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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I've done it but it was HAAARRRDD! I labored for 7+ hours before I had the baby and it was a rough 7 hours because the pitocin induced contractions are way more intense than natural ones IMO


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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

Originally Posted by moonphishers View Post
if she breaks your water first you may have a great chance of not needing the pit.,mama. With DS 1 and 2 I was pushing within 2 hours of AROM

I would try that first if you can.
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

Big Hugs honey!! This happened to me with my first daughter. I wanted everything you did, then develeoped gestational hypertension and had to be induced with pitocin.
I did get a little stadol, but wish I hadn't. My daughter needed oxygen at birth, and it is attributed to the stadol.

I did not get an epi. I will not lie and say it was easy. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, second only to delivering my second daughter 5lb 3oz stillborn.

Hang in there. You can do it. I had a 16 hour labor, 3 of it pushing. My daughter was almost 9 lbs. No epi.

oh, and my second, I did get an epi b/c she was stillborn and I knew it going in. I was induced at 31 weeks so my body was not ready. I HATED the epi. If I have another child and deliver naturally, or even with pit, ful-term, I will never again have an epi unless there is absolutely no other choice. It was horrible!!!

oh, and also, even though I had the iv and all that, I was able to move around a little. Just not as much as I would have liked. Once you get the epi, you're pretty much stuck in bed in one position.
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I was given pitocin approximately six hours after my water broke (40 weeks and 4 days). I labored naturally for eight hours (to 3 cm) and it was HORRIBLE. I had contractions on top of contractions. After I recieved an epidural I make it to 10 cm in about four hours and I was able to rest and relax before pushing (for about an hour but it went really fast). No regrets on getting an epidural here.

I think if you get pitocin before your water breaks they can put some gook on you to thin your cervix and that helps things go a little faster. The bottom line is (and my advice to all soon to be mamas) is to have a plan but don't feel like a failure if you recieve medicated help. I was in a much better place when my daughter was delivered b/c of the epidural than if I would have labored naturally for the entire labor.
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I wanted a drug-free labor so desperately that even when faced with a premature delivery and pitocin, I forced myself to get through it naturally. And I'm thrilled I did. My water broke 5 days before they induced me and I never went into labor on my own. I was 34 weeks when they induced. And when they decreased the pit, I slowed down. So they kept the pit until the end as my body just never went into labor naturally. I made it through without any drugs whatsoever, epidural included. I was so proud! I still am! It was very very painful to be tethered to the bed and not allowed up and on a synthetic hormone that causes even more painful contractions. BUT I made it through. I think I was crying for the last 2 hours of it but honestly I barely noticed, I was so stuck in laborland. I know I screamed her out. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs as she crowned and came out, but it felt good. It was therapeutic! Think I traumatized my husband though. I didn't look at him because I was so focused on getting her out, but afterwards he was sheet white and crying.
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I couldn't do it. my water broke at 39 weeks and after a few hours of no progress they started pit - i went about 6 hours before i got the epidural - the contractions were HORRIBLE and right on top of each other with no breaks at all .. i kept thinking if i could just have a break (1 min even, i would be fine) it was 5am at that point, so i was tired on top of everything else.. oh yeah - and i had no progressed at all .. i was 2 cms until i go the epidural .. i was able to rest and was fully dilated in about 6-7 more hours.. but the baby was too high, so we waited a while longer since i was comfortable.. i ended up with 19 hours of hard labor, and 50 mins of pushing..

i still plan to try to do it naturally even if i need pitocin next time - i've known several women who have had shorter labors (less than 8 hours) and were able to do it naturally.. i really feel like i could have gotten through it if i had progressed..

hope things go well!
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I did, with my last. No pain meds....they started at 8 am and she was born at 10 PM. It was at the highest setting too. Yeah, it hurt, but my second birth was the worse and i had no pitocin...just depends. You can do it.
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I did with my second. No big deal, really. I had didn't have it with my first, and ended up with an epidural. But with Anna, I was determined to go without pain meds even though I had the pit for 2 days! It got pretty intesnse, but what labor isn't?

You can do it. It was so worth it to me to see my happy, super alert baby right after birth--way different than a sleepy one after the pain meds with my first.
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I had pit with ds1 to keep my contractions regular (he was born at 34w) and they couldnt stop them a 2nd time because I was leaking fluid (water leaking but not broke) and had no pain med in my iv until the end than it was only 1/4 to 1/2 the dose.... no epi or anything else either
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Re: Has anyone Labored Naturally through pitocin?

I did once! The second time I caved after 22hrs. The major difference was the first time I was ready at 39w1d and 2-3cm and 70% effaced. The second time I was just 37wks and barely 1cm, not effaced, -3/4 station, Not favorable in the least!

The first time when things got unbearable (transition) it was almost time to push so within 30mins the baby was born and it was all over with. The second time I had no idea when it would be over since it was already 22hrs into it which was like 10x longer than ANY of my previous labors, literally. He was posterior so I'm kinda glad I did, he may be my last baby and I did get to experience an epidural and the things I DIDN'T like about them as well as what I did.

Going into a Pit labor you should really try to have a birth plan, a major support team with NCB SUPPORTIVE people. It can be done and it's tough, but you can do it if you set your mind to it!! Also, try to go as LONG AS YOU CAN without meds. If end up getting an epidrual at least you know you gave it everything you had until you really couldn't take it. Don't let the nurses offer YOU meds, you ask when you think it's just too much for you to reall handle if it ever gets to that point. Like I said, when I was at that point I was actually 8-9cm and with 15mins I was able to push which felt soooooooo much better and he was born with 30mins. Having an epidural is also likely to increase your push time and actual delivery interventions (episiotomy, forceps, vacuum, etc) and you want to avoid those at all costs!! Good luck mama!!
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