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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I had a planed repeat c/s. It was so easy. The only down side was I went in to labor and had to deal with that for a few hours before I got my spinal block. If it it planned, you will get a spinal block instead of a epi. The blocks are just a one shot deal where they inject a bunch of pain med and numbing med in to you, but it is not refillable. They do it right before your c/s and it is instant. I felt a cold chill go down my legs and then I could not move them. I thought it was cool. Mine was wearing off w/in 2 hours I was able to move my toes again. Keep on top of your pain med. Ask how long you have to go between dose and page them when it is time for more. Don't let it wear off or you will be hurting. I was also begging my Dr for food. I was so hungry and tired of the liquid diet. You will be on a liquid diet for 24 h.

Get up and walk as soon as they will let you. I went and took a shower. The showers had a seat, so I could sit and even wash my hair. I took sample packs of my shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, and so on. Plus a new tooth brush. All I had to toss in was my brush and some clothes. I also took baby clothes and blankets. My hospital only had paper gowns and I wanted to put clothes on her.

Go to the hospital and take a tour. Tell them you might have to have a c/s and ask about polices. I know at my hospital, to have the baby in room the first night, another adult has to be there.


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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I second what the pp said about touring the hospital or calling and asking about c/section procedure. I was never on a liquid diet at all. As soon as it was meal time I got food (and I'm lucky because our hospital has pretty good food!) Every hospital is different. Some hospitals have a recovery room where you have to go to after your section and you can't have the baby with you - others (like mine) everything is done in one room (except the surgery of course) where you are taken right back to your room after surgery and the baby will be brought right to you.
Also our hospital supplies everything for the baby - diapers, wipes, blankets and little gowns where they have a notch that covers the babies hands so he/she can't scratch their face. Also there is no requirement about an extra adult needed for the baby to stay overnight...if you need help you page the nurse.
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

Im having #6 over here and I can tell you they are not as bad as people think . With my 4th and 5th i didn't even feel like i had surgery ! My recommendation is to ask for a spinal with the morphine they add that gives you pain relief for a long time ! that little tihng they like to give you on your hand for pain relief ( you push a button and it releases pain meds ) is for the birds. with my 4th adn 5h i had the spinal versus epidurals with the others and it made a HUGE difference, also as a previous poster said , get up and get around , keep everything loosend up instead of sitting and getting all tense and it will make a world of difference also. i made it a point to walk at least every 2 hours if it was just going to the bathroom and my recovery was super fantastic

as for the actual procedure the only problem i have is the pain meds make my blood pressure drop super low , which i have low to begin with adn that makes me sick, the last time they gave me stuff that helped with that and it was the best of them all.

its easier said then done , but try not to *fear* it and things will go beautiful for you. the worse thing was the iv lol.
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I've had two c/s and having a planned third. My first one was a little harder to recover from pain-wise, for the first week or so, but the second was much easier. I would highly suggest you find a support band for after you have the baby if you do have a c/s. Some hospitals offer them, some don't. I had to buy one for my second c/s and it was a huge help. It keeps your tummy tucked in, and helps with the pain while moving around.

I'm scared with a third c/s but only because it's major surgery. Do whatever is best for your baby and yourself. If medical intervention is necessary, so be it. I think the only outcome that is crucial is that both you and baby are healthy after delivery. Not all vaginal births are wonderful, as some of those births can have horror stories too, btdt.
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

my friends baby was completely breech and the doctor tried to turn him, but to no avail. So she opted to have a section that day rather than wait for to go into labor, have it be an emergency section and still have a breech baby. It went very smoothly. She was no more laid out than a normal delivery except she was not allowed to lift anything for a bit. Yes she said it hurt alot after but drugs are great If you HAVE to have a section, its OK. better to have healthy baby and mommy than not.

To contrast, my first was over 42 weeks and I wasn't going into labor because the muscles were too stretched out. The doctor said section was a strong possiblity due to the size of the baby (estimated 8.5-9 pounds) But I wanted a vaginal birth so he let me try. Well.... My baby was so big he got stuck coming out and lucky all he had was a bruised shoulder from being delivered with his head and one arm sticking out (the only way to get him out - I will let you imagine how that was accomplished). It turns out he was 11.1 Pounds! Had we known I def would have had a c-section despite my fears. My recovery was actually worse than a typical section patient and I lost so much blood they were very worried about me. Took me months to feel right again and I still have problems 6 years later related to that first birth.

Moral of the story is that sometimes a section is better than the alternative...
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

Ditto the Morphine with the Epidural!!! I had no pain what so ever!!! They just it in with the Epidural medicine!! Easy and SO worth it!
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I have had 4cs. It's ALL your attitude. If you go in thinking "I am going to kick this cs's butt and amaze everyone with how great I do" you will. HATED the morphine spinal though. Threw-up and itched for hours, rather have a little pain.
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

i have the BEST midwife in the world - hands down ... okay, maybe i'm partial! but she is GREAT ... and I still ended up with a c-section the first time around. she catches an average of 16 babies each month - more than all of the docs at our hospital and her section rate is less than 8% - i completely trust her instincts and skill ... my story: all natural labor for 28 hours, 5 of which was pushing, ds was NOT budging - he was posterior (head down, face up) and a big baby (9 lbs 4 oz). we tried every alternate position to get him to turn but he couldn't/didn't; so afer 5 hours of pushing, my pushes were obviously less efficient due to exhaustion and i finally consented to the c-section. (however, i was never told 'you have to have a c-section' - she let me have the control in choosing when i couldn't push anymore) also, baby was never in danger so that wasn't an issue & i was able to push for as long as i wanted.

the next day, dh was worried about my emotional health since we had our hearts set on an all natural birth with daddy catching baby ... and he reminded me that he was so thankful that we live in this time when c-sections are a safe alternative - not too many generations ago, many women with posterior, large babies would suffer through still births and often die during labor/delivery. With that said I never looked back & felt like I failed (although there have been many comments from other moms that could have made me feel like i failed at my "job" of birthing naturally)

second time around, my midwife explained that our hospital had a no VBAC policy and that she could refer me to another midwife at a hospital that allows VBACS ... after several months of consideration & prayer, i decided that i had EXCELLENT care at our local hospital where you are not just a number and the ob nurses recognize & talk to you at the grocery store, and I did not want to be without my midwife who stayed with us all during the section & stayed with me during recovery while daddy took dd back to our beautiful room ...

needless to say, dd was also posterior & weighed 10 lbs 5 oz - had I tried VBAC, i most likely would have ended up section again.

of course i wish i could have had the all natural labor, followed by all natural delivery ... BUT i have 2 beautiful children that may not be here if c-sections were not an option.

i realize there are many docs out there who are all too willing to do sections & not let nature take it's course, but mamas should not make other mamas feel badly about their birth details - there are situations when a section is the only way baby is coming out alive, or that mama will make it through.

while i FULLY support all natural labor/delivery & yes, I believe it is the preferred way to birth, we mamas need to support one another & not lay any guilt - rather let's count our blessings that we live during an era when infant & maternal death rates are not prevelant in modern countries.

sorry for the lengthy post, but i wanted plenty of info in here for anyone who felt obligated to ignore your op request of only positive remarks.

Good Luck, Mama!
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

Hi- I've had all three of my boys via c-sections, so I obviously haven't experienced a natural birth, but my c-sections were not bad at all. Yes, I was nervous and anxious going in to all three, but they were wonderful experiences and I recovered fairly quickly after each one. With all three of my boys, I was able to breastfeed right away in the recovery room.

My oldest was an emergency c-section after 15 hours of labor. My second son was an attempted VBAC, but no progress after 15 hours (I went into labor naturally). My third was scheduled. My only suggestion would be to not schedule a section more than a week before your due date. My third son was my only scheduled c-section and he had lung issues that required a nine day NICU stay. Drs. and Nurses assured me it was not becuase of the c-section, but you never know, KWIM? He was born at exactly 39 weeks and was 8 1/2 lbs, so he was no peanut! LOL

Best of luck to you!!! I am sure everything will go smoothly either way.

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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

My first 3 children were born VB, ut when I was pg with my youngest dd, i knew there was a chance I would have to hve c section due to her size. The last ultrasound projected her to be over 11 lbs!! So, we scheduled the c section at 38 weeks. We was healthy and weighed 10 lb 1 oz...not quite the projected 11, but close enough!!
for me, recovery was fairly quick and not too painful!! And the outcome was beautiful, healthy baby. I ws scared, too, but it ws not as bad as I thought!!
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