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Non stress test question and others for mamas who have midwives

It looks like Olivia is just going to stay put afterall. My midwife scheduled me for a non-stress test on Wednesday afternoon just to make sure everything is ok. I'm supposed to drink some juice before going in, and her heartrate is supposed to "spike" (I can't remember the term she used) twice in 20 minutes.

My question is...what if it doesn't? Everyone keeps telling me it will be fine, their baby moved twice in 5 biggie. My midwife is not induction happy by any means ( to her as I wouldn't show anyway unless something was wrong). She's said if everything looks fine for Wednesday's test, we'll do an ultrasound the following week, again just to make sure things are still OK. We haven't discussed what will happen after a 42 week ultrasound. I know a lot of health care providers don't "let" women go over 42 weeks, but if both these tests come out OK...what is usually the next step if an induction isn't medically necessary?

Why would an induction be medically necessary anyway? How can they tell on an ultrasound if the baby is still "Ok"? I know they'll check amniotic fluid...will my MW go with me? I'm not scared of a big baby, and I don't want the ultrasound tech saying "OMG...there's no way you can birth this kid"...I'd rather my MW look over the measurements and let me know if she thinks it's a concern, kwim?

I've been pretty calm/collected for the majority of the pregnancy, but now I'm scared to death that something might be wrong with one of these 2 tests..what if baby isn't ok...what if I don't go into labor...


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Re: Non stress test question and others for mamas who have midwives

The u/s tech doesn't actually tell you anything. They only take the pics and then the midwife will call you. (I had a midwife the first time) The non-stress isn't something to worry about, I've had more than I can tell you. If baby doesn't move around, they will make you drink more, eat something... It's happened to me a few times. If your fluid is too low they induce. I don't know too much about going after the 40 week mark. I made it to my due date the first time and almost 40 weeks with the twins which is actually 42 with a singleton and I was fine. HTH

and good luck!
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Re: Non stress test question and others for mamas who have midwives

I agree with the pp. US doesn't tell much - if the baby is moving, all is weel according to the non stress. When you drink the juice - make sure it is cold - the baby will be jumpy and you'll be done with the test in no time! I had one, and went until almost 42 weeks - we had the induction scheduled for 2 days after my DD was born. If all is weel, and you are still trucking along at 41...42 weeks, then so be it! You and your midwife will decide what to do or not do. My tech for the non-stress didn't really say anything - actually wasn't even in the room most of the time. So it was a little stressful because I'm one of those people that needs to know what everything is. I made my DH turn the machine so I could see it and see the baby move and the HR I didn't get into too much trouble.
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Re: Non stress test question and others for mamas who have midwives

I have no experience with these tests but I did go overdue with my first. At the beginning of my pregnancy my midwife told me first time moms go an average of 10 days overdue (if left alone and not induced) so you are right on track for a first time mom just move your "due date" to the 14th. I was due Oct 23 and dh told everyone Halloween, guess when we had baby, yep Halloween 8 days overdue. All the rest of my children have been just before due date like a day or 2.

When i went overdue my midwife had me count how long it took to get x amount of kicks, this was to make sure everything was still fine. One thing is they want to make sure placenta isn't getting old and therefore starting to supply less to to Olivia. If Olivia isn't moving it is a sign that maybe she isn't getting what she needs.
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