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Sounds like the teacher has an issue with your child. I had the same thing happen with my ds. I even took him to the dr. and had him put on adderoll.. boy was that a mistake. I took him off immediatly because I decided it was not helping. He was the same little boy with and with out the med.s, IMO.. Well, this year with a new teacher he is doing not only better but AWESOME!!!! His teacher this year really likes him. He is working with him and my ds made honor roll for the first time this year!!! with out the meds.!!! Last year his teacher said he "wasn't thinking" What type of a teacher says that~ I replied back to her "he is thinking; he just doesn't understand" She was something else..

So, Imo, it is the teacher. Not your child!


Rachel *Mom of 4 Boys*
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Ok I read every post and will this.
I know it is from babycenter, but it is a great guideline.

For the record, I have ADHD, My sister, her 4 kids, my oldest DS, Zach has been tentative diag'd with it.

ADHD vs ADD (Actually all just ADHD now, called the following)
ADHD Attenetion Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (IE tons of energy ability o hyperfocus on things that very much interest them)
ADHD - Non Attentive (Means dreamy and such)

Can a child be diagnosed at 3, sure, BUT it has to be in all aspects of the life, meaning if it is just at school but no problem at home or out, more then likely the enviroment.

Ok I HTH, but Nat is starting to fuss so must go be a mom!
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My almost 5yr old (friday) dd has ADHD, she was officially diagnosed last July. I knew something was going on with her by the time she was 2-2.5, my dh also has ADD & so do many in his family. Anyway, for school last year she was on medication, this december she got wrap around services as well during Head Start. She has really progressed in the last 10mos. with a combination of the medications & therapy. My 7.5yr old does not have ADHD & I obviously dont know about the baby yet, LOL. Personally I wouldnt stand for anyone to mistreat my daughter. The year before she was diagnosed & her first year of HS, her teachers were always talking about how "bad" she was & even held her in her chair during lunch once! I immediately went right to the director of the program & told her what I thought if it & that it better never happen again. The one thing to remember is that you will find a "treatment" that will work great, but it may not be a cure-all. After a few months or years, your child can adapt to or outgrow what is being used & you will have to reevaluate & try new things. It can be very frustrating so be sure to have a Dr that will listen to your concerns & actually act on them. IF you ahve any questions you can PM me, I am a Social Worker (when not a SAHM) & I was previously employed as a therapist for children with ADHD & autism spectrum disorders.
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It's possible she's right, but IMO, three is too young to get a good diagnosis (which she's not qualified to make, in any case.) If you haven't already, start him on a really firm routine, work in lots of transitions so he's ready for them (You get three more blocks, then we put them away. . . one, two, three, okay, back into the box they go!") and generally make his world as predictable and focussed as you can. And I second the take-him-out-of-that-class suggestion; at three, there's no good reason to leave him in a class with someone who isn't dealing well with him, no matter what the reason. You may find that if he goes to a different class, he'll be a changed kid.

If you're still having these problems when he's six or seven, and if he's falling behind in school by that point (i.e. not reading somewhat independently by grade 2) then consider a more formal, medical assessment.
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Bottom Line is your sons teacher is NOT a doctor she cannot be offering this sort of info to you!...I would remove him ASAP...I have a very active some would say annoying son...I got the adhd comments all the time and I was very annoyed also I feel there are just some teachers who clash with some students...just like anyone you can have an opinion about someone and it effects the way you interact with that person..we are all guilty of you need to put him somewhere where he is loved...not told he is horrible! This must be so hard for you!...She needs to be giving you good feedback with the bad...its impossible he has HORRIBLE ALl day..there must be somethings she can tell you that were good or even great that he did to take the harsness off the Horrible things she says he does,.... I am sickened by that...Poor baby..and poor you!...Some kids just are more hyper than others...doesn't mean they all have adhd! Good luck!
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I have one ADHD (he is 16) who was diagnosed in Kindergarten. He went through full evaluation by a child psychologist.
I have one who is ADD (he is 10) I had always suspected but my ex was against it saying he wasn't. He was finally diagnosed this year. I actually feel guilty that I didn't push it sooner as he has really struggled in school and even done summer school and is in special ed.... he is a very bright kid and this all seems so unfair to have put him through.

both are on meds. my oldest cannot function normally without his meds. my other ds who is ADD does MUCH better in school with meds.

I should not my oldest was also born with Hirschsprungs disease and we have tried all kinds of diets on him... the only thing that works for him is the meds.
~*~Alison ~*~
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My 11 y.o. DS has ADHD. It was first pointed out to me, very gently, when he was 3 1/2. The teacher said, "We took the kids on a field trip, and it took 5 moms to keep one little boy from getting lost or hurting himself!" As a teacher myself, I know that teachers are not allowed to diagnose, only to suggest that you pursue testing. At first, I didn't want to hear it, and my pediatrician told me that the teachers were all wrong. After several more years of difficulties, I did have him tested, and sure enough, there was really no question about it. IMO, it's worthwhile to find out, if the issue is ever raised. More info about your kid never hurts. But go to someone really well qualified. Sticking a little kid on meds without careful guidance is not good doctoring or good parenting.

For us, a combination of meds, carefully supervised by a topnotch psychopharmacologist, regular meetings with a psychologist, social skills classes, neurofeedback, some hypnosis, and CONSTANT work on structure have all been helpful. One of the most vital things I spend my mom time doing is talking regularly to his teachers, to give them ways to help handle his weaknesses, and to hear how things are going. I've learned from some bad experiences over the years that teachers only get as difficult as the op described when they're totally frustrated and feel helpless. I do a lot to minimize frustration and helplessness on their part by letting them know what has worked, and making it clear that I'm willing to listen to them. It's all incredibly time-consuming. My house is a mess, my yard is a joke -- but my kids are growing up stronger and better each year!
Linda -- proud mom of Rachel (20), Joshua (15), Elisheva (7), and Moshe (3), and 2 wonderful grown stepdaughters.
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