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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

Originally Posted by jennyb View Post
wow - i didn't know some hospitals "secured" your hands/arms ??? does anyone know why?
Originally Posted by jennyb View Post

my hands were free for both c/s ...

i would check with your doc at the next appt about the bathing procedure, nursing & recovery policies. you seem VERY much like me & i didn't want "some faceless nurse" doing the bath, popping in a paci, giving formula while my dh stood helplessly to the side ...

anyway, i told all of that to our midwife & we had a gazillion copies of the "birth & post-birth plan". the first baby, daddy cut the cord & bundled noah up & i snuggled while they were closing me up. i went to recovery & promptly fell asleep (this was after 28+ hours of labor & 5 hours of pushing - beyond exhausted!!!) midwife & daddy took noah & bathed him together, with daddy doing almost everything. we are BIG on skin to skin contact immediately, so noah slept right on daddy's bare chest until i returned from recovery, noah latched right on & nursed like a pro!

with our daughter, midwife stayed with me b/c I wanted her to during my recovery & daddy & an ob nurse (one of our faves) went back to our room to bathe & all that stuff - again, daddy did basically everything & elizabeth was hungry NOW, so midwife ran down to our room "kidnapped baby" & brought her to me in recovery - she latched right on & then fell asleep

like another mama said - all hospitals & docs/midwives are different, so communicate your fears, desires, etc & you just may be surprised at how accomodating everyone will be.

you & baby are in my prayers...
Probably because there are people like myself that freak out during the operation. Granted I was extremely sick with pre-eclampsia and on a ton of meds, plus my section was an emergency and they had let me eat a meal earlier, so when I started vomiting (throwing up while flat on your back is not fun) and got choked, I started feeling like I couldn't breath. I don't think that my c-section experience is the norm for most women.
But I didn't think that they routinely secured women's arms. My friend had a c-section in the same hospital that I did and she wasn't secured at all and she also had a great c-section.
I had no trouble recovering. Ditto what everyone said about getting up and walking around, it really does help. My only advice is to bring something loose to wear home. I couldn't stand for things to push against my stomach for about a month.


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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I have had to c/s one emergency and the other planned. They are very different. Neither were horrible experiences, however w/ the emergency they took DS to the NCIU for a long while b/c of many differernt circumstances. This is what I can tell you, if schedualed. wait to get the cath untill you have to, b/c they are very uncomfy we you aren't on anything! The epideral does not hurt, they numb you before it goes in and it is just pressure you feel, nothing bad at all It is a very odd sensation b/c like op said it is a block and therefore you are numb from your boobs down. That means that your diaphragm is numb too so breathing feels very odd, you get used to it after a minute or two, then you are distracted w/ the baby, etc. You know they are delivering the baby as soon as they push down on you real hard (that is them popping the head out).
DH was able to cut the cord, and he carried DS to the recovery room and I was able to BF right away, so he was very involved. I was also involved and kept up to date and well taken care of. Get up and walk ASAP, take meds like you are supposed to, have lots of pillows for proping, etc.
Good luck, I had a great experience both times, but am going to try to VBAC next time just to see how it compares! I know I was in less pain than a lot of other mothers I know...
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

My first was an emergency c-section, after a couple hours of pushing. I already had the epidural, so I went in. They had to do alot of tugging and pulling the baby back up and out. I will be honest and tell you that it was very hard. I had a lot of pain, lost alot of blood and just generally felt very ill during and after. I required some meds to stop the bleeding. I ended up staying 4 days, even with complications. So it kind of stinks that you have to stay that long regardless of how well you do. I also had a much longer recovery the first time around.

My second one was planned. I got the spial with morphine. It was an absolute breeze! It was nervous because I had such a bad experience the first time around. I was so relaxed during the actual surgery, and felt nothing. I didn't feel sick, although the morphine did make my nose itch, and I had the anesthesiologist scratching my nose the whole time because dh couldn't reach, lol. It was also very quick, much faster than the first because I hadn't pushed her down. I wasn't able to sit up right away, they had me lay flat for a few hours, but not too bad. I got up showered myself, all that. I did have some pain the next day, after the spinal morphine wore off, but the oral pain meds worked well and I only needed them a couple of days, after that it was tylenol. I had her on a Tuesday afternoon, and I went home Thursday.

I delivered each at different hospitals by different doctors. So even down to the details, things were different. Aside from the complications, the first hospital was filling me full of milk of magnesia so that when my gi system starting working again, it would be easier to go. Little did I know that I would have huge blowouts because of that stuff and be miserable. I was on liquid diet too for the firt 24 hours, soft diet for the next. The nurseing staff was less that impressive. They yanked my catheter with in an hour of coming out of recovery, but I had no ability to get up to pee yet.

The second one, I kept the catheter 24 hours, though I feel like I would've been ok without it that night. They just wanted to be safe. I could eat whatever I felt comfortable eating, and only offered me laxatives if I thought I needed them. So part of the better experience the second time around was simply being in a better hospital.
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

Well this is going to be my fouth c-section, so trust me when i say it really isn't all that bad. I know it's scary, but there are a lot of perks!! Well my last c-section was my best one, b/c now my hospital is putting pain med in the spinal and i felt nothing, and the recovery was excellent. I go in at 39 weeks, they prep me, yes beware of this stuff they make you drink to make sure that your stomach has nothing in it, it doesn't taste all the good, but plus side is it leaves your mouth soon and there's no after taste!! The baby is usually out in 30 min from when they start the c-section. They will have you in bed for the first day, but day 2 you are out and walking and showering and my hospital even lets me eat real food that day if i can keep fluids down, which i usually do. my c-sections have been good, not going to lie and say it doesn't hurt, after all the meds have worn off, but the pain meds that they give you help a lot, and everyday gets easier, and then it feels like it was such a breeze. I actually like that i don't have to wait and wait for hours in pain for my baby, and i don't have to get overdue, they take me before my due date. If you want someone to talk to about it you can alway pm me with any questions. I know you don't know me well, but i know it can be scary, and i am a very good listener!! good luck!
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I had an emergency c/s with my DS and recovery was a snap. Just make sure you walk as soon as you can feel your toes (I was up and walking the same day. My DS being in the NICU was a great motivator), make sure they do more than one layer of stitching (it makes having future babies safer), and take pain meds as needed. I didn't need anything stronger than tylenol more than once after I got home but ymmv. I know there's a new PSA regarding codeine and bf but... as long as you look out for the warning signs it's not a big issue.

Oh, and if you can... wait until they give you the epidural before you get the catheter. Makes a HUGE difference.

I've heard of mamas put on all kinds of restrictions pp but the only one I got was to not pick up anything heavier than my baby. I'm hoping to avoid a repeat c/s but there are worse things.
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I had two relatively uncomplicated labors (other than PE with my first), vaginal deliveries. Logan turned transverse on us, though, and I had too much amniotic fluid, so we opted for the c-section. It was definitely different (the sterile room, the spinal block-which nauseated me), but it turns out it was a blessing in disguise. Logan's cord was wrapped around his neck twice (where he had so much extra room to move), and I hate to think that we might've labored and caused him trauma (or worse). My recovery was quick, but only because I took it EASY. And I mean easy. Rest, get help in the house, don't lift anything. Nursing is very painful those first few weeks, because you have an incision in your uterus, and when it's contracting while you nurse, it HURTS. I can hardly see my scare now, though, and my incision in my uterus was low and horizontal, so I can always try for a vbac should we decide to add to the family.

Oh, and I had the combination epidural/spinal block, too; it kept the pain at bay for a good 10-12 hours after surgery. Definitely take the pain meds, though; it's worth it.

...I'm sure all will be fine!
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I will state at the beginning that I didn't want/plan for either of my c-sections and there were some big negatives as well... but you asked for positives so here they are. I healed so fast from my first, I was sore, but I was able to get romantic with Dh at 5 weeks PP with no pain. The second time around it healed as fast, but I felt better faster. I was grocery shopping 4th day after and though I moved slowly, I had no issues. And the OB who did my second said the first section healed so perfectly she thought at first I had never had one I was able to hold/nurse my baby within about an hour and was treated like a princess during my recovery in the hospital. I know the poster right before me said that nursing hurt at first... I definitely felt the contracting, but it was a pressure that was slightly achy at time, no pain nursing, mine came from walking or standing up straight and faded to nothing after 6-8 weeks.
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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

Originally Posted by southernmom2three View Post
I think you have a lot of misconceptions about a c-section.
If there are no complications with your surgery you can go home when you want.I dont know anyone who has stayed 5 days after a section. .
I had to stay 5 days ( Medicine Hat, Alberta) I had gestational diabetes and they kept Marissa in NICU for 2 1/2 days, then 2 1/2 days with me in hospital room.

If your baby is kept in NICU for any length of time, ask to be taken to it as often as possible. Hard with the IV but do it. Being separated from baby can delay your milk, mine wasn't flowing well until early morning of day 5.

Rose-first time mom to Marissa 07/24/07
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