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Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

Hi mommas!
I was just wondering if anyone out there had morning sickness their entire pregnancy? I was sick, and throwing up everyday (more than once a day) until the day after I delivered my son. After going through that, I decided that it was something I did not want to go through again.
I've really been thinking about a second child! I dont want a bad first experience to ruin my opportunity to have another baby, so my question is:
Has anybody been sick like this their first pregnancy, and went on to have another baby without 9 months of morning sickness???


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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

I didn't have m/s with either, so I can't share my own experience..but I have heard from many women and read on some sites that bfing while pg helps ease m/s and lessen it some. I think it probably regulates the hormones a bit.
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

I had horrific ALL DAY sickness until about my fifth month. Most of it was caused by working in food service....I thought after my first trimester it would stop, but it didn't, so I had to quit my job and work retail where I wouldn't be around food. Just the slightest whiff of something cooking sent me running to the bathroom every few minutes.

Thankfully I did not have to deal with it my entire pregnancy, but it was REALLY bad while it lasted. So bad that I would get nosebleeds from throwing up so hard. So bad that I actually made myself SERIOUSLY sick from getting so dehydrated and not being able to keep anything down. I spent a whole weekend in bed (TMI!) hallucinating and having diarrhea all over the sheets because I couldn't get to the bathroom.

Needless to say, that has helped deter me from having more babies...until now, at least. Maybe with this next one I will get lucky! And maybe you will, too.
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

not the whole time BUT it might have been if someone hadn't told me to try taking a vitamin B liquid and acidophilus

My first baby was by far my worst as far as being sick ~
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

With The Kid, I had horrible all day sickness until two days before I gave birth. It was so bad that I couldn't even eat anything that wasn't prepared by me. With That One, my all day sickness stopped around 4 months. But don't take my experience into account, I have a very queasy stomach anyways and the slightest thing would send me puking even without pregnancy.
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

all pregnancies are different and your next may be totally diffeent
i had m/s for 25 days with my son, then with my dd i had it for a little over a month, this time it lasted 3 months, left for a few weeks and came back for an additional week then was gone again, its been weird but all were different
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

I was VERY sick with my son with one PG ailment or another (m/s that lasted 7 weeks, then debilitating fatigue, then sciatica, then gastroenteritis, severe pelvic pain towards the end... and back problems the entire pregnancy, etc.). It was so bad that I was positive I'd never have another child.

It took me over 3 years to get up the nerve to think I might be able to handle another pregnancy... and here I am again in even WORSE condition. I didn't think that was possible! And I was convinced I'd have a much easier pregnancy because of all the talk that the first is usually the worst, all pregnancies are different, and I had been detoxing my body and getting my health on track before I got pregnant. All for nothing!

Yes, this PG-related illness is different... but much more severe. It's like my body is shutting down. The hormones are seriously throwing off my thyroid... which is affecting almost all my bodily functions but especially my digestion. My pancreas cannot regulate my blood sugar levels, my gallbladder isn't producing enough bile, and my stomach isn't producing digestive enzymes. And I've already had a liver infection.

I'm in PAIN daily and I feel as though I'm starting to lose my mind as a result. I can't do basic household chores (creating riffs in my marriage), the house is a wreck, I can't cook. Basically, I can't stand up long enough to do much of anything.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. Hopefully your experience will be MUCH different than mine! I think my body just isn't cut out for being pregnant. Giving birth, yes (very easy and painless for me!). Being pregnant, no.
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

Well you won't like what I have to say I was sick thru my entire first pregnancy, I think I got a month and a half break around 6 months, then it was back.

I felt the same way, I didn't want to have another child b/c I seriously didn't think I could deal with it again. But, whoops, here I am again, 5 months pregnant, with a ten month old, and I've been sick every day. I take medicine for nausea every day and that helps quite a bit, and makes it tolerable.
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

Unfortunately I'm on my 6th pregnancy, and all 5 of my others I was sick the whole 9 mo. It's HORRIBLE. I've really had a hard time accepting it this time.
I will say #5 was better overall, and #6 has been better too although I did land in the ER once a few weeks ago with dehydration.
I usually start to feel a little better around 5-6months but still am sick and puking the whole 9 mo.

HUGS, it IS worth it... but it IS hard, and it is taxing, on your body, your mind, your heart, your dh, and your children.
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Re: Question RE: morning sickness and another baby

I hate to say this, but I, too, was sick for the entire 9 months of all three of my pregnancies. That is why we are not going to TTC #4 any time soon. It was really hard being that sick with 2 other little ones. #3 was an early surprise (we wanted at least 3, but he was conceived while bfing and on the mini pill) and I really want to wait until these little ones are older before we try again.
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