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Re: Stay at home parents...

Dh makes $34k yr. Good for his background, not so good for our area and 5 people.

We own our house, no mortgage (inheirited it), we also paid off our cars so no car payment.

Our utilities is what kills us, I honestly don't know how but he gets paid every 2wks and not even 3days after pay day we are back to $0 in the account. All I spend it on is groceries and bills. Gas eats up as his commute to work isn't too short plus he has to run all over the place to pick up things and doesn't get reimbursed.

My mother is disabled and lives with us. she is battling the state for her disability and has private insurance and prescriptions of $1000 a mo to pay. She doesn't work so all she has is her bonds in the investment account which she pulls off of when she needs it. So I buy her groceries and get no contribution from her so it's like having 3 kids.

He works all the time (even tho he's salary) and I try to take care of the house (try being the word). I pretty much do all cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids. He does yard work and that's it. He's hardly ever home when the kids are awake so that's left up to me. It is very very strenuous to be a one income family (for us anyway), and there are times I cry my eyes out because i can't get my kids something, or I don't even have enough money for milk. But honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. I rather be at home with my kids making sacrafices than missing out on their milestones. I did however just get a job working at home, so we'll see how this works out! Good luck!


~Amanda single mum to 2 hell raising boys, Donovan(7-6-03) and Joseph(2-18-05)~

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Re: Stay at home parents...

Originally Posted by ercvt View Post

What is your spouse's income? $49k Is it "enough" ? Yes
Do you own/rent?Yes
( is it "a third" of your income?)Actually exactly

How do you manage everything.. thriftyness, family do you have a schedule at home? I am the CEO of the household so I am incharge of most to all of the bills, cleaning ect. including delegating to my hubby. Do you have a helper?? My mil and sister help if asked

Basicly, we have to sell our house and I am working full time right now along with DH. We want to move to an apt that is cheap so we can get caught up and save some. Which probably means putting off the ttc, but we have been trying since feb, so we are leaving that in God's hands. If we get preg, we do. I try to be thrifty.. but it is so hard. We don't have the internet anymore ( I am at work) which has helped. THis place ( DS) makes me spend so much!!! LOL

Thanks for the advice

I would recommedend getting to where you are living off of one income way ahead of time this gives you practice at being thrifty as well as building a great savings for you. Before ds was born my salary was direct deposited into a savings acct. (From here since you will not be using it (BE STRONG) you can move it to an IRA or a high yield CD ect.) Try to do this for at least the months you are pregnant. I can not tell you how nice it is to know that you have an emergency backup or $$ for big purchases. This is actually how we bought my new car upfront. It definitely helps to reduce or eliminate the # of monthly payments you have cable, car, debt ect.
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Re: Stay at home parents...

What is your spouse's income? Is it "enough" ?
My DH makes $50k/yr. The tax rate is high here though, so he only takes home $2700 of that. I get child support from my ex for my DD and right now I'm still on Mat leave so I'm bringing in money too ($1500/mo).

It will not be enough once my mat leave runs out in Dec, but the cost of daycare isn't worth it for me to go back to work ($1100/mo for both kids). Utilities are killing us (natural gas avg is $150/mo, power/water/waste avg is $250/mo). DH is looking into a job opportunity right now that would take us 4.5 hrs from here but where he would be making almost double and housing is less than half what it is here. The avg single family home here is over $400k - and it's cheaper to own than to rent. I hate it here.

Do you own/rent?
We own our home but not the land. Our mortgage is $1050/mo and our lot rent is going up to $465/mo. With my mat leave factored in, it's about 1/3 right now. Once I'm no longer bringing in any income, it will be over 1/2.

How do you manage everything.. thriftyness, family do you have a schedule at home? Do you have a helper??
I shop second hand and clearance racks for clothing. I buy cloth diapers used usually and learned to knit so I can knit my own longies. Right now my main focus has been to put as much into savings as I can. My goal is to have $10k saved up by the time my mat leave is over in Dec - we are almost there. It will definitely be an adjustment when my mat leave is up because right now we are very comfortable and because we are debt-free except for our mortgage, I buy whatever I want, but I know that is going to change bigtime in a few months.
Single mom to 3 amazing kiddos - ages 16, 10 and 8
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Re: Stay at home parents...

As for cleaning-I'm a cleanaholic DH works alot, so I have no-one to help with it and honestly, it drives me nuts if he does try because its sweet but he just can't do it like I do You could clean 1-2rooms each day that way you don't get overwhelmed.

Nope, we don't have a scedule here~I just clean as soon as I wake up, cook at 6-7pm and do laundry in between/play with DD.

As for money issues~While your still working, I'd recommend putting back a little bit when you get paid That way you always have $$ in case of emergencies. And saving every cent~you could also write down everytime you spend $$ to see how much you've spent and how much you could save. Also, buy generic and stop by the thrifty sec. here on DS

We rent~$500 a month (eek!) DH makes about $900-$1000 bi-weekly. Some weeks, its not enough when we have bills plus groceries but I've cut back on how much we spend on food and have slowly been cutting back on bills, so it helps. WIC helps w/food issues and Angel-Food Ministries (and I stopped buying things inless they were from the thrift store b/c each dollar adds up)

Good luck w/TTC, praying your ttc journey is short and you have a healthy 9mths when you get pregnant
Ash~Mama to 3

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Re: Stay at home parents...

I haven't worked since we have been married, so I have no idea what two incomes would be like.
I am sure it would be hard to go from two to one.
Having little to no debt does help SO much.

We have this for bills monthly
phone/internet about $80
car insurance about $120
Groceries about $460
Tithe about $300

When we first got married and we had our first child we had two car payments and it was so hard. For a while after bills and groceries we had maybe $50 left!

We live in military housing, so that doesn't come out of pocket.

My helper is my 4yo. My husband does very little with the house. Dishes now and then and he vacuums sometimes. The house is messy sometimes, but I am a stay at home mom not a housekeeper. My husband tries his best to pick up after his self and my 4yo does pretty well. I do the scrubbing of the bathrooms etc and my 4yo does help some. My 16mo can even clean a little. He likes to have a wet washcloth and clean the tables etc.
Homeschooling SAHM to 5 sweet kiddos, married to my first love, Vegan raising Flexitarian kiddos. We have a crazy, happy life!

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