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**PICS added**Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) HE'S HOME!!!!

Hey Mamas!! Well, it finally happened. Here's how everything played out. Bear with me as I am QUITE long-winded... scroll down to prayer request if you want!

Thursday morning, DH woke me up around 7:30am to tell me that he was going to work. DD was up and eating breakfast. I got out of bed and felt a contraction. I went pee and felt something slide out (TMI). I looked and it was white-ish mucous. Then, I had another contraction. DD came into the room and wanted to snuggle. As we were snuggling, I had a few more of those contractions. I told DD that Baby was going to come that day. I called DH and told him to come back home- he was out getting a coffee for himself . So, I started getting things together for DD, Dh worked for about an hour. The contractions were crampy and very regular. I called my DR. and they said to come to L&D as soon as we could. We dropped off DD at my aunt's house and got to the hospital at

9:30am. They hooked me up and my contractions were about 4-5 min. apart. They checked me and I was already about 7 cm. dialated. Dh & I walked around for a while and the contractions were getting more intense. I couldn't believe it. At around 11:30am (not sure), Dr. came in and checked me again. I was still at 7 cm. He asked if I wanted him to break my water. At this point, I was ready, so I said YES! My nurse put on a pad and told me to walk some more. I was so thankful to be up and mobile. Well, the contractions were unbelievable. I kept telling DH that I didn't know how long I could take them. He was such a good coach- he kept telling me to "get through this one contraction".

12:30pm. I was 8 cm dialated and I was starting to lose my mind. I couldn't focus and I wasn't breathing right during my contractions. I was doubting myself for sure and didn't know if I wanted the epidural. DH said to just get through the contractions and we'd talk about it. Well, the nurse checked me and said, "my dear, you are 9 cm... it's now or never". I was not present and my Dr. kept urging me... "You need to stay focused and be with us" I couldn't take it anymore so, I went ahead and got the epidural. Since it was so late, they gave me a combo spinal/epi. One dose and that was it. It was WONDERFUL! It got me through and wore off before I started pushing.

1:45pm I started pushing and felt those contractions. It was great. I pushed that kid out in about 30 minutes. I got to feel his head moving out and it was amazing! When he came out, Dr. held him up so DH could announce, and DH looked at me w/ tears in his eyes and said, "It's a little Sam... we have our Sam... it's a boy!" So, of course, I did the dumb "crying-laughing" gig. HE WAS HUGE!! Here are his stats:

8 lbs. 10 oz.
21.5 inches long
Born: 8/16/07 @ 2:15pm

can you believe that??? Well, now for the prayer request.

Friday night, our nurse noticed that Sam's breathing was fast. Normal range for a full-term baby is between 40-60 breaths per min. Sam's was around 120. So, this was a little concerning because it was a sign that something wasn't quite right. He was nursing like a champ, his circumcision (no flames please) was in great shape, and he was pooping and peeing every couple of hours. The next morning, the in-house ped. was talking to us and we had mentioned that our DD was in the NICU (longer story). They asked if I was GBS- w/ her as well and I said "no". Well, they started to add some things up and started to think that this MAY have been something to be related to GBS, even though I tested neg. with this one. Well, they immediately took Sam into the NICU and ran some tests and ordered a culture. The initial tests came back: white cells were okay, but the CRP was elevated which meant that there is some inflammation somewhere and could be from an infection. We prayed about it and gave them the go-ahead to start antibiotics.

A few hours later, the in-house ped came in looking as if she had been crying. I started to freak out. She came to tell us that since Sam was a "level-2" baby, he wouldn't have "level-2 NICU nurse care" as of 7am this morning and would have to be transported to another hospital until his tests came back and was done w/ antibiotics. She was apologetic and started crying because she was frustrated and felt bad for us. The hospital that we were at was only about 5 minutes away from our house. Now, we would have to drive a bit longer.

They got him into a hospital about 20 minutes further. We waited for the transport team to arrive. When they got there, it was so surreal. They had an incubator hooked onto a gernie (sp?) and had to put our boy in there. The whole time I am watching this, I am thinking, "but there isn't anything wrong with him. Why is this happening? The drs. and nurses all said that he looks great... but it's that one thing that we are unsure of." So, we follow the ambulance to the hospital. I am crying the whole time and DH is crying as well. Not because we are worried for our son, but because we just wanted him HOME!

Well, they got him into the new NICU, hooked up to a monitor, IV, and his antibiotics. Since his resp. were up, I couldn't nurse him anymore. So, I began pumping. We said good night (by then, it was midnight) and were able to get a room there at the hospital.

This morning, we spoke to the DR. there. She gave us some optomistic news. His breathing has slowed down considerably and still shows no sign of being sick. She gave the "OK" to let him breastfeed, so I did. She also said that if the cultures came back negative, that we'd get to take him home tomorrow.

So, please pray that everything comes up negative and that we can take our boy home. Our DD is confused and already starting to act out because of all this. Poor kid...

I am holding up well. I blame no one. I am accepting this as a trial and know that the LORD has put us in this place (once again) for a reason. Please pray that our faith remains strong and that we don't waiver (it's hard). It could be a lot worse. I looked around in that NICU and Sam was the biggest one in there... they were all preemies.

I'll get pics posted as soon as I upload them from my camera!!!


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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

Congrats mama!!! And welcome to the world little Sam!!
Sending up prayers that Sam comes home soon. Having a baby in the NICU is hard!
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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

Goodness, that is really scarry. We had to wait a few hours for them to test Mackenzies blood levels for infection because the intial test was elevated. I will be praying that baby Sam gets to come home ASAP. Hang in there mama, I would be the one acting out and not my toddler if my baby were still in the hospital. I will be looking for the update that he is home safe and sound with his mom dad and big sis.
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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

Thanks for posting we were thinking about you. And Yippee You had a baby boy! He will be fine I will be praying for you and baby Sam!
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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

oh, Flo! How very scary for your whole family. You all will def. be in our prayers.
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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

I am praying mama!!!

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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

i'm praying for your family and baby Sam
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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

Congrats. We will be praying for you and Little Sam and your family. Stay strong. God has everything in control. Keep us updated!!
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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

My first baby had something very similar. It really sounds like Transient (will go away) Tachypnea (fast breathing) of the Newborn. There are risk factors for it, but my baby was a full-term, 8.5 lbs vaginally birthed baby to a non-smoker, so it didn't hold true for us!

My little guy needed abx as well as a precaution and spent 5 days in NICU and came home totally well I'll pray the same for your little guy!
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Re: Samuel Ellis is finally here!!! ((long)) prayer request near bottom

Congrats!! I will be praying for your little one!
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