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Ava LeighAnne is here! *pics added*

I figured I better get my birth story posted. And thanks to everyone who gave comments/voted in my middle name poll a few weeks ago


I asked to be induced for 2 reasons: #1 the only person I had to take care of my other 3 kids lives 3hrs from the hospital & doesnt drive (my mom) #2 I have a history of rapid delivery, like once my water breaks, I deliver in about 20min & I dilate FAST too.

So, induction was scheduled for 9am tuesday morning (8/28). The night before, we drove the kids up to my moms (we went right after school, it was the first day). I started contracting every 6-7min on the way & felt queasy & not so good at all. (It was a full moon too). We dropped the kids off, ate some dinner & headed home ASAP "just incase." Luckily, we made it home & I was able to sleep. I think it was mostly just sitting in the van that caused the contractions.

We got up early because its about a 40min drive to the hospital (its in the middle of the city, which is the state capital!). And of course, I get a new nurse so EVERYTHING is taking twice as long as it should to get me checked in & into a bed. It took her about 1.5hrs just to get my admissions paperwork completed!

The midwife (I go to an OB practice that has 5 delivering OBs & 2 delivering MWs) was on duty & she came in to check me & talk about our plan of action. I was only 2-3cm, but 80% effaced & about a -1 station (a week earlier at my appt I was 2cm, 50% & -2 so progress but not as much as I'd have liked). I told her that since this was going to be my last baby & last birth experience, I really wanted it to be as painfree & "happy" as possible & that I wanted to get an epidural as early as I was able having had my other 3 kids without pain meds. She agreed & said that if that is what I wanted then it was okay. AND she would wait until I had the epidural to break my water! I agreed to start off on the lowest possible dose of pitocin (I hate the stuff & had refused it before) just to get my contractions regular.

Then the new nurse had to start my IV..... yeah, that was the worst part. She missed the vein, tried to "fix" it & while rooting around in my arm, I started blacking out. First time that has ever happened in that situation. The nurse training her stepped in after I was cooled off with a washcloth & fanned (lol) & felt better. SHe got the IV in my other arm in less than a minute I swear! She told me then that the anesthesiologist would want at least 1/2 a bag of fluids in me before doing the epi & that they would not start the pit until that was in me & call him at the same time they started the pit. So thats what happened, by the time they had the pit hooked up & programmed in, I had my 1/2 bag of fluids. I was on the pit for maybe 30min when the anesthesiologist got there. I was contracting about every 4min but it wasnt painful, just alot of tightness with a little cramping so I was actually still pretty comfortable.

THe actual epidural was SO much different than I thought it would be! The first 2 needles to numb my back werent bad at all & I was shocked! I didnt feel the epi cath go in at all & I did feel my left leg tingle a bit like he said it would (that side got numb really quickly wiht the test dose). He tested my belly & leg with ice & had my roll onto my right side & then that side went mostly numb as well. By this time, its about 12:45-1pm.

My midwife comes in & checks me, still about 3-4cm & she can feel the babys head through the amniotic sac so its low enough to break my water. It was bloody because I have a sensitive spot on my cervix that caused bleeding off & on until I was 18wks. She tells me to try to rest & She'll check on me in a little while, but to call the nurses back in if I start to feel pressure or "different." So, we have the blinds closed & dh & I take a rest.

Around 1:50 I feel the tightening of contractions again. Its not painful, but it is noticable. I have about 4-5 of these & start to wonder if I outta call the nurses to get checked. I also start feeling a bit of pressure around my pubic bone. I tell dh what I am feeling & with the next contraction, I decided I better call them in. (my nurses had gone to lunch!). A nurse comes in just on rounds (luckily) & I tell her what is going on. SHe checks me, I am complete and a +1. She calls out for them to send in the midwife & my nurses! The midwife gets there in record time. I am definately having rectal pressure at this point. (its 2pm)

She checks me & and the head is right there. She asks me if I want to push at all & I tell her that I can feel the baby moving down with the contractions so I'd rather let that happen. Next contraction, the head is on its way out. I can feel the stretching but it wasnt really bad. SHe applied pressure to make sure I didnt tear at all. I rested in between each contraction. With the next one, her head was almost out & the midwife told me to give a very gentle push so I did & I felt her head slide out. Rested again, next contraction, I felt her body start to slide out. Her cord was looped across her belly & over her shoulder so the midwife slipped it off, & she was out!

They had dh cut her cord & placed her on my stomach. Everyone in the room (3 nurses & the MW) kept saying they couldnt believe that I had just delivered the baby without pushing. They also couldnt believe that I had gone from 3-4cm to complete in an hour! I told them I was very glad I hadnt gone into labor at home at that rate or I never would have made it there!

They cleaned her up & brought her back to me until it was time to go to my antepartum room. So I was actually at the hospital for 5hrs 13min total, 1hrs 15min from getting epidural & about 1hr from having my water break before she was born.

It was SUCH a relaxed atmosphere. I felt totally in control of the birth & the midwife just sat on the edge of my bed & let my body birth for itself with very little intervention which was an awesome experience. I feel great too! My afterpains havent been too bad at all. AND I didnt have my standard 2nd night PPD kick in either! I havent gotten weepy or anything so far which is really good for me!

Ava LeighAnne
August 28, 2007
6lbs 18" 2:13pm

Couple hours old

1 day old in her xsm Keiki Kompany wool shorties

2 days old

1 day old trying on a xsm Nana's Bottoms


~*Robin*~ SAHM to Hannah 14 Julia 11 Sofia 7,
Ava 5

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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

What a great story! Congrats!
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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

Congrats mama! Wonderful story!! We need some pics though so you'd better get on that!
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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

Congratulations mama!! We need pics!
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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

Glad it went so well for you ! Welcome baby girl
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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

congrats mama!!!
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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

Welcome to the world little Ava! Congrats, mama!
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Re: Ava LeighAnne is here!

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