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my surgury consultation

ok well I had my apt, and he was surprised that they DIDNT do the surgury when I went to the hospital and was diagnosed. he said I need to have the surgury done now. they have it tentativly scheduled for next friday. however its only tentative, because they are getting some mixed signals from Medi-Cal. my OB said I need to have the surgury, but aparently she wont actually say that it is needed for the sake of the pregnancy. she is one of those doctors that just says "well I dont deal with the billing, and I dont deal with GB surguries so pay what you have to pay and get it done" it doesnt seem like she really cares at all. however the sergeon is a really nice guy, and while he doesnt want to do the surgury for free if Medi-Cal wont pay for it, he does want to follow every avenue to see what we can do to make sure I get this surgury. hes afraid that even though he is saying that it is a necesary surgury for me and if I dont have it my safty and the safty of the baby might be in danger that Medi-Cal will still say well a gall bladder surgury isnt pregnancy related so we wont cover it. (make sence?) so I may still have to pay the share of cost, which thankfully is only $888, and not the total price of the surgury, but hes trying to figure out if Medi-Cal will just cover it. I will know more next week. I will call his receptionist back on monday to find out more. hopfully she will have an answer for me. I did call some guy at Medi-Cal and he said that as long as the sergeon puts on there justification that it does have to do with my pregnancy (ie: if i wernt pg then i wouldnt have gotten this) then Medi-Cal will cover it, but just so that they have thier butts covered the sergeon's receptionist wants to call herself to the physician's line and make absolutly sure.... those who are they praying types please pray that it will be covered, and pray for me because I am absolutly terrified!

UG I am just on the BRINK of crying right now, I'm so frustrated with the stupid medi-cal and I am in pain all day every day, I just want this over with, but I am so incredibly scared out of my mind for th surgury, I am so scared that somthing will go wrong with this baby, I am scared because I will be in the hospital for a couple days and can only see my baby girl if my MIL brings her to me. I am scared to be in the hospital by myself and I am 100 % terrifyed that Eric wont be able to get friday off to be there when I get out of surgury. he just started this job yesterday, and hes not sure if he can get the day off.... and I'm not even positive yet if the stupid surgury will even be on friday. I just had to vent


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Re: my surgury consultation

I know the pain I had to have surgery to remove mine(caused by my 1st pregnancy) after 5 years of dealing with the attacks, 1 night I had a bad attack and went to the ER they admitted me and 2 days later I had surgery I wasn't pregnant at the time but I was going through a divorce so I was alone at the hospital for 5 days and my ex brought my son up 2 times to visit and that was it. I hope they cover this surgery for you, you will feel so much better. I hope everything works out for you
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Re: my surgury consultation

will be praying everything works out mama
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Re: my surgury consultation

I just had mine out last week. I'm already feeling 100% better. Knowing I'll never have a nasty gallstone attack again is fantastic. I was more afraid getting my IUD in today than I was going down for my gallbladder removal. I went to the ER and was admitted then (well after I ran back home to get my boyfriend). I found out yesterday when I got my stitches out that it was "gangrenous". I'm so glad to have that out of me!!!!!
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