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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

on nursing pads - i used Lilypadz .. they don't absorb, they prevent leaks.. they work like putting your finger over your nipple .. pretty neat really and you can wear them at night without a bra (in theory ) - i didn't start using them til about 6 weeks though.. before that i just wore baggy shirts so you couldn't see the disposable pads under my shirt (the disposables i used were great but they don't make them anymore ) .. anyway, they were totally worth the money!


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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

I've been nursing for just about um forever and I have NEVER smelled like sour milk!?! I only leak maybe the first 3 months and that is only on the breast that the baby isn't nursing on during my first letdown. I used a cloth pad or a small cotton towel just for that letdown. I leak a little at night but I nurse through the night so it wasn't bad and I just wore breast pads to bed.

One of my big tips- that I finally learned after bfing 2 children is to use Lansinoh after EVERY feeding the first few weeks and let your nipples air dry after feedings. I couldn't use any breast pads that weren't breathable- I would get sore within a few hours.
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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

Yeah, I definitely didn't ever smell like sour milk either?!? That's gross - and I definitely would have known, because my super-preggo-nose has never gone away....just this morning I dry-heaved at the smell of bread (which was my nemesis in pregnancy). I only ever leaked overnight (I just slept on towels and changed them everyday), or when my milk letdown (this still happens, actually), and for that I just push my finger into my nipple on the side he's not nursing on, and it doesn't happen. You'll be fine!!!!

Way funny story, by the way. I was reading someone's blog the other day and she was pumping at her desk at work once, not paying attention to what she was doing, and all the sudden felt splashing on her feet. She had overflowed both bottles and was standing in a pool of milk!!! That's a good milk supply, I'd say!!
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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

I used wool pads i really wish i had them with my other children..they are breathable help cut down on the risk of a yeast infection hold alot and don't feel wet and are perfect for winter too..LOL i used/have LANA wool pads i purchased the ones with the more layers because i just "knew" i need more protection (i have a strong let-down and always leaked)

ETA yes if you push on the non-nursing side it will stop the letdown..and i never smelled like sour milk..eww (maybe they didn't wash there pads well enough or used the cotton pads those will get stink you have to add a little bleach to them but i hated them you always feel wet)

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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

Originally Posted by Mom2Gray View Post
just this morning I dry-heaved at the smell of bread
OH MY GOD! Bread! UGH! Seriously, I'm nearly 17w and I STILL dry-heave at the smell of bread. It's horrible! And burning bread is worse.

About the pads, I found that the only thing that hides that obvious cloth breast pad "ring" is a thicker bra. Not padded but like a thicker material that stands up on it's own. Hides breast pads well. I have two sets, one flannel backed in fleece and one sherpa backed in felted wool and they are AWESOME! I'm going to make a few more that are flannel and backed in felted knit wool.

Also, I think the sour milk smell is breastmilk spit up. That may be what you are smelling. Because normal breastmilk has no smell, but it's musty when it's spit up after sitting in the stomach and sorta curdling a little. Well, it doesn't actually form curds but you catch my drift. So I think you are smelling moms who have been spit up on!

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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

i use hemp breast pads i bought off little lambs long ago, their soft and comfy and absorbant.
for under tighter tops, i prefer lilypadz, these work awesome!

also about the sour milk smell, i never had that neither and bg dd til she was 16 months old
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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

WOW Momma, sounds like your gonna have a GREAT supply!

I always used the cloth breastpads (by gerber) that I got from walmart & liked them. As for the smell...I smelled like milk all the time, but it wasn't sour though Your prob going to think I'm weird but I actually liked the milky smell when DD was away from made me think of her
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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

I didn't have leaking issues except in the beginning and like the other lady only on the side the baby wasn't nursing on on let down. i just always squeezed my arm against my breast before i even latched the baby on the other one and it wouldn't start. after a month or so and my milk regulated i didn't have any more problems with it...As for latch...a good latch is a must to start every first was easy and latched on right from day 1, my second had a horrible latch and i will come later and boy did my boobs hurt after only a couple times so i had to set that right and it was harder to set right after he done 2 days of sessions the wrong way....retraining is always harder, this is one of those things you need to relax and take the time to get it right the first time...
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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

Wow that is a lot of colostrum! I sure hope you saved it!!! I really like the softness of lansinoh breast pads for sore breasts in the beginning, I was huge and a little lumpiness in the beginning was not super important but after that I used medela brand pads. They are super trim and absorb a ton. Oh just to forewarn you, dont throw away used breastpads in a trash that isnt going to get dumped regularly. My friend had a baby right after I did (2 1/2 years ago) and she threw her used pads in our little bathroom trash. It has a lid so I never noticed and then like 3 weeks later I went to throw away a tissue and OMG that is with out a doubt the worst smell on the planet, and they were black with mold.
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Re: Colostrum shocker (come get a laugh if you need one)

Sorry to hijack. I'm leaking a lot too and was wondering if I should save my milk...Just much are you getting when you do the pump?
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