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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

wow, seems the majority of people had very early braxton hicks and then went into ptl. that's a little scary.

Micki, I've been trying the water/laying down deal and it's impossible to tell the difference because they are sporadic and it's so darn early. It's hard to tell if they go away because they were anyway or if it's because of the water/rest. Who knows? I just know I really can't deal with another NICU baby.


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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

I hope it's nothing to worry about, but I would definitely let your doc know at the next appointment. The best thing to do is stay hydrated. Good luck!
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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

With DS #1 I got them around 18 wks and they continued throughout the rest of my pgcy. I got the turb shot 2 times with DS #1, even though the contractions weren't doing anything... This time, I started getting the at 10 wks, which I didn't even know was possible to get them that early until I called my midwife! She actually told me to go to the drugstore and get Calcium/Magnisium supplements and take those daily. I also started drinking 2 L of water a day. The combo of those two things has helped a ton!
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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

I was feeling them in my 1st trimester w/ my twins and didn't even KNOW that's what it was, I thought it was movement! DOH!! I showed my OB and she was like OMG!! That's not movement silly, those are CONTRX!!!
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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

i started this pregnancy early to at 15 weeks , it really shocked me because all my other pregnancies were around 24-26 weeks,
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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

I think Braxton hicks contractions are wonderful. I attribute my easy labors to having them. I had a LOT of them with both of my pregnancies. I had them regularly the last 2 or 3 months of my first pregnancy and started having them regularly for the whole last half of my 2nd pregnancy. By regular I mean half a dozen a day to start and then in the last month or two, half a dozen per HOUR. My doctor kept saying, "Well, call me if you have more than 6 in an hour." And I kept telling her, "I'd be calling you 3 times a day!". I didn't go into early labor with either pregnancies. First daughter was 2 days late. 2nd daughter was 3 days early. All those braxton hicks contractions get you ready for labor. My first labor was 9 hours in total. 2nd labor was only 4 hours total.
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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

i've been having them for a few weeks...really bad...especially when i work out. I mentioned this to my midwife and she said drink lots of water and make sure they aren't hopefully my uterus is just practicing!!
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Re: What's the soonest you've felt braxton hicks?

With ds I started getting them at 6 weeks. I was in for my check up at 9 weeks and had one and the dr identified it immediately. I knew I wasn't nuts! With my first m/c (5w3d) I had a handful in the days leading up to the m/c...but it was different than the m/c-af cramping. With dd I didn't notice them until 11 weeks, and I was bfing multiple times a day (and night until about 8 weeks). Ds was born 15 days early, my water broke randomly. Dd was born 4 days early, super short labor, only 4 hours. WONDERFUL.

I agree with the mom who said she'd have been calling the doctor 3 times a day if she called everytime she had 6 in an hour. I didn't really chart them with ds, but I did sometimes with dd and I think I would have scared the doctor. I did my own cervical checks and I did notice her drop WAAAAY down and I effaced some it seemed like, but with lots of prayer, she went back up and my cervix did too.
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