. Older dd stopped co sleeping the summer before dd#2 arrived so thankfully it's only ever been 1 child in our bed at a time. Right now we have so much room becuase it's just dd#2 with us in the bed and she's only 18lbs at nearly 1 year old.
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Re: Sleep Sharing questions

We co-s;ept on a queen sized with no problems here, and will again temporarliy this time as well. We slept on a full size for forever and a queen is more then enough for us!
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