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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

About a week ago I posted my C-section story and my VBAC concerns. I got some WONDERFUL encouragement from some mamas on here and they really got me excited about this awsome experience I'm about to have with a VBAC. I also have a two year old and I'm due in September- after ALOT of research! I am decided I am having a VBAC with NO pitocin or Pain meds! I KNOW I can do this and I am so thrilled that the time is drawing near! I know it will be painful but the joy of holding my newborn after birth will be worth it all!!!! I didn't get to see my first baby for almost two days after her birth and I was drugged out of my mind for days as well! I never want to experience that again if at all possible!!!! Search my posts and find my VBAC discussion. It helped me alot and I can't thank the mamas enough for their encouragement!!


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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

If i were pregnnat again i would opt for a VBAC hands down.
Have you heard of ICAN? Well, they have monthly meeting in your area and you can go to them and have your questions answered by the leaders who are VERY VERY knowldgable. They are a wonderful support group and help you deal with what happen in your first birth and why the section happened.
Go to
you can find a chapter in your area, i highly recomend you go to one.
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

There was some confusion about my pain meds comment; let me clarify...

***I don't want this to become a discussion on the use of pain meds ~ I want support in my desire to VBAC, not debate over pain meds***

I think pain meds are a personal choice.
When I was preg. w/ds, I was sooooooo anti meds! But when I was in labor, I was about to kill for the meds. I give major kudos to those who can labor w/o meds, but I just don't think I'm one of them.
I was not talking about pain meds for c-sections, that's a given. I don't think any doctor would let you do that w/o meds!
I was talking about during labor.
If I VBAC, I will probably end up getting an epi. But I will wait as long as I can for it.
And the way my first labor progressed, I may not even have time for one.

I am continuing my research into VBAC.
Thanks mama's for your support!
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

Hi..I am not pg but saw this post.IF you wantto chat you can im me on yahoo messenger at cottonspuds. I have had 3 c sections. I have 1 vag birth. and I did not have pain meds after any of them.
Jen- Mom to Alex ~forever 19, Kyle 17, Josh 12, & Samantha 5.
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

Hi, I have a 2-year old son, and recently gave birth to my second son this past May. With my first son, I went to the hospital upon my water breaking--got an epidural at 3cm--labored for 18 hours and pushed for three, but my son was also OP (posterior position as you had), and he never decended past zero station. My OB told me I needed a cesarean, and I took his word for it and it was done. I was able to be awake for the birth, but they put me to sleep while sewing me up (because I had some pain as the epi wasn't working all the way).

I felt like you--I was sad that everyone else got to see my baby before me (well, I got one quick glance right after they pulled him out, but that's it). I had major postpartum depression--lots of anxiety--and even though I did breastfeed, I didn't feel connected to my son until he was several months old.

So when I became pregnant with my second son, I decided to do some research. I realized that sometimes epidurals can increase the chances of OP babies since you labor on your back. Also, moving around can help the baby decend. So I read lots of books on VBACs, and took Bradley classes. I took yoga the whole pregnancy. I found a supportive midwife, and although my DH wouldn't consider a home birth VBAC, I was determined to birth this baby, and then, perhaps, with baby #3, I could do a home water birth.

Well, despite my high protein diet, my water broke at home upon initial contractions. I labored here at home all night (I was able to sleep during this early labor), and then most of the next day until 5PM. Then I went to the hospital and labored all the way to complete dialation! I was so proud of myself!!!

Unfortunately, though, my second son was also in the posterior position (yeah, that's some major back pain) and despite my best efforts of changing positions (squatting, rolling on birthing ball, walking, etc) during pushing, he wouldn't decend after two hours of pushing. My midwife checked his heartrate and it was dropping and staying down, and my uterus was rapidly contracting, so she said I needed a cesarean.

So, after 23 hours of labor, I went in for my second cesarean. They tried to give me an epidural, but it didn't work, and they were pushed for time worrying about the baby's heartrate (they said his face was lodged in my pelvis--apparently I'm one that really does have an awkward pelvis I guess) so I had to be put under and didn't get to see him born at all.

I wrote all of that out to explain to you that if I had to do it all over again, I'd still have attempted the VBAC. Here's why:

First of all, my PPD (after my first cesarean) was brought on by a lot of failure feelings I had. I kept beating myself up--thinking that if I had just not had the epidural--if I had not been on my back for so long--that perhaps I could have the baby. I recovered very slowly, so I felt even guiltier as I was very slow getting my weight back down.

Well, the VBAC experience helped me heal. I learned that I could work very hard at something--all those months of classes and yoga and pelvic stretches at home, etc... When I was laboring, I felt so feminine--to ride the waves of contractions felt so earthy and wonderful--I felt like I was doing something so beautiful and magnificient!

Also, even though the VBAC attempt didn't work, I know that I tried my best. For me, I needed to prove that--to know that I did my research and tried everythign in me to birth my baby. I can't help it that my body didn't work. Now, I have had doubts sometimes--thinking that if I had been with a homebirthing midwife, that perhaps she could have helped me get the baby out--or had showed me/made me do something differently. But since DH wouldn't go for the homebirth, that was out of my control, too. My point is--I tried, it dind't work, but I have an experience etched in my head that I can look back on with fondness (I know that sounds weird, but I really enjoyed laboring--as painful as it was, it felt powerful, and I felt so strong and womanly--and since I probably will never get to experience that again, I cherish that memory).

So, when Gabriel was born, even though I was asleep during his birth, the minute I held him in recovery, I felt an instant bond. My bond with him is so strong, and I attribute that to the hormones released during labor--and my birth plan!

See, I knew that attempting a VBAC meant that the possibility of a cesarean was still there, so I decided to make two birth plans--one for my VBAC, and I had one for a "just in case cesarean." The hospital staff was wonderful taking that plan into the operating room and doing what they could to help make the experience beautiful. For example, when Gabe was delivered, only DH was allowed in the room and no one in my family saw him until I had held him in recovery. I wanted DH to experience cutting the cord, so he got to cut the cord (they left some intact for him to cut in the adjoining room). I asked that Gabriel not be bathed until I had a chance to hold him and nurse him, and I did not get the antibiotic ointment in his eyes, but if I had, I would have asked them not to do that until I had a chance to hold him and nurse him. So, when he was brought to me, I felt like I had my moment, which really helped me emotionally.

Anyway, I know this got very long--but I hope it gave you some insight on my experience since it is similar to what you are now facing. I pray that your VBAC goes beautifully and successfully, and if by some chance it doens't--that you are able to enjoy the birth experience no matter what!

Ladonna, AP mama to two sweet boys and one girl on the way!
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

Just my

My first was an E-C/S at 10 cm.
I had my next two as HospVBACs. (second being an induction/epidural/4th degree cut/vacuum.. ect, HELL!!)

My last two were HBAC.. I would never birth (w/o life or death reasoning) in a hospital again!

I would never elect to have my abdomen sliced open again w/o life or death reasoning!

I am now entertaining IP for a surrogate pregnancy.. my #1 thing is NO HOSP BIRTH!!!
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

Originally Posted by wanamingomommy
Also, I'm hearing that the greatest VBAC risk is for the baby. They say that there's a greater chance of the cord being around it's neck and suffocation. My hospital lost it's first VBAC baby last year.
Anyone hear of that possibility?

I am not understanding why the cord would be a problem more so than before. Now the placenta does have more risks though and I have been through that one.

I had an emergency c-section with keegan as the cord was wrapped around his neck and went on to have a successful VBAC with Nate. But, with c-sections, your chances of having a placenta previa is upped and I had a partial previa and it cause horrible bleeding at 29 weeks and he was almost delivered then. It was scary but they stopped the bleeding and he was born 3 days early. The VBAC was MUCH better than a repeat c-section! I never had pain meds after my VBAC but with the c-section I had such horrible pain for 2 weeks. That first week, I couldn't get out of bed as the pain was so severe. never again!

And I know what you mean by back labor! My first was back labor, all 46 hours of it! I went 38 hours without pain relief and after that, I just couldn't do it any longer and gave in to an epi.
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

I just want to throw out my experience with a repeat C-section. I know that not everyone agrees with them, but I had a good experience and it was the right choice for me. I debated about as well, and of course my main concern was for the health of my child and myself. After discussing my options with several Drs (I moved while I was pregnant, so I changed docs and talked to a couple others in my new area), I felt like a repeat was the best option for me. That said let me give a little backround, my first daughter was 9 lb 5 oz, my water broke w/o contractions and I still was not having contractions when I reached the hospital 2 hrs later. I was put on pitocin and long story short, I stopped dialating at 9 cm, after 4+ hrs at 9 cm, DD was still not even trying to come down the birth canal. I had been in labor at that point for 18 hrs. My doctor told me that the chance of me continuing to dialate were pretty rare and she suggested the c-section. I agreed that it just didn't seem like I was progressing so I had a section. I fell alseep shortly after delivering, and only briefly saw my dd. She wasn't brought to my room for 6 hrs after delivery and we too had a hard time nursing.

Like I said before I had a repeat with my second and will with the one I am about to have. My 2nd c-section was much better, since it was planned, I was not exhausted afterwards, the hospital brought DD#2 to me in my recovery room w/in 20 min of delivery (on my request). I was able to nurse her and she stayed w/ me from then on. I did not require a ton of pain med after, only the first day pp actually. I actually had more issues w/ gas than w/ pain. It was a great experience.

I want to say that here are the reasons I chose to have a repeat c-section.

1. I knew I was expecting another large baby (DD#2 was 9 lb 15 oz)
2. Unless you have a dr willing to be at the hospital the whole time you are laboring w/ a VBAC, if complications such as hemoraging are too great to risk not having a dr there to do emergency surgery.
3. My doc said that because I have not had a successful vaginal birth it is hard to tell if I would beable too. Some women just aren't made for vaginal births. I am very petite, and as I have already said, I have large babies.
4. My DH was in Iraq and it was partly for convience, I didn't want to have to worry about going into labor and trying to get my oldest to someone else.

Now after saying all of this, I really wanted to try for a VBAC but after weighing all my options I felt that the repeat c-section was the best choice for me and I had a better experience w/ my repeat than I did w/ the emergency. I think that this is a choice that you have to make based on your circumstances and what is right for you. If you decide to have a VBAC that is wonderful, but also know that a repeat c-section can be a good choice too.

Sorry for the long post. I know some of you may not agree with my choice but I think that I made a well informed decision that was best for me.
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

Hi. I had an emergency c-section with my first. Labor was not long at all, but I pushed for a few hours with no progress and she didn't move a smidge. She finally began to have major extended decels in her heart rate, so off we went. My experience was horrible. I had a major blood loss and had to be transfused. I was totally groggy and in tons of pain because of the extra massage I got to shrink my uterus faster, and I was put on pitocin so the contractions would continue to try and deter the bleeding. I have a picture of me holding her that I don't remember. I just don't have good memories about it at all. I desperately wanted to do a VBAC with my next one, but it turns out that my pelvis is fused and will not allow a baby to pass. So I had to schedule the c-section. I dreaded it so much. Despite all of that, it ended up being a very wonderful experience. I didn't have the bleeding issues I had the first time. I definately did not have the pain I had either. I got a spinal and they give morphine in the block. It doesn't make you feel groggy, and I didn't have any pain at all for 24 hours and was able to enjoy my baby and visitors. Of course, I did have paint he next day and was very sore, but it wasn't as bad as the first time around.

Just wanted to give you my experience. It wasn't my choice, but it ended up being good anyway.
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Re: VBAC or repeat C-section??

I think you really need to make the right choice for you. If you feel beeter about going for a VBAC and you gut feeling is telling you to go that way then I would deffinatly do it.
For me I am more comfortable just having a c-section instead of trying for a VBAC, but that is my choice and not a choice for everyone.
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